Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268: Side Story: New Era 2

Ye Rong supported himself with both hands and sat up straight to look. In front of him was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl in the prime of her youth. The most obvious was her clear blue eyes with mixed-blood characteristics. They were very crystal clear, and her hair was like a puffy princess doll. She had both hands behind her back and looked at ye Rong playfully.

“You … Are you a Vixen?” Ye Rong’s words were incoherent, mainly because in this deep mountain forest, seeing such an outrageously beautiful girl, anyone would be suspicious.

“In this day and age, I’ve only heard of ordinary people, new humans, and sprites?” The young girl curiously muttered.

Ye Rong coughed and saw her shadow.”Then Who are you?”

The young girl replied,’I should be the one asking you that, right? Who are you and why are you loitering around my house? if there’s nothing, please leave. My parents aren’t home and my brother is very fierce. ”

“I … I … We ‘ll. ” Ye Rong suddenly didn’t know what to say. He could only turn his head and shout at his brother Ye Hua and father ye Xiu who were still lying on the waterfall.

“Brother, dad, the woman you’re looking for is here. Come quickly.” He stood up and shouted.

“Don’t shout!” The young girl quickly interrupted his shouting.

Ye Hua and ye Xiu heard this and quickly came down the mountain. At this time, the entire Valley and waterfall were filled with birds and beasts that fled after hearing ye Rong’s shout.

Only then did the two of them realize that there was a whole new world here. There were so many natural animals living in groups all around.

But they discovered that a dog, whether it was a Tibetan Mastiff or a dog, with an especially burly and huge body, with golden fur all over its body, scuttled out of the forest and madly ran towards ye Rong.

It opened its mouth and revealed its sharp fangs.

“Ah Rong!” Ye Xiu hurriedly shouted to ye Rong, who was not far away,””Be careful!”

Then, the two of them ran towards ye Rong with all their might.

Ye Rong saw that behemoth wildly charging over from afar!

“What the hell? is this a Tibetan Mastiff or a Lion?” He hurriedly clenched his fists, wanting to confront it, but who would’ve thought that the moment that behemoth opened its mouth, those teeth struck ye Rong until he panicked. Moreover, its speed was too fast, so fast that even ye Rong was weak and didn’t dare to fight back, only able to Dodge.

However, when he dodged, he was still attacked by the golden-haired beast’s claws. Ye Rong’s high-quality off-road Sports jacket was torn to pieces.

After the Golden Retriever fell to the ground, it slid forward due to inertia. It drifted and suddenly braked, and after its entire butt swung 180 degrees, it turned around and pounced at ye Rong again.

At this time, ye Rong had a wound on his waist and was gritting his teeth in pain. He didn’t expect this Golden Retriever to be so combative. It was too late to Dodge.

Ye Rong could only fall down and close his eyes, his two hands first protecting his face.

Just as the Golden Retriever’s claws were about to twist ye Rong’s head open, just when the claws were less than 10 centimeters away from ye Rong, the girl’s clear voice reprimanded,””Stop, ah Huang!”

That claw stopped in the air, and as it attacked, a strong gust of wind blew against ye Rong’s face, somewhat sinister.

Ye Rong swallowed his saliva and saw that the fierce claws were still dyed with a girl’s favorite nail polish. The nail polish was also made into all kinds of cute cartoon figures, and on its golden fur, pink butterfly bow cartoon ornaments could be seen everywhere. Ye Rong was very strange, it was difficult to associate this cute golden fur with the fierce and awe-inspiring guy just now.

“Did I ask you to do it?” The young girl snorted as she looked at the golden-haired man.

The Golden Retriever stuck out his tongue and licked ye Rong’s shocked face. Ye Rong couldn’t adapt to the sharp change in the topic. This Golden Retriever actually licked his way to please the girl?

“I’m sorry, this is my family’s ah Huang. I’ve spoiled him. ” The young girl came over and rubbed the Golden Retriever’s hair.

