A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 48 - Do You Have A Girlfriend?

Chapter 48: Do You Have A Girlfriend?

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Luna had only intended to be supportive, but on seeing the Yangzhou fried rice, her eyes lit up immediately.

The first thought that flew across Luna’s mind was: It’s so beautiful! Then, immediately, she became curious. What cutting skills would it take to dice every ingredient into the size of the rice grain? And by the look of it, did he boil all the ingredients together? But how did eggs end up coating the rice?

The agreeable aroma of eggs and different ingredients tickled her nose, and she swallowed in spite of herself.

“Teacher Luna, please try it,” Amy said softly as she looked at her, full of expectation.

Mag was watching her too as he stood there quietly, hoping she would enjoy it.

“Okay, I’ll try it,” Luna said with a smile. She gracefully picked up the spoon, took a half spoon of fried rice, and brought it to her mouth. Then she got lost in this special gourmet food right away.

It didn’t taste mushy like the dishes boiled in water. She didn’t know how he had cooked it. Every ingredient had maintained its own properties—crisp, soft, tender, and tasty. Each taste was so distinctive, and yet they blended together perfectly. She had never tried anything like this before and never thought that food could be this good; it was like she had entered a whole new world.

After she swallowed, the sweet fried rice became a warm current, soothing her every muscle. All the pores in her skin seemed to have opened up; it was comfortably intoxicating.

It’s so good!

That was all she could think of as she looked at the fried rice before her. She had never eaten anything as good as this even in the capital. She felt so satisfied with just one bite.

She couldn’t refrain from taking another bite, savoring the tree mushrooms and bamboo shoots from montane forests, the shrimps from the sea, the tender eggs, and the tasty rice. The food was really divine.

While her sense and deep-rooted manners were telling her to be graceful, her hands seemed to be out of control before such delicious food. One spoon after another, she brought the flavorful fried rice to her mouth. The spoon clattered again and again on the plate.

Her intentions of being supportive were completely gone, and they made her want to laugh at herself. They needn’t worry that no one would come with such delicious rainbow fried rice.

As for the price, it was still too high for her, but it was really worth it because of the fine environment and good food.

Besides, she was here in this city alone; it wouldn’t hurt to treat herself to a decent meal occasionally. Perhaps good food like that was the best consolation anyone could get in a foreign land.

Mag gave a hearty smile as he watched Luna who was lost in her fried rice. Perhaps it was every cook’s dream to see customers enjoy the food they made.

Amy was happy too as if she had done something amazing.


The spoon clattered on the plate. Luna took a look at the empty plate before her and realized she had finished everything. The plate was so clean that she could even see her reflection in it. She was a little embarrassed, as well as surprised. She’d never thought that she would eat every last grain of rice on the plate.

What surprised her even more was that after a plate of fried rice, she felt like she had taken a comfortable, hot bath.

“Teacher Luna, do you like it?” Amy asked as Luna took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped the corners of her mouth.

Luna nodded. “Yes. It’s delicious. Your father’s rainbow fried rice is really good.” Then she raised her head and looked at Mag with a smile. “The food you’ve made is very special and tasty.”

Mag nodded, smiling. “Thank you.” He could feel that she had let her guard down a lot.

“Teacher Luna, besides the rainbow fried rice, Father’s roujiamo is very good too. Please try one,” Amy recommended as she looked at her teacher.

Luna took a look at the time. It was already ten past eight. Although she felt a little like trying the food Amy had recommended, she smiled and shook her head. “Thank you, but I have to go to work now. I’ll try it next time.” Then she took out a beautiful purse from her pocket.

“Oh.” Amy was a little disappointed. She had to wait till the next time her teacher came.

“Miss Field, this meal is my small gift to you. It’s on the house,” Mag said as he looked at Luna.

“I suggest you never do that,” the system said sternly. “Never let anyone buy on credit. Have some style and principles!”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Mag asked calmly.

The system didn’t answer right away. After a while, it said, “I don’t need a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, right. You’re so stingy. You don’t even have a friend, let alone a girlfriend,” Mag sneered. Then he glanced at Luna. “She is so good to Amy. If I treat her to a meal, what of it? You don’t even have a girlfriend. Just mind your own vegetable business.”

“…”An ellipsis went across Mag’s head.

Luna shook her head. “Thank you. But I think I’ll pay for my own food. It’s only natural,” she said solemnly. Then she pulled six gold coins from her purse and put them on the table. She gave Amy’s head a stroke and was ready to leave.

Mag didn’t insist. He knew that some people were like that. “Please wait for a second,” Mag said as he strode towards the kitchen.

“Yes?” Luna looked at Mag’s back, wondering. She paused there and didn’t rush to leave.

A minute later, Mag came out with a kraft bag. He handed it to Luna with a smile. “This is our new dish. It’s not on our menu officially, though. If you don’t mind, please try it and tell me if there is anything different I should do.”

Luna hesitated for a while. Then she took the bag after she took a look at Mag’s smile and Amy’s expectant face. “Thank you,” she said. She could feel that they sincerely wanted her to take it, so she didn’t want to turn down their kindness.

The strong aroma of meat went out of the bag, in which she found a white bread. It was sliced open and stuffed with meat. This should be the roujiamo that Amy talked about. She was almost full after a plate of fried rice, but now she felt hungry again all of a sudden.

She looked at Amy and smiled. “I’ll take my leave then. You can come to school if you want to, Amy. You can come to all of my classes.”

Amy nodded. “Thank you, Teacher Luna. But I’m learning the 9×9 table from my father recently.”

9×9 table? Luna wondered. She didn’t know what Mag had taught Amy, but she didn’t have time to ask him today, so she nodded at Mag, turned around, and walked towards the door.

That was when Mobai opened the door. “Looks like I’m not the first customer here today, Mag.” He turned sideways to let Luna pass, and dropped his gaze to the bag in her hand. As he smelled the strong meat aroma, his eyes lit up. “The new dish has come out today?”

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