Abe the Wizard

Chapter 918 - Healing Potion

Chapter 918: Healing Potion

Ever since the Harmon family incident, the name Master Bennett spread across Bay Law City. No one would mess with him anymore.

The only one in the dark was Angelo Harmon. He had successfully escaped from the elves.

Abel sat in his new mansion with Druid Poly and Druid Gunter sitting beside him.

“Druid Poly, Druid Gunter, let me introduce myself!” Abel smiled and looked at them.

He decided to tell them about the fact that he came from the Holy Continent. Although he was planning to keep it a secret, it was still necessary to let his followers know about it, especially since it was not that important anyway.

“I’m from the Holy Continent, and I became a master potion maker there, so I don’t know much about the potion maker of the Central Continent. I need some time to learn in the union, and I want to support your training with these potions first!” Abel continued.

He then took out 20 bottles of golden elves perfumes and placed them on the table.

“These are the elves perfume I’ve made in the past. It can purify the soul. It is very good for druid training!” He pointed at the potions and said.

The golden elves perfume was a level up from the blue elves perfume he gave out in the Holy Continent. It was specifically made for elite druids’ training since those blue ones wouldn’t have much effect on them.

Druid Poly picked up a golden elf’s perfume and twisted it open. A dense soul enticing smell emerged and made her soul shiver. She felt her connection to her surroundings depends. She felt time passing by. Had it been a second? a minute? or an hour?

As her soul began to move, she lost her ability to accurately predict time as an elite druid. Of course, it was only because she trusted Abel, and she dropped her guard on those potions.

When she was awake again, she realized her soul was as pure and nimble as water.

She knew very well. If she was using the force of nature in her training while using this elf’s perfume, it could double her gains.

It was not a small number. Suddenly, she realized this elf’s perfume was not like other ingested potions. It could be used alongside another potion.

She had her eyes fixed on the elf’s perfume. The sparkling golden lightning swirling within it reflected the superb power of this potion. As far as she knew, a blue training potion from a master potion maker was already extraordinary.

If a master potion maker wanted to make a golden potion, they would need to be very lucky.

Abel took out 20 golden elves’ perfume just like that, which showed just how much more powerful Abel’s alchemy level was.

Not only Druid Poly, but Druid Gunter also sensed a slight sliver in his soul and felt a slight change as the smell of the elf’s perfume traveled to him.

He couldn’t help but touch his portal bag. There were his 10 eleven perfumes, but he knew he could not treat those things lightly.

“Master Bennett, that’s too much!” Druid Poly sighed.

“They are nothing to me!” Abel waved his hand and took out 10 bottles of dark ‘Light healing potion.’ He continued, “I’ve given you these as lifesavers. Take them as well!”

At first, he was skeptical if he should give out any dark potions, but since he would be living with the elves for quite some time, he needed something that could get his name out.

The most famous products currently were female-specific, but he didn’t want to be known just for that.

The potion combined through the Horadric cube would be drastically altered. The effect was out of this world.

Some special effect would emerge even if he took some healing potion of this world and combined it. Not only could it heal wounds, but it could also heal chronic injuries, which defied the law of normality.

However, the dark ‘Light healing potion was not the one that could heal chronic injuries. It just had a wonderful effect on healing. Therefore, Abel could make them public.

The Light healing potion could directly revive one’s life force to 100 points and lessen the damage by force.

Those 10 crystal glass holding those potions were all made by Abel himself, and he only used materials of this world, not the ones from the dark world.

Although the Dark world crystal glass was nothing special in the Dark World, it would treasure in this world.

Druid Poly and Druid Gunter each picked up 5 bottles of Light healing potion, but they didn’t think about it too much.

They thought they were just normal level potions that couldn’t even go against the blue-colored ones.

Of course, this was because they didn’t know that Dark World potions had a totally different ranking system, and its creation process was completely different.

“You can go now. I don’t think I will be in danger here anymore!” Abel smiled at his followers.

Afterward, Druid Poly and Druid Gunter bowed and left. Both of them needed to pack up some stuff in their individual house and take care of some personal business before coming back to protect Abel.

They had been busy ever since they became Abel’s followers. Their personal business was completely left aside.

Abel looked around the mansion after his followers left. He decided he would ask a magic circle maker to set up some magic circles in this place. Even a short-distance teleportation rifle to the potion maker union would be nice.

This way, he could directly connect to the wizard union’s mission board with his master potion maker identity card.

Of course, it was a huge waste since this was only a temporary place before his place in the potion maker camp was built.

