Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Chapter 2030 - Heavenly’s Body (4)

Chapter 2030 “Heavenly’s Body (4)”

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It was precisely because of the existence of the ancient coffin that brought the great fortune to the Celestial Palace. So, it doesn’t take much to imagine the anger erupting from his heart after seeing someone destroyed their faith.

“Hold on Keeper Yellow,” one of the Keeper’s grabbed the senior and shook his head, “Don’t you see that woman Bai Ning is also here? We don’t know who destroyed the altar so let’s wait and see?”

“Humph!” Keeper Yellow promptly breaks away that hand and grumpily replied, “No matter who it is that destroyed the altar, we must first deal with those from the domains. How many innocent civilians died at their hands? How many families were destroyed because of them? Besides, if Bai Ning wanted to destroy the altar then she could’ve done so long ago when she attacked the Celestial Palace. Why do it now before so many foes?”

It must be said, for all the mistakes he made in the past, Keeper Yellow finally made a smart choice for once.

After he dropped these words, his figure had already disappeared in a flash and landed in front of Bai Ning’s location.

Raising an eyebrow at the sudden interruption, Bai Ning skeptical examines the person before recognizing who it was: “It’s you? You’re done being a coward now? What are you doing here?”

Turning to face the woman, the Keeper’s figure appeared so weak and frail as that yellowish robe fluttered with the wind. “Lady Bai Ning, I know that you do not want to see any of us from the Celestial Palace, but for now, I hope you can put aside our difference and work together to confront these enemies. It’s our only chance.”

Bai Ning did not speak for a good while, her gaze quickly scanning back and forth between the two forces.

“HAHA!” Elder Yin sneered humorously, “No matter how many people comes today, the ending will be the same with Heavenly’s body destruction! No one can stop us!”

Keeper Yellow’s expression grew fierce and ferocious after hearing that, “I knew it, its you bastards who ruined the faith of the Celestial Palace! I will never let you go!”

Without delay, the senior jumped and rushed at the enemy leader who had just spoken.

Not to be caught off guard, Elder Yin’s hand was already in wait as he grinned triumphantly. He’s been waiting for this moment after deliberately provoking the Keeper. With a gush of energy blade shot out from his palm, Yin got a direct hit into the other person’ body.

Yet, instead of the expected collapse and blood splattering hole, Keeper Yellow endures the damage and regains his momentum in the next second to come before Elder Yin’s face. He’s a damn cockroach in how durable that body behaves.

“You’re also from the Heavenly Flame Domain?” Elder Yin dodged the retaliatory blow and quickly slipped to the side.

“No!” Keeper Yellow’s attack did not stop, “I am a member of the Celestial Palace, the ones you slaughtered like cattle here today! I will never let you bastards off the hook for what you’ve done!”

“Hahaha!” Elder Yin laughed wildly: “Just with you? You are no more than a mid level Demi Divine Lord, why would you think you can overcome our forces? You’re no more than an ant in my eye! Pitiful insect!”


This time, Elder Yin did not hold back and unleashed a barrage of punches with his fist, landing blow after blow onto Keeper Yellow’s chest.

Finally unable to take it, the old Keeper spurted out a mouthful of blood and turned deathly pale.

“Lady Bai Ning, although we have had a dispute in the past, but this time, can I ask you for a favor?” He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, turned to face the woman behind himself. He’s praying for her to accept his request.

Bai Ning was stunned for a bit before stopping her own attack to face the swaying old man, “What favor?”

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