Adorable Twins: My Mother Is a Cool Miracle Doctor!

Chapter 621 - Chapter 621: I’m Not Going

Chapter 621: I’m Not Going

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Steward Wang dismounted from his horse and stuffed a silver ticket into Gu Xiaonan’s arms. “Here’s ten thousand taels of silver for you.”

Afterward, he eagerly looked at Wei Yuantong and said, “Mr Wei, can we go now?”

“You go ahead; I’m not going.”

Steward Wang was taken aback by this response and asked urgently, “Why not? Mr. Wei, is there something urgent you need to attend to? The Gu family is the most influential family in Tianjing. As long as you say the word, I believe our family head will do his best to help you resolve any issues. Let’s head to the Gu family first, shall we?”

“I said I’m not going!” Wei Yuantong impatiently waved his hand. Looking at Steward Wang now, he felt like he didn’t like how the man looked.

No wonder he had a bad feeling about this steward earlier; it turned out he sensed the conflict between him and his future disciple.

Anyone who annoyed his precious future disciple couldn’t be a good person!

Steward Wang could clearly feel Wei Yuantong’s disdain and disgust, leaving him utterly baffled.

Although Mr. Wei seemed somewhat unfriendly to him before, he was at least polite.

What had happened in the short time he was gone that caused Mr. Wei’s attitude to change so drastically?

Steward Wang signaled for the coachman to come over and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on?”

The coachman wasn’t entirely sure but recounted what he had seen and heard.

It was all because of Gu Xiaonan!

Steward Wang was nearly infuriated by this troublesome brat.

He should have expected it to be this kid!

This mother and son clashed with the Gu family in every possible manner!

Every time they encountered them, it led to trouble!

Why did the Gu family have to produce such troublesome individuals?

Steward Wang thought of the old family head waiting for him back at the mansion. He had no choice but to try to persuade Wei Yuantong. “Mr. Wei, didn’t you promise our family head? It might not be a good idea to back out now, right?”

“Whether it’s a good idea or not is none of your business. If you want to question someone, go question Gu Hongkang. It’s not your place to lecture me!”

His disciple hadn’t been secured yet, and he couldn’t afford any interference from these troublesome people in the Gu family. If his disciple ran away because of them, he would be furious!

Wei Yuantong glared at Steward Wang and then turned to Gu Qingluan. “Madam, about the matter of accepting disciples, shall we find a suitable place to discuss it?”

With a smile, Gu Qingluan glanced at the visibly anxious and angry Steward Wang and nodded. “Sure, there’s a nice restaurant nearby. Let’s go there to talk.”

Wei Yuantong’s eyes lit up.

“Madam, do you know where it is? Please lead the way.”

With one son on each side, Gu Qingluan walked ahead, leading the way.

Wei Yuantong followed eagerly, completely lacking the demeanor of a master.

Steward Wang shouted after them several times, but Wei Yuantong didn’t even turn his head.

Steward Wang’s expression was extremely unpleasant.

The old family head entrusted him with such an important task, and he failed to accomplish it. He knew he would face a scolding when he returned.

Blame it all on that mother and son; they always have to go against him!

Steward Wang called someone to follow Mr. Wei closely, keeping a close watch on him.

Meanwhile, he quickly mounted his horse and headed back. He needed to inform the old family head of the situation here.

As he was on his way, he encountered Gu Jinrong, who was riding towards him.

Steward Wang was taken aback.

Gu Jinrong, seeing him riding alone towards him, felt a sinking feeling in his heart.

His ominous premonition grew stronger.

“Steward Wang, where is Elder Wei?”

Steward Wang explained the situation, and Gu Jinrong’s eyes turned red with anger. “Gu Qingluan, Gu Xiaonan, it’s them again!”

He tightened his grip on the reins, urging his horse forward, intending to catch up with them.

Steward Wang realized this was not good and quickly called out to stop him. “Third Young Master, please wait. Confronting them won’t be of any use, and if they accidentally harm you, what will we do then? It’s better to return and seek the old family head’s guidance. Let him handle this matter.”

Gu Jinrong was too impulsive due to his anger earlier, but Steward Wang’s words made him think rationally.

Chasing after them now would only lead to humiliation and no real benefit.

“Let’s go back!”

He turned his horse around and headed back.

He was going to complain to his grandfather.

He believed that his grandfather wouldn’t tolerate such malicious harassment..

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