Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267: Side Story: new era (1)

20 years after the Union of mutants replaced the jurisdiction of the United Nations!

The popularization of vaccines had taken care of all mankind.

With the activation of some excellent genes, various countries had obtained their first batch of excellent genetic ability users.

This year, the appearance of Espers in various countries caused some unrest in the country and society. Fortunately, the mutant Union had long prepared and sent 2000 Special Forces to all the countries around the world to unify the positions of these Espers. Then, the country would assist in the management and distribution of these first batch of Espers. At that time, the countries around the world would rewrite the laws of each country.

It was a brand-new constitution for new humans.

However, the previous genetic Emperor, clown, had already known that the first batch of awakened ability users were generally not of high levels. Therefore, he had established the Special Forces of the mutant Union early on. With the strength of the Special Forces, it was a piece of cake to suppress and capture these new humans.

Since then, the global mutant Union had issued a new mechanism to measure the power level of new humans.

The government directly created the detectors and gave them to all the countries around the world, while the countries only built the detectors in their provinces. This type of detector can detect your current overall strength, main ability, and auxiliary ability based on the type of genes in your body and the outstanding ability.

Their ranks were from C-Class.

Because the ordinary people were D-class before this, the new humans were ranked from C-Class, then B-Class, then A-Class, then S-Class, then SS-Class, and finally the whole new ranking system of SSS-class.

However, those who had reached the SSS Level in the world could be regarded as National generals. There were less than 10 people in the world. These people were all world-renowned top experts. And he was a great elder of the mutant Union.

Above that was the R rank! No one in the world had ever broken through it.

In the records of the mutant’s Guild, the highest level of God’s domain, level X, had always been an existence that the world had to shrink back from.

Perhaps only the great emperor Xiao Chou had the ability to do so. And according to the records, the distance between level R and X was N ‘s. It was almost impossible to cross project X.

However, it had been 25 years since Emperor Xiao Chou went missing!

All these years, there had been people trying to find his traces and existence.

But no one had seen him.

Some people say that unless the great emperor wants to see you, you won’t even see him.

The most detailed and authoritative book about the Emperor should be Luo Yi’s work,”Dragon Soldier King,” which was officially recognized by the mutant Union.

In the past 25 years, an interesting thing happened.

Originally, the country’s continued reserve of ability users had led to a preference for men over women, and the proportion of ability planting was seriously uncoordinated. After many women read the story about the Emperor, a series of feminist movements broke out among them.

Because they believed that the emperor’s wife was the foundation of the world Order revolution! From this magnificent feat, they believed that women were the absolute dominant reason, so they wanted men to give them more respect.

That was why the females were able to get equal access to the vaccine and the new ability.

And this year, ye Xiu decided to take a paid vacation to find the great emperor.

Because, the old man of the ye family couldn’t make it anymore. He said that before he died, he wanted to see the heir of the ye family that he was most proud of, Xu Cheng!

As a result, ye Xiu decided to fulfill the old man’s wish. He brought his two sons, Ye Hua and ye Rong, who were already 18 years old!

Thus, he began his journey of trekking through the mountains and rivers, almost searching the entire world.

From a clean-looking face to a stubbed beard on the way, from the South Pole to the North Pole, and then passing by the equator, nothing was found.

They had been searching for three months.

“Dad, do you think uncle is still alive?” Ye Rong was on the top of the mountain, gasping for breath as he drank water, and asked curiously.

As soon as he finished speaking, his big brother Ye Hua glared at him,”Keep talking nonsense.”

Ye Hua was someone who had been influenced by Xu Cheng’s reading material, and he really admired the Emperor. He had always been proud of his status as the great Emperor’s nephew. Therefore, in that big courtyard, he had always been conscientious, obedient, and sensible. He knew that he had to do things with dignity, so as not to embarrass the ye family and uncle Xu.

Ye Rong pursed his lips.”We’ve already searched all the famous mountains and historic sites abroad, and we’ve also searched all the sites in the country. We’ve also been to our ancestor’s Ye family’s old residence, and the long family’s residence. All that’s left is whether or not this is the Xu family’s Historic Site. If we still can’t find it, what will our ancestor do?”

Who would have thought that his father, ye Xiu, would sigh at this moment: “Dad doesn’t know either. Many people said that he was dead or didn’t have long to live, so he let go of all his burdens and power and left because no one was willing to give up their power.”

“That’s something that only mortals would pursue. My uncle definitely doesn’t care about it,”Ye Hua snorted.

Just as the three of them were as tired as dogs, they seemed to hear a giggle that sounded like silver Bells coming from below the waterfall.

“Dad, listen!” Ye Hua’s ears were very sharp, and his ability was known for his sharp ears.

Because the sound of the waterfall was too loud, ye Xiu and ye Rong couldn’t hear it.

Ye Hua wanted to look down the waterfall, but his father ye Xiu pulled him back.””Do you want to die? If you fall, you won’t even have your bones left, do you know that? don’t go over. ”

“Dad, I really heard someone’s laughter. Where did this person come from? The Xu Village outside is deserted, but this sound is indeed the sound of people. There are people here, let’s go down and take a look?”

“Ah?” His younger brother, ye Rong, was about to faint,”brother, it wasn’t easy for you to climb up and take a look at the highest point, but you’re going down again?” I can’t take it anymore, let me rest for an hour. ”

“Are you sure?” ye Xiu asked his eldest son.

“That’s about right!”Ye Hua nodded his head with certainty.

Ye Xiu would rather kill the wrong person than let him go. He gritted his teeth: “Let’s go down!”

“Crazy, crazy!” Ye Rong wailed.

When the three of them climbed down the mountain, another hour had passed. At this time, there was no sound.

“Brother, you’re my brother. Is there anyone who pranks people like you?” Ye Rong saw no one and wailed as he directly fell asleep on the grass.

Ye Xiu looked around and confirmed that there was no one. He looked at his eldest son and asked,””Can you listen more carefully?”

Ye Hua had been listening attentively all this time, and when he heard the sound again, his eyes followed the waterfall.

Ye Xiu and his younger brother ye Rong saw him looking at the waterfall. Ye Rong directly rolled his eyes.”Take a knife and kill me!”

“Don’t say it, the voice is up there again?” Ye Xiu bitterly smiled as he asked Ye Hua.

“I think so …” Ye Hua said awkwardly.

“What did you hear?”

“It’s a girl’s voice. She seems to be playing. ” “The waterfall’s interference is one thing, but I can be sure of a person’s voice,” Ye Hua said based on his own feelings.

Ye Rong was listless.”You guys go up. I’ll wait for you here. I won’t go up even if you kill me.”

Ye Hua and his father, ye Xiu, looked at each other. Ye Xiu’s determination to find Xu Cheng was very strong, so he held back and said,””Let’s go and take a look. ”

Ye Hua nodded, and the two of them went up.

Ye Rong closed his eyes and basked in the sun, very pleased. At this time, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching him.

“He came down so quickly? Did you find her?” Ye Rong closed his eyes and snorted as he asked.

However, as soon as he said it, he felt that something was wrong. It took an hour to climb the mountain, but it had only been ten minutes.

When he opened his eyes, a face as beautiful as a fairy bent over and looked at him. Her long hair was soft and soft, and there was even the fragrance of grass.

That pair of big eyes were full of intelligence, and the small dimples looked at ye Rong with a smile.”My brother will beat you up if you sleep in my house.”

Ye Rong was so scared that he quickly sat up straight.

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