Ye Rong swallowed,”it, what kind of Tibetan Mastiff is it?” Why is it so big?”

“It’s not a Tibetan Mastiff. ” The young girl chuckled and put her little hand into the Golden Retriever’s mouth, pulling open the Golden Retriever’s mouth and revealing her fangs for ye Rong to see.”Look at its teeth, it’s a Lion.”

“L-Lion…Lion?” Ye Rong’s body trembled.

Looking at the Blondie’s squinting eyes and obedient appearance, ye Rong couldn’t help but think of a certain Husky’s expression.

At this time, Ye Hua and ye Xiu ran over. Seeing Ye Hua lying on the ground and being pressed down by the Golden Retriever’s claws, the two were anxious.

“Bastard, leave my son!” After ye Xiu shouted, he and Ye Hua both came over, wanting to push back the Golden Retriever.

The Golden Retriever only needed a second to transform from the Husky into a Lion. The moment its fangs were exposed, its eyes widened!

With just one claw, it sent Ye Hua flying.

Ye Xiu was stronger than his two sons. His fist landed on the Golden Retriever’s body, sending him flying back a few meters.

“Don’t hit him, dad. It’s a misunderstanding. ” Ye Rong hurriedly shouted.

But the battle-hungry Blondie was furious and charged at ye Xiu.

The moment the Golden Retriever pounced at him, ye Xiu slid forward with the ground in his hand, passing through the Golden Retriever’s lower body. When the Golden Retriever passed ye Xiu, ye Xiu grabbed the Golden Retriever’s tail in the air. Then, he pulled with both hands and flung the Golden Retriever away.

“Ah Huang.” The young girl was shocked and quickly went to check on her pet.

“Dad, you’re amazing!” Ye Rong praised.

Seeing that big yellow was probably shaking his head quite a bit, the girl shouted to the empty space around her: “Brother! An outsider is bullying me!”


The thousand-foot waterfall suddenly broke, and an unknown object flew out of it into the sky. Then, it somersaulted a few times in the air before falling heavily to the ground.

The ground suddenly trembled, and in a slightly sunken pit, a young man in his mid-twenties slowly stood up from his half-squatting position.

“Who’s bullying my baby sister? My parents aren’t at home. Do you think there’s no one at home?” This man’s eyes revealed an unparalleled determination, just like a living Xu Cheng.

His name is Xu Xiaoming!

He was the eldest son of the Xu family.

This way of appearing completely shocked Ye Hua and ye Rong.

Ye Xiu had seen Xu Cheng’s battle with the military back then, so it didn’t really matter visually. However, he was very surprised to see someone like this here.

Ye Xiu looked at Xu Xiaoming’s appearance and then quickly looked at the girl’s appearance. She was simply a mini version of a big brother and sister-in-law.

“Wait, what’s your name?” Ye Xiu was overjoyed.

“What are you waiting for? we’ll talk after the fight!” Xu Xiaoming snorted and rushed over.

The speed was extremely fast.

It didn’t lose to ye Xiu’s current SS-level standard.

Ye Xiu didn’t expect this kid to instantly rush in front of him. When he thought about how he was the son of his brother, Xu Cheng, he felt relieved. Only his son could have such strength at this age.

“Hahaha, kid, did your dad tell you that you have distant relatives?” Ye Xiu immediately let loose. He really wanted to give this kid a lesson: “Alright, I’ll let you take a look.”

Just as Xu Xiaoming’s fist swung over, he raised his hand to block. As the head of the criminal Police Department of the mutant Union, his strength was obvious to all! He was confident that he could block Xu Xiaoming’s punch.

But when the fist touched his arm, the absolute power made his face change!

“What? How is this possible?”

Xu Xiaoming couldn’t hold back his punch at all and sent ye Xiu flying dozens of meters into the pond.

“Are my relatives that weak?” Xu Xiaoming spat.

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