A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 2396

Chapter 2396: Let Go of This Child

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The Tree of Life was burning, but what the others who were present couldn’t see was that the light of that stele in the center of the white jade altar was far brighter than the Tree of Life.

However, after absorbing the Tree of Life’s energy, wisps of green light began to emerge from the stele and spread towards the stele like a net. They looked like some kind of ancient runes, which seemed rather godly.

“What’s happening?” Irina asked Mag telepathically.

“The Tree of Life burns for that stele. It’s not quite right to say that it’s a sacrifice. It’s more like some kind of legacy. The energy that the Tree of Life amassed for thousands of years, is transferred into that stele during the burning. However, you guys seemed unable to see that process. Only Kiddo and I saw it,” Mag quickly explained.

Irina frowned and pondered. The stele didn’t look any different in her sight. It only looked brighter due to the light.


The energy amassed by the Tree of Life was immense, but why did it choose to pass on the legacy today? Moreover, why was it done in front of so many people?

The elves were in a panic. Some elves tried to use water magic to extinguish the fire, but all the magic lost their effect before they even reached the tree, including the 10th-tier powerhouse’s magic.

“Are we unable to do anything except watch it burn?” Sally asked Irina.

“Perhaps, this is the goddess’ will. We have no way to stop it.” Irina shook her head. What nonsensical god’s will. If magic was effective, she wouldn’t have watched the Tree of Life burn to the ground like this.

Sally pursed her lips. Since Irina already said so, this matter was irrevocable.

She didn’t expect the Tree of Life to self-combust on the day of her ascension…

The Tree of Life was burning. This was serious, so Mag wondered if the former queen and Helena would come to calm the situation.

The burning didn’t continue for long. The fire was extinguished after 10 minutes.

There were no ashes or charcoal left behind.

The hundreds of meters tall Tree of Life disappeared completely in the burning. Only an empty crater was left behind.

The buildings that were built around the Tree of Life even looked a little desolate now.

The square was completely quiet. Some elves were weeping silently.

The symbol of the elves had completely disappeared now.

Only Mag knew that the Tree of Life didn’t disappear. It went into the stele in another manner.

The Tree of Life in the mural, which the elven goddess was leaning against, became green and fresh-looking, as though it was alive.


Right then, the crying of a baby broke the silence.

Countless green veins grew out from the top of the stele and formed a cradle. It lifted a baby girl up in it slowly. The energy from the Tree of Life was infused into that baby’s body.

The elves stared at that scene with their mouths agape.

“T-this is the holy infant?!” an elven elder said shakily.

“The reincarnation is successful.” Mag looked at that baby girl engulfed by holy light and showed an ‘oh, I see’ expression. However, that baby girl was only about three months old. She was much younger than Kiddo, who could already run and say “Mama” when she was born.

Irina was also looking at that baby in a daze too.

The tiny fellow was only a little bigger than Amy when she was a newborn, and she looked so delicate. Her eyes were still closed, but her pointy ears were so adorable.

Moreover, for some unknown reasons, she felt very close to that little one.

“The Tree of Life burns and the Holy Infant reincarnates. The Goddess of Life has returned to Earth!” an old elf exclaimed loudly.

The elves who were still in a daze, finally regained their wits and they erupted into a revelry too.

They looked at that baby girl fanatically and started to kneel and pray to her.

After being in a daze for a while, Sally turned to ask Irina, “W-what shall we do now?”

“You are the queen, so you should carry the baby down. This is a child bestowed by the god,” Irina replied.

Sally nodded. She walked off the viewing stands and headed towards the altar.

Right at that moment, something unexpected happened.

A black hole suddenly appeared in the sky and a giant figure appeared in it. It was a weird creature. It was over 100 meters tall and had six hairy legs that looked like spider’s legs. Its body resembled a forest troll. It was solid and covered with sharp spikes.

The weirder part was, it had three heads and six arms.

It was just like it was a monster that was made up randomly.

Mag was familiar with this structure.

“A Great Old One?” Mag stood up with a solemn expression.

At the same time, a black beam of light shot out and went straight for that baby girl on the stele.

“An intruder!”

Bennett yelled and pulled out his sword at the same time. He dashed forward, grasping his sword with both his hands and slashed at that black beam of light.

The sword was quick. He was, at least, among the top three swordsmen that Mag had ever met.

However, that black beam of light was very sneaky. The sword slashed onto the black light, but it was just a shadow.

Almost simultaneously, a capsule-like metal pod appeared next to the stele. The pod’s door opened and pulled both the cradle and baby girl into the pod.

“Stop it!”

Almost all the elven powerhouses present acted together. Some tried to stop that metal pod, while others attacked that invader.

However, a black light flashed and that metal pod disappeared after it took the cradle. It reappeared in the hands of that monster.

“Haha. It’s indeed a holy infant.” A shrill laughter came from that monster’s mouth.

“It’s spatial magic. This monster is very strong.” Babla gravely said, “I’m afraid we’ll have to run.”

“It’s not shameful to run when we are not its match. Let’s go.” Mag stood up and took the lead to escape.

Everyone: “…?”

“What are you still waiting for? Let’s run now.” Mag picked up Amy and climbed over the railing at the side to leave.

“Let’s go. This is indeed not a battle that we can participate in.” Babla also stood up and ran. She had a deep impression of that battle in the north. 8th-tier and 9th-tier powerhouses were peanuts to this kind of monster.

Mag escaped with all the Mamy Restaurant’s people. His utmost priority was to ensure his people’s safety before saving that holy infant.

He still wasn’t certain if that fellow was indeed a Great Old One. It didn’t have obvious magic, but it still looked like it.


Its energy level was indeed above the 10th-tier.

The elven powerhouses were all present and Irina was also here. Mag believed they could hold on for some time.

Furthermore, the elven queen and Helena could no longer lie low now, right?

“I’m going to bring this child with me. You guys can’t stop me.” The monster’s shrill voice was full of sarcasm. The space began to distort and a black hole appeared, about to cover it.

“Let go of this child!” a woman’s cold voice suddenly shouted.

The black hole that wasn’t completely formed, collapsed instantly.

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