Ace of the Dragon Division

Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: Returning to one’s hometown (end)

The old man looked at Xu Cheng with a defeated expression and closed his eyes.

“You’ve actually seen me before?”

Xu Cheng nodded.”Do you think that just because only old Ross and the Duke know about you, you can use Tilu’s shell to set up a trap and take revenge on this world as much as you want? after you’re done, as long as you go back to your original appearance, no one will recognize you.”

“Then do you know why I want to take revenge on the world?”

Xu Cheng: “it’s because you guys have been serving the Duke for three generations, but he didn’t give you anything. In your eyes, you think that you should have a share in this world, so you would rather die in glory than live in dishonor!”

“Let me go,” the old man said to him.”Since I’ve met you, and even the Duke is no match for you, it’s even more impossible for me to escape. I’ll admit defeat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xu Cheng released him from the restraints.

The old man sat on the chair, looked at Xu Cheng, and snorted.””The Duke’s biggest mistake was not killing you in the first place! You’re indeed a tough opponent. Not only did your genes strengthen all your abilities, but they also increased your overall intelligence, right? “I’ve also looked into your background. Ever since you were injected with the genes, although your strength was crippled, the first thing that was strengthened by the genetic recovery was actually your brain and your IQ. You’ve started to take to the Criminal Investigation Department like a fish in water, and over the years, you’ve always been able to toy with your enemies in the palm of your hands. A person with high intelligence like you should never live to be our opponent! I’m also a gene body, and although I’m not as strong as you and the Duke, I’m confident that I can deal with your deviant brothers. Your appearance and strength have given me a glimmer of hope to break away from the Duke, and it has also given me the idea of replacing the Duke to rule the world. Why should I serve him for a lifetime or even a few lifetimes? He killed the woman I love with his own hands. I will never forgive him for this! So, when old Ross left the island, I deliberately let him see the terrain of all the islands. I planned for you to come here for revenge, and I also used old Ross’s determination to get rid of you. No matter how powerful you and the Duke are, you’re afraid of nuclear bombs. I want to get rid of you both! That way, I’ll be the strongest in the future. With the Duke’s blood poison, I can even absorb the abilities of your brothers and monopolize this technology to become the second Duke!”

He looked at Xu Cheng with hatred,”but you’re not dead?” You didn’t die? How was that possible? I can’t figure it out no matter how much I think about it. You actually didn’t die? Not only that, but you’re also continuing to promote the new genetic technology. Why don’t you just be a reclusive rich man or bigshot? I’m the tyrant of my region, and the world is already losing to me. I’m already willing to compromise by using my strength to struggle on at death’s door in a domain that you don’t want. However, you’re good. You want to promote genes. If you promote genes, how will I gain any advantages in the future with my strength? The point is that I have blood poison in my body and I need the blood of normal people. You are trying to kill me! Tell me, should I kill you? Do you deserve to die?”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said,”you really think a nuclear bomb can kill me?” No, even if Russia launched that nuclear bomb, it would be no different from the first one you launched. I have the ability to make it lose the ability to detonate. You can’t hide. When you entered the submarine and told the servants that you have mastered the blood poison technique, you can’t hide anymore. ”

The old man lowered his head and suddenly said,””Let me go. I’m also a gene body. I’ll be a part of this world in the future. We’re both gene bodies. Why make things difficult for each other?”

“No,” she said. Xu Cheng said,”you’re different. The Duke’s blood poison technology shouldn’t appear in this world. To put it bluntly, the blood poison can absorb the genetic abilities of the same kind. This is like taking a shortcut, no different from using an unorthodox method. The key is, once the person is infected, what kind of blood will they use to survive?” If we don’t handle it properly in the end, it will even infect everyone. ”

“Shut up!” “You’re just afraid that there will be more and more Geno humans in the world in the future. You’re afraid that I’ll become stronger than you one day after I consume them!” The old man roared.

“This new world has already arrived, and your existence will only bring unstable factors to this world.” Xu Cheng said as he reached out to subdue the old man.

