Abe the Wizard

Chapter 920 - Master Formula

Chapter 920: Master Formula

Abel shifted his attention from the exchange system after the 10 lite healing potions were transferred to the wizard union. Afterward, he began to look around this private potion-making room that was prepared for him.

3 of the walls were plastered with little drawers. There were a few hundred of them in total.

He stepped forward and took a look at one of them. It was filled with separation magic patterns with the ability to preserve what’s within.

A master potion maker didn’t need any labels for ingredients. All Abel needed to do was to spread out his power of the will, and he could know what was within.

Although a master potion maker’s power of the will was not as powerful as a wizard, covering a room shouldn’t be a problem.

There was a water hole by the door’s side with clean spring water pouring out towards the basin on the ground.

Abel dipped his finger in the water. It was the clearest spring water, without contamination. It was the best alchemy water source.

The Central Continent cared a lot more about water quality than the Holy Continent. In the Holy Continent, Abel always used the water in his portal bag to make his potion since water would lose its liveliness if stored in one place for too long.

Although water quality was always just a small hassle for Abel, it would play a big role in the success rate for other potion makers, and the potion maker union knew this.

Beside the water hole, there was a cupboard in a protection circle. He reached his master badge and gently pressed on it. The cupboard opened, exposing a full set of potion-making tools.

They were made with the most stable crystals, and their surfaces were filled with strange magic patterns.

Although those crystals’ purity was nothing extraordinary, their true value was due to their magic patterns.

Abel scanned with his power of the will. He was sure this set of tools could at least increase 10 percent potion success rate. No wonder it needed a protection circle.

Overall, he was pleased with this room, from the range of ingredients and facilities. If he still lacked anything, he could also ask the union to teleport to him.

A potion maker shouldn’t be distracted by the lack of ingredients; it was the core of their success rate.

Of course, these alchemy tools were nothing compared to his set of Ankara alchemy bottles. The Ankara alchemy bottles could directly increase a potion by a rank. It was not something the technology of this world could grasp.

Just when he was about to take out some ingredients to test it out, a call emerged from his master badge. He scanned with the power of the will. It was Master Nolan, so he quickly answered.

“Master Bennett, are you free?” Master Nolan’s voice emerged.

All the calls were connected through the potion spirit. It was in control of all magic circles in the union, which included the communication circle.

“Master Nolan, I’m in my room. What’s happening?’ Abel asked.

“Wait for me. I’ll be there in a second. We’ll talk face to face!” Master Nolan then disconnected the call.

Abel shook his head and put the master badge back on his chest. It seemed like he could no longer test out his new toys. He opened the door and walked out,

When he stepped out, he realized his 2 followers were still there. They were reading a book, so you could tell how hardworking they were.

“Master Bennett!” The 2 followers quickly stood up and bowed when they saw Abel.

“Just one of you following me is fine. I don’t want to waste your training time!” Abel no longer wanted to persuade them, so he just put it bluntly.

“Master Bennett, don’t worry. We have enough time for training!” Druid Poly smiled. It seems like her mood was extra positive. The youthful look on her face couldn’t stop her from smiling.

“Druid Gunter, help me greet Master Nolan. She is coming soon!” Abel turned and said.

Druid Gunter bowed and walked out. After a moment, he invited master Nolan in.

“Master Bennett, is it possible for you to supply some of your conditioner and lotion?” Master Nolan asked. A strand of tiredness lingered on her face.

Although she was returned to her youth with the beauty potion, she was bombarded with her friend’s request.

All the female elves went crazy for beauty. It was the nature of their soul, so there was no surprise her friends would bug her endlessly to get a hold of what potion she had used.

Master Nolan knew the main ingredients for beauty potion was beauty grass, so mass-producing it was impossible.

She was right. Even if Abel grew the beauty grass in the Dark World, without anyone to take care of them, their growing speed would still be excruciating slow.

Therefore, he could not make too many beauty potions at once.

But of course, Abel would not make too many even if he could. If he did, the price of the beauty potion would definitely drop if he made too many.

It was not because Abel wanted to mess with the elves, but he needed those beauty potions to please the elves’ elites. Just look at master Nolan and Queen Luisa. His plan was clearly working.

