A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 49 - Mag, Can I Ask You A Question?

Chapter 49: Mag, Can I Ask You A Question?

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Mag nodded at Mobai and smiled. “Yes. You’ve bought the receipts, so you can try the new dish in advance today.”

“Right. As much as I love the Yangzhou fried rice, I don’t want to miss the new dish. I’ll have a plate of Yangzhou fried rice and a new dish.” Mobai took his usual seat and looked at Amy with a smile. “Good morning, little owner.”

Mag nodded. “Okay, please wait a minute.” Then he turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Amy nodded. “Good morning, dwarf grandpa Mobai,” she answered without turning back as she watched Luna leave from the window.

“Little lady, I have a small request. Could you please skip the word ‘dwarf’?” Mobai tried to sound soft and gentle.

As Luna was out of sight, Amy turned around and nodded at Mobai. “Sure, dwarf grandpa Mobai.”

“…” Mobai was taken by surprise. However, as he looked at Amy’s innocent face, he didn’t think for one second that she had done it on purpose. What could he do? He had no choice but to let it go and give up.

Luna walked quickly towards the exit of the Aden Square with the roujiamo in her hand. The Chaos School was not far from the square, but since the square was so huge, it would still take her more than 10 minutes to get there even if she took the straight way right across the square rather than the crescent street.

The aroma of meat tickled her nose, and Luna didn’t know how many times she had swallowed her saliva. Normally, she wasn’t quite fond of meat, and mostly lived on vegetables, but now she wanted to take a bite of this roujiamo very badly.

Take a bite to try it? At last, Luna couldn’t help but stop next to a big tree. She looked around and made sure that no one was around. Then, she held the bag in two hands, pushed her roujiamo a little upwards, and took a bite in the middle.

Outside was soft, sweet bai ji bread, while inside was soft stewed meat. As she bit into it, tasty juice was released; all her taste buds were cheering and dancing, making her close her eyes despite herself. After she swallowed, it became a little violent and ran quickly in her blood. She couldn’t refrain from letting out a moan of comfort.

Luna opened her eyes instantly and covered her mouth, blushing. Was that me? How could I have let out such an embarrassing sound?!

She glanced about carefully, and felt much better when she had found no one around. Then, she dropped her gaze to the roujiamo in her hand, and didn’t know what to do.

It was so delicious. She didn’t know the ingredients, though. Her blood became restless after she swallowed. That was why she had made that strange sound.

Now she felt lucky that she didn’t eat it in the restaurant. If she had let out that sound before Mag, that would have been so awkward.

Should I eat it? Luna couldn’t make up her mind. The restlessness in her blood was slowly changing into a rhythmic tide. She didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Between that and the relaxing feeling the Yangzhou fried rice had brought her, her energy was being woken up.

Her face was still red and burning. If this feeling kept building after I ate it, my face might be red the whole morning.

The smell was so appetizing, and all she could think about was that incredible feeling she had just experienced. In spite of herself, she brought it to her mouth slowly and took another bite.

Well, I don’t care anymore! It tastes so good! Let it flush red; it seems very hot today, anyway… she thought. She was totally lost in its pleasant taste as she ate it.

“It’s so good,” Luna said sincerely as she looked at the empty bag in her hand and licked her oily lips.

She had tried two most delicious dishes today, and they were cooked by the same man. It was truly an interesting morning.

The restlessness was dying down slowly, and so was the red in her face. It was like she had exercised her whole body thoroughly. She was in her best shape and didn’t feel sleepy at all, though she had eaten nothing more than her breakfast.

It’s so magical! Could he be a powerful magic caster? He must be a genius to make his food have this power, Luna thought as she felt the change in her body. When she was about to throw the bag away, she caught sight of the little girl on the back of the bag. She stood there, frozen.

Of course, she had recognized that it was Amy’s back. In Chaos City, it was not uncommon for merchandise to have a special trademark. Businessmen would go to great lengths to make customers remember their products.

Nonetheless, no one would have used the back of a half-elf girl as a trademark, because certain trouble might be brought about.

There were people in every species who would show prejudice towards the offspring of two different species. Somehow, they thought they were better than them.

Mag’s using Amy’s back as his trademark would probably present him with many problems. Hybrids were often bullied in Chaos City.

“He may be a good father, but I’ll warn him next time. It’s a good picture, though,” Luna murmured to herself. She looked inside the bag and didn’t find any grease; then, she folded it and put it in her pocket after she looked at Amy’s picture.

Luna raised her arm and took a glance at her mechanical watch. “God, I’m definitely late today.” Her face changed immediately. She pulled her dress up and trotted towards her school, not caring if she was not graceful.

“You’re a little late today,” Mag said as he put the fried rice in front of Mobai.

“I overslept because I was trying to figure something out last night. Your fried rice will wake me up.” Mobai picked up the spoon and brought some fried rice to his mouth. After he chewed a few times, he looked at Mag, and asked, “Mag, can I ask you a question? If something could release a large amount of energy in an instant, how would you turn this energy into a long-range weapon?”

Gun? This word came into Mag’s mind immediately. He was a little surprised as he looked at Mobai who was frowning.

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