Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2028 - Heavenly’s Body (2)

Chapter 2028 “Heavenly’s Body (2)”

Elder Yin bellied out a cocky laugh at the grand future awaiting their forces, “Move aside all of you. I will destroy Heavenly’s body right now, and the seal blocking the monarch’s return to this world will come undone!”

The corners of his lips drew a devilish grin as he stared down at the corpse in the coffin. Then with a flick of his palm, a flame materializes into existence in preparation for his attack. However, right as the reddish flame was about to touch the clothes, a figure suddenly breaks through the fabric of reality and slices down to get in-between him and the body.


“Who are you?” Elder Yin’s expression flew into a rage as he yelled at the interloper.

This woman’s strength is at the peak of the Demi Divine Lord level… and just a step away from being a Divine Lord like the monarchs as well. I won’t win if I fight her here alone….

“I am Heavenly’s wife, and you wanted to destroy my husband’s body from his previous life without my consent?” The woman’s shallow smile and disdainful glare swept across the group.

Heavenly’s wife?

The faces of Elder Yin and his subordinates all got very ugly.

They had heard rumors that Heavenly already had a wife before this, but they didn’t expect the woman to be so strong.

“Girl, your strength is very strong, I admit that. Unfortunately, you only have those from the Heavenly Flame Domain to back you up, while we have multiple forces at our beck and call. You think you can overcome us all today? Don’t be ridiculous!” The old man sneered, and his eyes were full of contempt: “I advise you to step aside and go back to your husband, otherwise… don’t blame us for not showing mercy and pity against a woman.”

“The fact that I came today means I have no intentions of going back empty-handed. I can leave, but that’s only with my husband’s body!” Bai Ning smiled indifferently as she made her stance.

Elder Yin narrowed his eyes as he went over his options: “I have already given you a chance, but you did not cherish it so don’t blame us! Even Heavenly could not stop all of the domains by himself, what do you think you can do with only that much ability?”

As Elder Yin spoke, countless noises could faintly be heard coming from the far-off horizon, which quickly came close enough to show the massive army gathered for this invasion.

Yun Feng was right, they brought a massive army with them. Even so, I won’t back down!

“Madam!” Everyone who came with Bai Ning from the Heavenly Flame Domain quickly gathered around the lady’s location, their stance circling into a defensive position with the lady at center, “We will deal with these people, you leave with the monarch’s body first.”

Bai Ning shook her head to refute the idea: “That’s not possible, I won’t be able to escape on my own. Don’t worry about me. I am Heavenly’s wife, I have a duty to protect my husband’s body from the previous life!”

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