But Abel had more wealth than he knew what to do with it anyway.

The sky slowly got dark, and he entered the dark world to continue his battle routine.

When Druid Gunter was backing up some stuff in his room, his steward walked in.

“Young master, Mr. Dier is waiting outside, and he wants to see you!” The steward Bowed.

“Druid Dier is here?” Druid Gunter mumbled suspiciously. He put down his stuff and quickly walked outside.

Druid Dier was his past adventure mate. Druid Gunter had gotten quite a bit of resources through his past adventures, so he decided to stop and accumulate nature forces in the kingdom’s city.

Especially since he was now Master Bennett’s follower, going on an adventure was impossible.

If Druid Dier came for a visit, his mates would also be around, which allowed Druid Gunter to tell them about his situation.

“Druid Dier, what happened to you?” Druid Gunter was shocked when he saw Druid Dier. Druid Dier loved cleanliness, but at that moment, he was in a mess. There were even a few slashes on his robe.

“Druif Gunter, Gunter. Druid Barton doesn’t have much time left. Do you want to come with me to say our last goodbye?” Druid Dier said desperately.

“Lead the way!” Druid Gunter’s heart dropped. He summoned his mad wolf without a second thought and yelled.

Druid Dier also jumped on his mad wolf and speeded within the city. Soon, they arrived at a courtyard. It was their past stopping point as well as where they normally gathered.

When they stepped in, the first thing they saw was Druid Barton lying on a long bench with the two other teammates dimly sat by the side. Druid Barton was a young handsome elf, but at that moment, his face was paperwhite.

His body was filled with wounds. Although some of them had been treated, he could clearly see 2 life-taking blows on his chest next to the heart.

An elite druid’s natural force could normally slowly heal wounds, but it was only for minor injuries.

Druid Barton was clearly in critical condition. Even his natural force could not help him.

If his teammates didn’t have so many healing potions to help him drag on, he would have died halfway back to Bay Law city, even though the fastest teleportation circle.

“What happened?” Druid Gunter looked around and asked.

“We went to be a second-tier battlefield and rank into evil knights. Barton was hit trying to save us!” Druid Dier lowered his voice.

“Bastard, didn’t you say you wouldn’t take risky missions?” Druid Gunter said in anger, but he knew how high the return of those missions was. He then continued, “Have you seen a potion maker?”

“Yes, the potion maker said he might not make it through the night without the water of life!” Druid Dier looked at Druid Barton on the table and clenched his teeth.

“Water of life!” Druid Gunter felt his brain hurt. That was a top-level treasure. It was not something elite druids could get their hands on.

Suddenly, he thought of Master Bennett. He knew he had just become his follower, and asking for such a big favor was not reasonable. He also knew that Master Abel was new to the Central Continent so getting some water of life was not likely. But still, he was there with a tiny ray of hope.

“I will try my best for some water of life!” Druid Gunter lowered his voice as he watched the rise and fall of Druid Barton’s chest.

The moment he turned. He was reminded of something once again. He padded his portal bag, and a red potion appeared on his hand. It was the lite healing potion Abel had just given him.

He didn’t know how long it would take for him to get water of life. Maybe Druid Barton might not make it by the time he returned, so he decided to give him the lifesaver potion that Abel had given him.

Although he didn’t know the strength of this ordinary-looking potion, it was from a master potion maker. It should be far better than anything available on the market.

He carefully twisted open the lid and poured the red liquid into Druid Barton’s mouth. He then immediately ran off to find Abel for some water of life.

“Oh my. Druid Gunter, what did you give him?” Quickly take a look at Druid Barton’s wounds!” Druid Dier yelled. The other 2 teammates were also stunned as they had their eyes fixed on the changes of the wounds.

The power of the will of an elite druid was very sensitive. Even the cloth covering the wounds could not stop their focus.

Druid Gunter quickly stopped his steps and turned back to Druid Barton. He scanned with his power of the will. The wounds on Druid Barton were healing at an immaculate speed.

In just 20 minutes, Druid Barton was out of critical condition.

His dimmed flame of soul started burning again. He was brought back from the verge of death.

Although it might take a little longer to heal those injuries with a Druid’s natural force, he should return to his top condition in a month.

“My goddess, Druid Gunter, what did you give him?” Druid Dier asked again. He needed to know the answer. How powerful did a potion need to be to save a dying elf?

Druid Gunter did not reply. He turned to Druid Barton and saw him slowly opened his eyes and returned to this world. At that moment, his heart was filled with gratitude for Master Bennett.

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