Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2029 - Heavenly’s Body (3)

Chapter 2029 “Heavenly’s Body (3)”

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Due to how densely populated the sky had become like a flock of crows flying in the air, all of the normal denizens closest to the epicenter were looking up towards the Celestial Palace with fear and uncertainty of what the future holds.

Because of this, Keeper Yellow and his brothers didn’t need to look very far to know what’s happening. On top of that, the immense pressure could reach them all the way back in the mountains where they were hiding.

“This… What’s going on? Why are there so many Demi Divine Lords over at the Celestial Palace’s direction?” Keeper Yellow’s expression got deathly white due to the fears circulating within his heart.

“It’s likely those bastards from the domains. Keeper Yellow, how long are we going to keep hiding here like this? If those people want to hunt us then that’s fine, we can always move to a new spot. But they’re slaughtering the entire Celestial Realm! We can’t keep being cowards like this while everyone dies!” One of the Keepers cried tears of blood at the scene.

Keeper Yellow felt just as bad. Ever since they lost Keeper Ling and Keeper Zun that day outside the city, the group has become dispirited and lost on the next path forward.

“Let’s go, let’s go back to the Celestial Palace!” Keeper Yellow grits his teeth fiercely and finally made the decision, “We absolutely cannot let the Celestial Realm fall today. Even if we die, we will die fighting!”

I’ve done so many wrong things in the past, I can’t cower now when the crisis is upon us. Otherwise, what was the point of us existing up to this point?

After having similar thoughts, the Keepers all charged out of the mountain in which they had lived for the past few years. It’s now or never, and they choose to fight!

When arrived outside the palace, a scene of carnage welcomed their eyes. Bodies, blood, organs, it’s truly a scene out of hell itself.

“It seems those bastards did attack the Celestial Palace… they slaughtered everyone, woman and children alike…” Closing his eyes, Keeper Yellow makes a pained face due to not coming earlier and allowing this carnage to occur: “Go, we will confront the enemy!”

Without wasting time, these old seniors that oversaw the safety of the Celestial Realm for all these years stepped through the main gates for the inner sanctums. They’re determined and would gladly sacrifice themselves as brave warriors.


Blood-stained altar.

More and more enemies were swooping down from the sky and attacking Bai Ning after she arrived on the scene earlier. She’s exhausted after fighting alone for so long. But whenever her body was ready to collapse from depletion, the images of her husband and daughter would always reinvigorate her spirit for another swing.

This was the scene that Keeper Yellow and the others saw after they arrived. It’s bloody with bodies skewered along the ground.

“You bastards, how dare you lot defile the Celestial Palace’s altar!”

At the beginning, the Celestial Palace never was this powerful and stood at the very top. Rather, it was a member of their order that accidentally came across the ancient coffin and discovered training beside it would exponentially increase one’s cultivaction speed.

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