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Chapter 620 - Chapter 620:I Don’t Like You

Chapter 620:I Don’t Like You

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Gu Xiaonan wrinkled his small nose, and his young face was filled with rejection. “I don’t like you.”

What could be the reason for this?

Was it because of his weight?

Wei Yuantong felt hurt by this.

He never thought that one day having a bit more flesh on his body would affect his ability to take on disciples.

Gu Qingluan, on the other hand, had an inkling of why Xiaonan rejected the man.

She gently patted his head and said, “If you don’t want to, it’s fine. There will be other teachers for you in the future.”

“Wait a minute!” Wei Yuantong got anxious when he saw Gu Qingluan giving up. He stared at Gu Xiaonan eagerly and said, “Little guy, why don’t you like me? At least let me know the reason.”

Gu Xiaonan pouted, “Do you have a good relationship with the Gu family?”

Wei Yuantong’s mind was quick to react. Could it be related to the Gu family?

Could this kid have a grudge against the Gu family?

If that was the case, he needed to think carefully before answering.

“It’s not a very close relationship, but I know Old Master Gu Hongkang.”

“You’re going to his house,” Gu Xiaonan stated with certainty.

Wei Yuantong nodded, taking on a formal tone, “He asked me to treat his grandchildren.”

“Are they Gu Jinrong and Gu Jinyue?” Gu Xiaonan asked.

Wei Yuantong pondered, “It seems so? Little guy, do you know them?”

Gu Xiaonan suddenly revealed his pearly white teeth, “Of course, we’re enemies.”

Humph, treating his enemies and wanting to take him as a disciple, what a dream!

Wei Yuantong was momentarily stunned.

To use the term “enemies,” it seemed like their relationship was exceptionally hostile.

He glanced at the silent Gu Qingluan, then looked back at the openly disgusted Gu Xiaonan, and without hesitation, he changed sides, his tone filled with righteousness, “So, those two must be the enemies of my future disciple! They must be villains, how can I save them? I won’t! I refuse to help them!”

Gu Xiaonan’s eyes flickered as he looked up at him.

Wei Yuantong, filled with indignation, proclaimed, “Fortunately, I met my future disciple here. Otherwise, I might have committed a grave mistake! How fortunate!”

He patted his own belly, looking quite pleased with himself.

Gu Xiaonan’s hostility towards him disappeared instantly, but he expressed some dissatisfaction with his self-assured statement, saying, “Who said I’d be your future disciple? I haven’t agreed to it yet.”

Wei Yuantong chuckled. “With such an amazing master like me, where else would you find a second one? Little guy, you’re so clever, you won’t miss this opportunity, will you?”

Gu Xiaonan rolled his eyes. “My mother is much more amazing than you!”

Wei Yuantong didn’t take the child’s words to heart at all.

Children were mostly like that, thinking their parents were the most amazing.

He didn’t bother competing with him.

First, he needed to secure his disciple.

Wei Yuantong smiled kindly. “Little guy, what’s your name?”

“Gu Xiaonan!”

“Gu Xiaonan… This name sounds familiar, like I’ve heard it somewhere…”

Wei Yuantong murmured.

At that moment, he couldn’t recall it.

But since he couldn’t remember, he didn’t dwell on it.

His thoughts were focused on the Dual Elixir Technique and other matters, so he quickly dismissed the confusion from his mind and nodded in praise, “A good name! No wonder you’re… my future disciple!”

Gu Xiaonan beamed with pride, “My mother came up with it!”

Wei Yuantong immediately gave a thumbs-up to Gu Qingluan, “Madam is truly knowledgeable and talented.”

Gu Qingluan was speechless.

There was really no need for this.

Who would be fooled by such blatant flattery?

It didn’t sound like a compliment at all; it sounded more like an insult.

Wei Yuantong immediately shifted his attention back to Gu Xiaonan. “Xiaonan, with my status and abilities, do you think I’m qualified to be your master? Would you like to become my disciple? If you do, it would be quite prestigious. Others will treat you with great respect, and you can even study at the Qiankun Academy. Do you know about the Qiankun Academy? It’s the top academy in the Cloud Plains Continent. Many geniuses want to get in but can’t. However, if you become my disciple, I can get you in right away!”

He couldn’t believe that after offering so many incentives, this kid still remained unfazed.

Gu Xiaonan was unmoved, “I won’t be your disciple, and 1 already have all those things.”

His father was Royal Prince Lan, his mother was the Guardian Princess of the Nation, and he was also the Island Lord of the Island of No Return. People treated him with respect wherever he went.

Moreover, he had secured a spot at the Qiankun Academy with his own abilities, so he didn’t need to become a disciple to study there.

“How is that possible!” Wei Yuantong thought that the kid might not be aware of how difficult it was to get into the Qiankun Academy. He was about to explain it to him, but just then, a horse swiftly approached and stopped beside them..

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