Chapter 1347 Attack Vs Defense

Chapter 1347 Attack Vs Defense

The spar between the duo started to get more intense. With Klaus' strong defenses, Grey was forced to use more destructive attacks, yet Klaus was still able to block them.

No matter what type of attack Grey used, Klaus had an answer for it.

"You see, it's not as easy as you thought it would be, right?" Klaus asked with a proud smile after blocking yet another destructive attack.

Grey used three destructive elements, his space element, his fire element, and lastly, his darkness element. Of all his elements, the darkness element has been the only one he had somewhat neglected a lot. Even his light element was used more than his darkness element.

The reason he picked his darkness element was so he could break through Klaus' defense with it.

"You having a higher cultivation stage made it easy for you to defend against my attacks." Grey replied with a smile, he couldn't take away the fact that Klaus was able to defend against his attacks.

Given his attack power, others at the Peak would find it difficult to block against his strikes, well, except for those top-notch defense masters like Klaus. However, Klaus was different from them, he also possessed frightening attack power.

While fighting, Grey had been careful so as not to be hit by any of his attacks. Even with his ice Dragon scales, he was starting to notice that the few times he had been hit by or touched any of Klaus' attacks, he was starting to slow down.

If his hypothesis was correct, then cold was slowly accumulating in his body as he made more contact with Klaus' attacks.

The thought of someone having an ability like this was shocking. With this ability, Klaus could fight with others and just focus on his defense and be able to beat people that were stronger than he is. All he had to do was to make sure he occasionally hits them and in no time, their system will slow down, before freezing solid.

The reason the impact of the ability was slower with Grey was due to his Dragon scales. If Klaus uses this on others, the impact would be faster, and some might not even be able to notice it on time until it was too late.

Klaus was well aware of this, but seeing that Grey wasn't showing any reactions, he felt he wasn't using enough. Well, the problem was that getting to touch Grey with his attacks was very difficult. With the space element, Grey was almost untouchable. This was the reason he suggested Grey didn't use the space element at first, but after listening to Grey, he felt he made sense and agreed to it.

Had Grey wanted to depend on his speed alone, there was no way he would've been able to defeat Klaus without the help of all his elements. But with his space element, as well as the Dragon scales, he stood a higher chance of defeating Klaus.

Klaus was the first to attack this time, there was no use in talking too much.

The entire area has been frozen solid from Klaus' domain, and even Grey's fire domain didn't seem to be a match for Klaus' newly powered domain.

Grey still couldn't believe a single lotus changed Klaus this much.

'His luck is infinite.' He sighed in dejection.

The reason Klaus was able to receive this item was due to the fact that the Giants wanted to contact Grey but there was no way to contact him, so they sent out word and Klaus came fearing the Giants wanted to do something bad to Grey.

Just the thought that Klaus got this strong and also this ability from this coincidence made them believe his luck was genuinely unbelievable.

Grey blocked the ice attack coming his way with a fire screen, but the screen started to show signs of freezing up.

Seeing this, Grey used his dimensional slash.

At the moment, this was one of the strongest attacks he had in his arsenal. Well, since he couldn't use all his elements, his fusion orb wouldn't be as strong as it used to be. It was better to focus more on using each elemental attack.

Klaus saw the black slash coming his way and reacted accordingly, his ice domain spread out and a thick ice wall appeared in front of him, blocking the attack.

When the attack struck the ice wall, Klaus' expression changed slightly, he noticed it easily breaking through the ice wall. This was a wall he made using the heavy water, yet it was still being destroyed by Grey's attack.

Klaus took another glance at Grey. He couldn't help but wonder just how freakish his strongest attack was.

Of the duo, one was an attack master, while the other focused more on defense. Now, they wanted to see who would be supreme, the attack master, or the master of defense.

'I'll surely hold longer than he does.' Klaus was riled up.

This was the closest he had ever gotten to Grey, and it encouraged him. Now he realized that Grey wasn't unreachable after all. If he worked more than he usually does, then he might just be able to not only get close to Grey, he might one day be able to walk on equal shoulders with him.

Klaus is most likely the only one who had the audacity to have such thoughts. Grey was a genius even older generation geniuses feel they will never be able to reach his level. Given the fact that Grey didn't even start cultivating from the same age as them, and adding the fact that compared to the geniuses who grew up in the Aurora Continent, he was in a more secluded place, yet he was still far above all others made him more terrifying.

Grey wasn't having the same thoughts as Klaus, although he commended Klaus' strength, he stopped joking around.

Three inscriptions lit up in the sky. He wanted to use his strongest attack now. There was no point delaying any further.

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