All the friends of Master Nolan were extremely prestigious, so she didn’t know how to reject them. Soon, she thought of the lotion and conditioner. Although they were not as powerful as the beauty potion, their effect was also very noticeable.

Therefore, she decided to see Abel right in the morning and ask him for some. She also needed some for herself anyway.

“Master Nolan, I can supply some conditioner and lotion, but I don’t have that much time. I need the union to organize some elves to help me sell them!” Abel nodded.

Making lotions and conditioners was easy. It wouldn’t take long for him even if he mass-produced them.

But he didn’t have time to sell them himself. He also didn’t want his followers to get involved since they lacked the time to train anyway.

“Master Bennett, leave it to me. I will organize some staff!” Master Nolan said in excitement.

Abel smiled and took out 100 bottles of lotion and 100 bottles of conditioner from his portal object and placed it on the table.

“This is the first batch. I will make more when I have time in the future!” he pointed at the potions and said.

“Thank you, Master Bennett. I’ll be on my way now. I won’t bother you anymore!’ Master Nolan took the potions in her portal bag and stood up.

She achieved her goal. All she needed to do now was to think about how she should divide them. However, she thought of another thing as she was standing up.

“Oh, Master Bennett. This is the public potion formula of the union. And you can get a portion of the ingredients from the union each year, and sometimes, you might be asked to make some. Just remember, a master potion maker is to be supplied with 5 potions of each ingredient to make a master potion. If you can succeed in one go, then the other 4 potions were yours to keep!” Master Nolan said in a serious tone as she took out 3 lambskin parchments and handed them to Abel.

“Master Nolan. I understand!” Abel took the parchments with his hands, and he knew the master potion maker rules.

After Master Nolan left, Abel turned his gaze to the speechless Druid Poly. He padded his head and helplessly handed mother 10 lotions and conditioner to her. He then turned to Druid Gunter and handed him the same amounts of potions.

Druid Gunter wanted to reject, but she soon remembered that even Master Nolan was begging for those potions. He could give them to his friends even if he couldn’t use them.

Abel couldn’t care less about what he thought as he entered his alchemy room again.

He took out the 3 parchments. Each of them was a formula for one master potion, but each was completely different from the ones he got in the Holy Continent.

These were actually usable.

All the ingredients could actually be found in the Central Continent. The ones in the Holy Continent were only altered versions of the ancient master potion formula due to the extinction of some ingredients.

Therefore, the Holy Continent ones were no match to an actual master’s potion when it came to effect and power.

The ‘Natural breath potion’ was a master’s potion made specifically for druid training. It could increase the natural energy in a druid by 20% in a month.

But of course, only elite druids would have the privilege to use them since the union could only make around 20 bottles a year at most, which was already a scary amount.

This was because its main ingredient was very rare and treasured by the elves. Therefore, they were grown next to the tree of life.

Each year, only 100 portions of natural breathing ingredients were harvested by the potion maker union. Still, of course, elite druids could also obtain those ingredients with their own method and asked a master potion maker to make one for them.

Abel didn’t know how many portions of the natural breathing potion ingredients, but he knew the potion maker would treat him generously. He was a master potion maker, after all.

‘Natural shower’ was another master potion for druids, but an even more valuable one. It could increase the level-up rate of a druid.

This potion could emerge a druid in natural force and allow their soul to get closer to nature, thus increasing their chance of leveling up.

Of course, its ingredients were precious as well. Normally only 5 portions were produced in a year. It was the most valuable potion in the elves.

‘Natural life’ was a healing potion by the elves. Its main ingredient was the water of life. Due to how valuable the water of life was, potion makers had spent countless years researching trying to dilute the water of life with other valuable ingredients. Finally, they ended up with this potion.

Still, the water of life was too rare. Each year only 2 portions of this lifesaver were produced.

However, the natural life potion had lost its market ever since Abel’s lite healing potion was listed. Although it was still holy like the water of life, its power was greatly reduced after the dilution, to the point where it was far inferior to the lite healing potion.

Since the lite healing potion was made with the Dark World method, it had the power of Lae. It could forcefully increase one’s life force and heal wounds no matter how serious the injuries were. As long as you didn’t die on the spot, the lite healing potion could save your life. It was just a matter of how many bottles.

The potion maker union was still unaware of Abel’s lite healing potion listing in the Wizard union listing board. If they did, they would finally save up those precious water of life.

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