Abe the Wizard

Chapter 919 - Sold In A Second

Chapter 919: Sold In A Second

Early in the morning, Abel was having breakfast at his dining table. Overall he was very happy with his new home, but there was still one thing that bugged him, the food. Although he could survive without eating meat, a little bit of meat would bring back some normality.

But he was with the elves, and most of their diets were fruits. They barely ate bread, let alone meat.

“Steward, please tell Loka to prepare. I will head to the potion maker union!” Abel said in command.

“Yes, master!” Steward Hardy bowed and left.

Abel changed to the union’s potion maker robe and placed the master badge in front of his chest before walking out.

On the green near the gate, a silvery-white Pegasus carriage was waiting for him. Coachman Loka opened the door for Abel, and Abel entered.

Under coachman Loka, the carriage lifted stably and flew towards the kingdom’s city.

The city was buzzing right from the morning. The carriage below neatly lined up, and there was not another flying carriage in the sky.

“Loka, is flying banned in the city?” Abel asked.

“Master, other than the ones with permission, the city-controlled crossbow will shoot down every elf who tries to fly in the city!” Coachman Loka replied with respect.

Abel nodded. He knew the queen was trying to show her respect.

He no longer needed to wait on the ground with the other carriages. Flying in a straight line in the sky was much faster.

Still, they had to go through the city gate to enter the city. Bay Law City’s city wall was very high and packed to the brim with defense. Flying was completely forbidden around it.

But privilege is a privilege. Coachman Loka swiftly lowered the carriage and traveled through the noble passage without even stopping.

Finally, the carriage stopped in front of the potion maker union. The 10 miles route had only taken him around 10 minutes.

As he stepped out of the flying carriage, he saw Druid Poly and Druid Gunter ran towards him.

“Didn’t I tell you to take care of your own business? I am not in danger here!” Abel said.

“Master Bennett, I’m your follower. I don’t care what other master’s followers do. I will protect you in my own way!” Druid Poly bowed.

Druid Gunter also bowed. He didn’t say anything. All he wanted was to serve Abel. Although he was not as strong, taking care of trivial hassles should be fine.

“Ok, just do as you please!” Abel helplessly shook his head and entered the union.

Druid Poly couldn’t help but smile seeing Abel. Her face had returned to her twenties, and her eyes were glistening. She couldn’t sleep after using the beauty potion last night.

A rank 20 druid would be fine, even missing out a few nights of sleep, so she decided to head to Abel’s house early in the morning, but she saw Abel’s flying carriage along the way, so she turned back.

Druid Gunter was also feeling similar. His best friend Druid Barton was saved from a critical condition.

He knew he would be staying in the potion maker camp for a long time, so running into danger was almost impossible. As long as he followed Master Bennett and gave it all he got, his potion supply would not be a problem.

You could just imagine how precious those healing potions were when it would only take a month for Druid Barton to heal. With their speed, each healing potion was a chance to live again.

“Master Bennett, hello!” As Abel walked along, elves began to greet him.

Abel smiled and nodded as he led his 2 followers into his private room.

“Master Bennett, I need to apologize for something!” Druid Gunter immediately bowed when they entered.

“Druid Gunter, what happened?” Abel weirdly looked at him and asked.

“Yesterday, I used the healing potion you gave me to save my dying friend!” Druid Gunter’s voice was filled with apology. He saw the power of those potions and knew how powerful they were.

He never heard of those potions, and he had given it to his friend in a moment of passion. It was only until this moment he realized maybe it was Master Bennett’s secret.

Of course, he would not take back what he gave out. He told his friends to keep it a secret and immediately apologized to Abel.

“Druid Gunter, you are my follower, and the potions I give you are very precious. I don’t want you to go around giving it to people without telling me. But of course, it’s also my mistake I didn’t tell you earlier!” Abel lowered his voice.

Yes, if Abel had given out a potion, it meant that it was not a secret. But if his followers just casually gave them out, he would no longer give them anything truly powerful.

“Master Bennett, I will definitely keep in mind!” Druid Gunter said in embarrassment.

He was not expecting such an ordinary-looking potion to be that powerful. According to a potion maker, Druid Barton’s injuries could only be healed with water of life, and what’s the value of that thing?

The elves exported the water of life, but its production rate was extremely low. It would only be given to big druids or in exchange for a set amount of resources.

Abel nodded and walked into his private room, leaving his followers behind.

“Druid Gunter, I am the one who picked you to become Master Bennett’s follower, so you definitely need to be careful, make sure you put Master Bennett as the priority in all situations!” Druid Poly said.

“Yes, I will remember that” Druid Gunter nodded.

