A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 50 - System, Do You Sell Air Defense Missiles?

Chapter 50: System, Do You Sell Air Defense Missiles?

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This world favored magic and bloodlines, and guns didn’t come into existence yet. In Mag’s memory, even fireworks were only seen in the royal palace in the capital during festivals, meaning best wishes to the people.

The alchemists treasured their methods and recipes so much that they were not going around among common people, so Mag had no idea what Mobai was referring to. “What kind of energy?” he asked curiously.

Mobai looked at Mag and hesitated for a moment. Then he put down his spoon and signed with his hands. “Like a fireball explodes after being contracted to a small one.”

Mag lifted an eyebrow. Now it’s more like explosive.

He didn’t know what that energy was exactly, but based on Mobai’s description, guns were definitely the best option to turn this energy into a long-range weapon. The barrel could propel the bullet to a high speed as long as it was able to confine that sudden burst of energy. Thus, it would become a long-range weapon.

Now Mag had a general idea. After all, he had lived many years in a world which was far more advanced in technology; besides, he had practiced a lot on shooting ranges in America, so he was quite familiar with guns. He was so quick at disassembling guns that he could even match his father’s bodyguards.

However, he had his worries. If guns came into being, their horrific power would definitely change this continent, which had been enjoying peace for more than a hundred years after a war that lasted a millennium, from a world of magic and cold steel into a world of guns and explosives.

Humans had the largest numbers; if they acquired the skills to make guns, their strength would absolutely peak, though they had managed to earn their little corner by magic casters and knights. The balance on the Norland Continent might be shattered again, and a new war among species would sweep the whole continent.

Now that he had Amy, Mag wanted nothing more than world peace.

The guns were like Pandora’s box; once it was opened, there was no way to box the evils back in. Mag didn’t want to see guns in this world.

Although he had no intention to help Mobai, Mag still asked out of curiosity, “What do you want to do with it?”

“Kill dragons,” Mobai answered seriously as he looked into his eyes.

“What have dragons done to you? Why do you have to kill them? Aren’t dragon babies cute?” asked Amy, puzzled. That young man who loves smiling wants to kill dragons, dwarf grandpa wants to kill dragons, so what are dragons anyway? Why does everybody want to kill them?

Mag was a little surprised too. Conti had everything he needed to kill a dragon—his sword and armor, and not his black donkey, so it made sense when he said he wanted to kill dragons. However, it felt strange when the same words came out of Mobai’s mouth. Mag would have laughed if it hadn’t been for the other party’s serious look.

“You must think I’m joking. It’s all right; I agree with you, actually.” Mobai laughed. When Mag really believed that it was merely a joke, Mobai coiled his hand into a fist slowly. “But maybe that’s the only reason why I’m still alive and waving that hammer.

“When I was 30, a red dragon ate my father, and it’s still wandering around the continent, killing people. I think I will not die in peace until I kill it with my own hands. But I don’t have the skills that Mag Alex has, so I have to find my own way. Now I have to deal with this major problem, or everything I’ve been doing will be in vain.”

Mag’s feelings became mixed as he watched Mobai’s clenched fist and throbbing vein on his forehead.

Conti Nicolas wanted to kill dragons to prove himself and to win the title of dragon slayer.

Mobai wanted to avenge his father. They both wanted the same thing, but their motivation was entirely different.

“Sorry for your loss,” Mag said apologetically after a while. He wouldn’t see this continent burn to help Mobai.

However, Mobai’s tragedy had given him a warning. This world was not nearly as safe and peaceful as it seemed. People here might be governed by the Gray Temple, but how would he and Amy protect themselves if dragons came?

“System, do you sell air defense missiles? Preferably with the automatic tracking system,” Mag asked in his mind.

“Let me be clear: I do not sell anything that will affect this world’s order, including air defense missiles!” It was the first time that the system had used such a solemn tone.

“Rest assured. I love world peace too. I just want some protection; I won’t use it unless I absolutely have to,” Mag said calmly. “What if some bad dragon went crazy and attacked this restaurant? I would be killed like Mobai’s father. I’m no good to you dead,” he coaxed.

The system was silent, seemingly deliberating. “You can’t afford it,” it said with contempt after a while.

Mag lifted an eyebrow. That’s a good comeback. I’m despised by the system!

Yet that meant it would sell for a good price.

I’ll set up several missiles on the rooftop when I have a lot of money. If some dragon wants to do anything stupid, I’ll use the Patriots to teach him a lesson.

If that red dragon, which Mobai wants to kill, happens to come to Chaos City, maybe I’ll sell him one. Looks like he has been up to something big these years. He must have saved a lot of money. After all, one weapon can fetch him 1,000 gold coins. That’s one of the fast ways to make money.

“It’s all right. I haven’t mentioned this to others for many years,” Mobai said as he shook his head. “I just wanted to get this off my chest because it’s so comfortable here.” Then his smile returned, and he picked up the spoon again and got back to eating his fried rice.

Mag took a look at Mobai and turned to walk towards the kitchen. He wouldn’t change his mind and decision for now.

In this world, guns were not a necessity for killing dragons. Mag Alex had killed several with his griffin and his heavy sword.

“Mag, is the new dish ready today?” Habeng said when Mag was just at the kitchen door. He had tried to keep his voice down, but it was still very loud.

“Loud Voice, be good, and don’t talk so loud,” Amy said solemnly as she looked up at Habeng.

Habeng nodded immediately. “Yes, sorry…” He was so excited that he almost forgot the rules. He looked at Amy, a little afraid.

Mag nodded, smiling. “Yes. Since you’ve bought the receipts, you can try it in advance today. It’s called la zhi roujiamo,” he said as he turned back and looked at Haga and Habeng.

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