The old man’s beast-like nature was suddenly triggered. His whole body was covered in fish scales and animal hair. In short, he was like a monster. Teeth grew out of his hand and he tried to tear at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng’s tortoiseshell had now become a profound armor, and when his claws and teeth came over to grab it, it directly broke. The old man’s face screamed in pain.

With one punch, Xu Cheng sent it flying into the wall, and the wall directly collapsed.

The monster that the old man had turned into quickly got up and ran outside on all four limbs!

Xu Cheng slowly flew up and caught up to the old man like a cannonball.

Then, he spread out his fingers, and the surrounding metal was decomposed and sucked into his hand, forming a new steel chain. He wrapped it around the old man’s neck from behind and twisted it hard!

He broke the old man’s neck with joy!

“It’s over!” As Xu Cheng said that, he carried the body and disappeared.

On the way to the airport in China, Lin chuxue waited for Xu Cheng’s arrival with her pregnant belly.

Zhou Lian was carrying her luggage on the side, and when Xu Cheng walked over, Lin chuxue smiled at him from far away.

“Can we go home now?”

Xu Cheng nodded.”That’s enough. Let’s go home. We’ll go to a place where no one knows us.”

“Have you thought of where you’re going?” Lin chuxue asked.

Xu Cheng nodded.”Got it.”

Then, he held Lin chuxue’s hand and passed through the security check. Zhou Lian and the other two boarded the plane to China, and since then, the world had never heard of the clown.

Ten years later.

Most of the people on earth had already accepted the new vaccine, and various countries had already entered the second stage, the awakening of abilities.

In the past ten years of this new era, their worldview had undergone tremendous changes.

When the retired Luo Yi looked back on his life, he wrote a biography. At his signing event, fans who liked his book asked curiously,””Brother Luo Yi, is Dragon Soldier King telling your own story?”

Luo Yi helped to sign while smiling,””No.”

“Then who is it?” the little boy asked. In this world, is there anyone who can be compared to their true form?”

Luo Yi smiled.”Of course there is. You can go to the museum and look up information about the clown. You can find out from the clues that he is the main character in my book. Maybe he is more vivid in my book.”

Little boy said,”but the history of the museum states that Xiao Chou seems to have disappeared. Some people also say that he’s dead.” But the ending of your book says that he retired. Then where did he go after that? Are he and his wife happy?”

“Of course, they’re happy. They’re the happiest couple in the world!” A smile appeared on Luo Yi’s face, and there were already wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He continued,”he took his wife to a place with no one. They lived happily together. His wife gave birth to a big fatty for him.”

Xu Village, China.

Xu Zhong!

A woman’s pained voice came from the Aquamoon heavenly Palace in the waterfall.

“Madam, use more strength. I can see his little head. Hold on, Madam.” Zhou Lian was helping Lin chuxue deliver the baby on the stone bed.

Lin chuxue’s forehead was covered in sweat as she said,””I didn’t even feel this much pain when I gave birth to boss.”

Zhou Lian: “the young master is only 12 months pregnant. This time, she’s 15 months pregnant. Of course, she’s bigger.”

Outside the stone door, a chubby kid was squatting in the corner. He was about nine years old, and he was playing video games on a handheld game. Xu Cheng was walking around anxiously, and he kept hearing his wife’s wailing from inside, making him very anxious.

“Dad, there’s no point in panicking. Your younger brother and sister won’t come out of your butt.” The chubby boy’s eyes were fixed on the electric scooter, but his mouth was still stabbing his father.

Xu Cheng was speechless at this son of his.

Just then, the sound of a baby crying came from behind the stone door.

Xu Cheng was overjoyed.

Before he could move, the chubby boy who was playing video games seriously next to him raised his bright eyes.”Younger sister!”

Then, he ran into the stone door with a rumble. The stone door didn’t even open, and he directly crashed through it.


But he was completely fine.

Xu Cheng wanted to cry but had no tears.”Xu Xiaoming, I told you to open the door before you go in. How many stone doors have you crashed through? tell me!”

Looking at the little fatty who ran in happily, Xu Cheng bitterly smiled and deeply worried about the future of the child he and Lin chuxue had with their powerful genes.

How the F * ck could he put down the mountain and not become the Great Demon King?

(End of book)

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