Both of them tried the golden elves perfume and taste how impactful it was to their training. They knew following Master Bennett was the best decision.

But they needed to have a corresponding responsibility with those benefits. Druid Gunter knew this very well, so he would definitely keep it in mind.

“Druid Gunter, how was the healing potion?” Druid Poly fought a lot as well, and she was very interested.

“Ms. Poly….” Druid Gunter wanted to continue, but Druid Poly interrupted, “Druid Gunter. We are both Master Bennett’s followers, so just call me by name. No need to say Miss!”

“Yes, Druid Poly !” Druid Gunter bowed and continued, ” My friend was in a critical condition, and the only thing that could save him was the water of life. I was planning to ask Master Bennett for some, but after giving him some healing potion, my friend recovered from the critical condition.

Druid Poly’s face twitched when she heard Druid Gunter wanted to ask Master Bennett for some water of life. But luckily, he did not proceed, so she did not say anything.

“Everything Master Bennett takes out is extraordinary!” She sighed.

Abel did not immediately start making potions in his room. There was a short distance teleportation circle on the alchemy bench for delivering ingredients.

So he decided to take advantage of it and connected to the wizard union’s mission system with his master badge.

A faint illustration of exchangeable items from the wizard union soon appeared on the bench. He could scroll through with his power of the will and expand the details.

There was not a single credit point with this Master Bennett identity, so there was no need for him to look through those items anyway.

As for missions, he also couldn’t care less. He spent so much effort traveling to Bay law City for this master potion maker identity. All he needed to do now was to list some of his work.

He already had a potion in mind: the lite healing potion since its effect was so noticeable.

Abel could tell how shocking the lite healing potion was just by looking at Druid Gunter’s expression when he was talking about it moments ago.

Abel placed 10 bottles on the teleportation circle and selected the exchange listing with his power of the will.

He wrote down the name and wrote “healing injuries” in the description.

He did not select the wizard Union credit point as a currency of exchange. Instead, he wanted an intermediate light gem with each bottle of lite healing potion.

As for the delivery method, he left it to the wizard union. If he made a deal, the wizard union would automatically give out his potion, and then he could use his master badge to receive his light gems.

When he selected ‘finish’ with his power of the will, the 10 bottles of lite healing potion on the bench disappeared in a flash. They were directly teleported to the wizard union.

The most expensive potion in this world was magic potions, but at that moment, Abel was not famous enough. So he does not feel safe taking them out.

When his name reached a point where no one would mess with him, he might reconsider it.

Wizard Fisher was a backup wizard for team no.6 in the Ground of Frost. He was responsible for the resource of the team, so he had to keep his eyes on the wizard union listing every day.

His eyes sparkled when he saw a new type of healing potion.

It seemed like a very humble potion maker made it. Its simple description of “healing injuries” clearly showed that it was not something holy, unlike those painfully exaggerated ones that promoted themselves as ‘legendary’ or something like that.

However, when he saw the price of the potion, the muscles in his face immediately twitched. He immediately took back what he said about this thing was made by a humble potion maker. It was basically stealing money.

Maybe even stealing money was not a good comparison. An intermediate light gem was unobtainable with money, after all.

“Vice-captain. Take a look at this. Crazy right? Wizard Fisher said to his vice-captain standing by the side.

His tone was filled with laughter, and he wanted to see his vice captain’s reaction.

“Wizard Fisher, what’s so funny?” However, his vice captain’s face remained calm. He then pointed at the listing and said, “take a good look at who made this and try to laugh again!”

“Oh!” Wizard Fisher took a closer look and saw an unfamiliar name, Master Potion Maker Bennett.

But despite that, a master potion maker’s name should not be treated as a joke. Luckily he was only joking with his vice-captain. If it was leaked out, the potion makers might seek revenge.

“Huh, already one gone? Who is being so generous?” As Wizard Fisher was still looking, he realized only 9 potions were left.

After another minute, the 9 leftovers were also gone. Soon, the listing was replaced with the caption ‘sold out.

Wizard Fisher no longer made a sound. The first person who bought it might be driven by his curiosity, but the other 9 must have known its power.

“Wizard Fisher, I’ll give you a mission. Don’t do anything else other than keeping your eyes on the listing during the next few days. As soon as a lite healing potion appears, get one for me!” The vice-captain said to Wizard Fisher in a serious one.

Healing potions were very important for a team. Since it was sold out in such a short period of time at this price, its power had to be out of this world. He was willing to sacrifice an intermediate light gem to test it out. If it was good, that thing could be worth the life of a member.

Not only was Wizard Fisher and his vice-captain, but many wizards in the Central Continent also had a similar thought. They would purchase a lite healing potion as soon as Abel listed them again.

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