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Chapter 622 - Chapter 622: She Was A Little Greedy Too

Chapter 622: She Was A Little Greedy Too

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Gu Hongkang and the second family branch were all waiting in the front hall.

Seeing Gu Jinrong and Steward Wang return together, their hearts all skipped a beat.

After Steward Wang explained the situation in detail, the reactions of everyone were similar to what Gu Jinrong had experienced earlier. They were all furious.

Even Gu Hongkang, an old man with a deep understanding of human nature, couldn’t help but wear a grim expression.

Gu Jinyue, on the other hand, was more filled with worry than anger.

Elder Wei was her only hope.

She heard that he possessed the ability to revive the dead and mend broken bones. Even if someone had lost limbs, he could make them grow back.

She didn’t want to spend her life as a mute or become a useless person.

She endured for so long and hoped for so much, all for this day. No matter what, she had to get Elder Wei to treat her.

She anxiously looked at her grandfather.

Gu Jinrong was also watching him intently.

Gu Hongkang said with a stern expression, “He owes me a favor; he can’t just avoid it! Unless he wants to be ridiculed by everyone!”

Hearing his words, Gu Jinrong and his siblings breathed a sigh of relief.

Favors were the most challenging to repay.

Even if Gu Qingluan and Gu Xiaonan spoke ill of them, Elder Wei probably wouldn’t want to bear the reputation of ingratitude.

“Where are they now? Since Elder Wei doesn’t want to come to our house, I’ll personally visit him!”

“They said they were going to the restaurant, and the nearest one is Yunhai Tower.”

Gu Hongkang decided to go to Yunhai Tower.

Gu Jinrong and his siblings expressed their desire to accompany him.

Gu Hongkang nodded. “Good, you can go together. If he refuses to come to the Gu family, he can treat you there.”

The servants prepared a carriage, and the group hurriedly headed to Yunhai Tower.

Inside Yunhai Tower, Gu Qingluan requested a private room.

Wei Yuantong sniffed. “It smells good! Really fragrant!”

Gu Xiaonan proudly said, “Of course! Yunhai Tower is the number one restaurant in the world, and their dishes are unparalleled!”

Wei Yuantong patted his stomach. “Hehe, today we’re in for a treat.”

Then, he generously declared, “Feel free to order whatever you want; it’s my treat!”

Gu Xiaonan’s eyes sparkled. “I won’t hold back then!”

“No need to be polite; go ahead and order!”

As a dual cultivator of alchemy and martial arts, and a rare master at that, he was wealthier than most cultivators. A good meal wouldn’t make a dent in his finances.

Gu Xiaonan, without any hesitation, listed a long string of dishes.

For most people, hearing so many dishes would likely lead to frowns and complaints, but Wei Yuantong’s mouth was watering.

“Has Yunhai Tower introduced new dishes? I haven’t heard of many of these on the menu.”

The waiter standing nearby chuckled, “Indeed, they’ve introduced new dishes. But our Yunhai Tower is a bit different from other places; we have several dishes that aren’t listed on the menu. You can only order them here, and the portions are limited. If you’re not familiar with them, you wouldn’t even know they exist.”

Wei Yuantong’s eyes lit up at the news. “Quick, quick, bring them all!”

“Of course.”

Wei Yuantong suddenly stopped the waiter, “Wait a moment.”

The waiter paused. “Is there anything else, sir?”

Wei Yuantong wanted to ask him to bring some good wine. Delicious food was great, but without good wine, it felt incomplete.

However, he hesitated when he saw the two children sitting on either side of him.

Gu Qingluan took the initiative to speak, “Let’s also have a pot of plum blossom wine.”

Wei Yuantong looked at Gu Qingluan with a knowing expression.

Gu Qingluan coughed lightly.

In truth, she was a little greedy too.

With all the unexpected events recently, she hadn’t had the leisure to enjoy a drink. Seeing Wei Yuantong’s expression, she immediately understood his thoughts. After all, she missed it too.

This was a perfect opportunity to taste it.

Then, the waiter brought a bottle of plum blossom wine and a few celadon cups.

At the bottom inside of each cup, a plum blossom was delicately painted.

The plum blossom wine was stored in a white porcelain pot. As it was poured into the celadon cups, the plum blossoms inside each cup seemed to slowly bloom, captivating the soul with their beauty.

What was even more enticing was the fragrance of the wine, a pure and subtle scent that carried a hint of plum blossom. It wafted gently, refreshing the senses. With just a slight inhale, the scent of the wine filled the air, intoxicating even before it touched the lips.

Wei Yuantong eagerly lifted a cup and took a generous sip.

“Excellent wine!”

He closed his eyes and let out a satisfied sigh.

Gu Qingluan moved her fingers, picked up another cup from the table, and delicately took a sip. The ice-cold and rich liquid flowed smoothly over her lips, glided over her tongue, moistened her throat, and gently warmed her stomach. It quietly merged into her bloodstream, causing her pores to relax.

She half-closed her eyelids, gently swirling the celadon cup.

The celadon was a shade of delicate green, light like the mist-shrouded hills, blending beautifully with her fair jade-like fingers, creating an unparalleled sight.

Though the young and the old had different drinking styles, it was clear that they were both thoroughly enjoying the wine.

Indeed, it was a fine wine.

A small hand stealthily crept up from under the table, inching closer to the wine pot..

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