Chapter 1349 Cruel World

Chapter 1349 Cruel World

Klaus didn't even put in any effort to stop Reynolds from getting himself beat up by Grey.

Unlike when Grey sparred with Klaus, they didn't exchange any moves here. He directly transported Reynolds to another place.

A few minutes later, they returned. Reynolds was in a sorry state when they returned. Klaus was smart and told Grey not to use all his elements, Reynolds didn't think about that and straight up started fighting with Grey.

Grey didn't give him the chance to state any stipulations for their spar, and he beat the shit out of him.

"Did he use his new technique on you?" Klaus asked when he saw Rey's face.

Reynolds shook his head, but then he realized the meaning behind Klaus' words. Klaus sparred with Grey, and Grey used a new technique on him to defeat him. He wasn't as lucky as Klaus and was beaten blue and black. In fact, he tried running away, but Grey didn't give him the opportunity to do so.

After his event, he had already concluded he would never spar with Grey again.

"Do you think he takes us as his friends?" Reynolds asked with a serious expression.

"Actually, I've been having the same feeling. He tried to kill me when we were sparring. At least you didn't go face to face with death." Klaus replied with an honest look on his face.

Grey was staring at the duo as they spoke about him right before him. They weren't even hiding their urge for revenge. He laughed and came to the conclusion never to allow himself to be weaker than they were. If not, he'd be in deep shit.

Klaus was already hoping to beat the crap out of him, given the last experience, Klaus would most likely beat him until he was close to death.

His spar with his friends showed him their new strength and how it was almost impossible for them to see a match in the Elemental Venerable Plane. If Grey was taken out of the picture, then Klaus and Reynolds could be considered among the very best in the Elemental Venerable Plane.

Even with Grey, they were still considered as such, but Grey didn't make them feel that way.

Klaus and Reynolds continued speaking on how Grey was an evil fiend when Alice opened her eyes. Just like Reynolds, she got to the Seventh stage, merging with the Seelie would take her to the Ninth stage of the Elemental Venerable Plane.

When she saw how the others were doing, she felt a little downcast. Of all of them, she was still the weakest. At a time, she was the strongest in the group, but not only did Grey top her, but Reynolds and Klaus did the same as well. At least she was still in the same stage as Reynolds, but his Elemental Warrior made it meaningless.

The thought of sparring with Grey didn't even come to her mind. Yes, she knew she might be able to stand her ground against some Peak Venerables with her new strength, but against Grey, there was no need to embarrass herself.

"You guys are done with your level ups. Now it's my turn." Grey said with a smile.

"Why didn't you just do it when we were at it?" Klaus asked grumpily.

"Because someone needed to protect you, stupid."

"Nice, protecting me just to kill me."

"Get over it."

"No, hand over a few treasures. There's something good on you, I want it."

"Get away. I already risked offending the Giant race for you, don't annoy me."

"What are you going to do about it? Reynolds is here, don't think we're afraid of you."

"Yeah, the two of us can take you on."

Alice watched the trio as they started bickering, but from what she was hearing, it was like Grey beat the duo after they were done with their training, and now they wanted to pick a fight with him. Together, they stood a good chance against Grey now, but if he increased his strength to the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane, then they didn't stand a chance.

They bickered for a while before Klaus finally let Grey cultivate. Of course, he didn't stop hurling abuses at him. Grey might be stronger than him, but he wasn't on his level when it came to talking.

Before Grey started using the blood essence, he created an intricate array to seal the area, blocking any aura from the blood essence from leaking out.

After doing this, and with the help of his friends watching over him, he started to absorb the blood essence of the Tortoise. Void was not interested in the Tortoise, but he was very interested in the blood essence of the cat-type Beast.

Grey opted to use the blood essence of the Tortoise first.

It took a while, but the blood essence started to merge into Grey's body, assimilating with his already beast-like bloodline.

Grey's body started to glow with a dark brown light. He had already awakened his earth domain when he learned the earth elemental technique from the Old Turtle. Now that he was using the blood essence of an Earth Elemental Tortoise, the domain came up again, and it started to show signs of transformation.

Klaus, seeing this, had tears in his eyes, "Why's the world so cruel to us?"

It hadn't even been up to an hour since his new ability, yet Grey was upgrading his. And four domains! Grey didn't use his earth domain much, and they forgot about it. Now that they saw it coming out on its own, they didn't know what to feel.

"He really is heads and shoulders ahead of everyone else." Alice remarked.

"What do you mean heads and shoulders? He's an entire fucking body ahead of everyone. It's just cheating at the moment." Klaus was dejected.

He could not compare himself to Grey.

Not to forget that Grey also had a water or ice domain, a fire domain, a lightning domain, and now his earth domain.

"At least we get to witness his growth."

"Yeah, I remember the days I was encouraging him to train." Klaus said.

"That never happened."

Klaus' expression darkened, and he retorted, "I was close to him before he knew you guys. I don't like talking about our early days much."

Alice and Reynolds rolled their eyes. There was no way they would believe his lies.

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