Chapter 1348 Here We Go Again

Chapter 1348 Here We Go Again

Klaus was able to defend the dimensional slash. After blocking it, he raised his head and saw Grey's inscriptions.

A smirk appeared on his face. He knew the capacity of Grey's inscriptions and knew they wouldn't be able to threaten.

Grey appeared in front of him and threw a punch. But his fist was blocked by ice. The ice stopped the fist when it was a few inches away from Klaus' face.

"This new defensive side of you is amazing." Grey commented.

"Thank you. But I don't see why you're using your inscriptions. They can't break through my defenses." Klaus asked playfully.

"They can at least distract you enough for me to get a good hit." Grey shrugged and retreated.

An ice spike sprouted from the ground, almost hitting him.

Klaus clicked his tongue when Grey dodged the attack. He wanted to use the ice blocking Grey's fist to hold him down, but Grey destroyed it with ease and escaped.

Grey's senses were too sharp, this was one of the reasons it was very difficult to defeat him.

Grey's inscriptions attacked, but none of the attacks were able to get past Klaus' automatic ice defense.

This new defensive system was fully automated and Klaus didn't have to use too much effort. It was as if his ice was conscious and it was able to block any attack coming his way. Well, as long as the attack was not too strong, then it would be dealt with easily. If not, Klaus would have to make an effort.

The benefit of having this was that he would be alerted to sneak attacks faster. Of course, if the person moved with unprecedented speed, even if Klaus senses it, it might be too late.

Klaus didn't worry about the inscriptions that were attacking above him and just focused fully on Grey that was in front of him. He blocked all the attacks while making sure to have as much contact as he could with Grey.

He noticed Grey wasn't as fast as he used to be, which was clearly the effect of his ice. Once Grey's speed had reduced to the same as his or even lower, then he was certain of victory.

'I don't need to do much, all I just have to do is stand here and wait for him to turn into an ice sculpture.'

This was the only thought in Klaus' head. He stopped attacking and focused fully on defending. He didn't pay Grey's inscriptions any mind and just focused on the bombardment he was receiving from Grey.

As time went on, Grey's attacks started to become erratic. Klaus noticed Grey was in a hurry and knew Grey was afraid of slowing down completely. This reinforced Klaus' mind and he increased his focus, defending with everything he had.

While doing this, all three inscriptions merged.

The second all three inscriptions merged, his heart skipped a beat and he saw a grin on Grey's face.

Grey's previous panicky expression was gone, now, he had a wide grin on his face.

He looked at him inquiringly, and Grey pointed above him.

When Klaus looked up, he saw an unstable inscription, but that was not the main issue, the issue was that he could sense the power that was about to explode from it.

"Fuck me!" He couldn't believe his eyes.

There was no way anyone in the Elemental Venerable Plane could defend against an attack of that nature.

"Do you want to kill me?!" Klaus yelled in frustration.

"Of course not. Are you forgetting how great your defense is? You can block this." Grey said with a playful voice.

Klaus felt his soul leaving him as time went on.

"Damn it! I quit. You win!" He yelled in defeat.

Yes, he wanted to defeat Grey, but right now, all he could do was give up.

Grey saw this and nodded, "Oh, I can't stop it."

The inscription was already on the verge of exploding. When Klaus heard Grey's words, he fell on his knees, wanting to cry out his eyes. How could Grey use something he couldn't stop? Was he planning on killing him? Weren't they just playing around?

Grey vanished, appeared beside Klaus just when the explosion hit off and disappeared with him. Klaus had the same dejected look on his face when they arrived at the place they were camped.

Seeing that he was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Remind me to never spar with you again. You're such a vile person." He said coldly, he added, "If not for the fact that we've come a long way, I would've stopped talking to you."

Grey laughed when he heard this. He could still hear Klaus' heart beating fast.

"You needed to see your face bud, it was hilarious." Grey burst out laughing.

"If you find my expression when facing death funny, then you must be sick in the end." Klaus wasn't in a good mood.

Grey crushed his hopes. At the moment, he realized being on the same level as Grey was nothing more than a pipe dream and he had given up on it. Luckily, he wasn't his enemy.

If he made such a horrifying enemy, he would hide in a cave for the rest of his life.

Grey was laughing while Klaus wasn't in any mood to say anything.

They could still feel the reverberation from the explosion, even though they were kilometers away from the area.

Klaus couldn't help but think about how he would've ended if he were to face that attack.

"How the hell did you even come up with that?" He asked after some silence.

"Easy, it's like my fusion orb, but created with inscriptions. It's actually stronger in this form." Grey explained.

Klaus didn't really know how Grey makes his fusion orb, but he knew it was by combining all the elements.

After a while, Reynolds opened his eyes. He had gotten to the peak of the Seventh stage and was on the verge of breaking through to the Eighth stage. But that was not the noteworthy thing. His Elemental Warrior had gotten to the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane.

"Hahaha, Grey, let's spar!"

When Klaus saw this, he shook his head in pity.

'Here we go again.'

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