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Chapter 2395

Chapter 2395: The Burning Tree of Life

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Sally was crowned as the queen and she blessed her people. She became the new elven queen in the midst of cheers.

Mag and the rest stood up to clap for Sally and sent her their well-wishes.

From the way Sally handled Elliot before her ascension, Mag was certain that the elven race would have a bright future. They would enter a new era under Sally’s leadership.

However, what were the elven queen and Helena doing? They went into seclusion and didn’t even appear for the new queen’s coronation.

The coronation ceremony was also ending at this point.


Now, the queen was going to lead all the elves to pray to the Goddess of Life solemnly, seeking the god’s protection for the elven race.

There would be a singing and dancing performance later, which was the formal start of the celebration.

Sally grasped the scepter tightly. She could sense its heavy weight. That was the weight of the responsibility to the elves. The future of the entire race was handed over to her now.

Although she had prepared herself mentally before this, she still felt an immense pressure when she finally put on the crown, held onto the scepter that signified power and looked at the excited and trusting faces below.

However, when her gaze landed on the group of people at the corner. Seeing the smiles and encouragement on their faces, she felt an immense courage and her gaze became convicted.


“Congratulations, my queen,” Irina said with a smile.

“Thank you,” Sally nodded slightly and said thankfully and truthfully.

Irina waved her hands and turned to walk down the altar. Sally would handle the rest. As the queen, leading her people in the first offering ritual was a very important matter.

Irina got off the altar and went to the viewing stand.

The elves who were sitting in the center, got up and gave up a few seats.

Irina flicked a glance at them and chose a place to sit down.

“Big Sister Irina is too sauve!”

“Yes. Her presence is strong and her heart is big. She’s simply awesome!”

All the ladies from the restaurant turned into fangirls.

Firis didn’t look surprised. Everyone was lamenting that the princess didn’t become the queen, but she knew very well that the princess never wanted to become the queen.

The music played again and two rows of elves came forward to offer freshly picked fruits and melons on precious jade trays embedded with gems. They put the trays on the altar.

Sally led all the elves and started the solemn and complicated offering ritual.

Mag and the ladies were watching with interest at the side. It was rare to see such a solemn ceremony.

Mag stared at the stele on the white jade altar. When the elves were chanting, there seemed to be a mysterious force field that was attracting the wisps of force towards that stele.

“Is this the power of faith?” Mag cocked his eyebrow and then closed his eyes. In the midst of pitch darkness, whiffs of green and white energy emerged from the top of the elves’ heads and flew towards the stele.

Just as he had imagined, the God of Life absorbed the power of faith from the elves constantly. As a reciprocation, she protected the elves to a certain extent.

To a certain extent, it was a trade. It was mutually beneficial.

Mag was now gathering fans and teaching them how to cook to absorb their power of faith to consolidate his divinity. In fact, it was almost the same.

It was just that the God of Life provided healing and belief while Mag provided the techniques and skills to make delicacies.

Mag opened his eyes and sized up that stele as he pondered, “But where is that Goddess of Life? Is she hidden in this stele? She shouldn’t be. It might be just a conduit to absorb the power of faith.”

Right then, the silver light on the stele suddenly glowed brighter. The dazzling light made Mag narrow his eyes. That stele seemed to be burning suddenly as the light got brighter and brighter.

“This is?”

Mag’s expression turned solemn, because other than him, no one present seemed to have sensed that change, including Sally, who was standing the closest to the stele. She was still chanting religiously.

“Mama, that stele is burning.” Kiddo pointed to the stele.

Gina reached out to catch her little hand and whispered into her ear, “Hush, Kiddo. Let’s keep quiet.”

“Kiddo can see it, but Gina, who is already a 10th-tier, can’t.” Mag leaned forward a little. He noticed that Irina didn’t look any different. It seemed like she couldn’t see the stele’s changes either.

The burning intensified. Starting from one small spot, it had spread all over the upper half of the stele.

Describing it as burning wasn’t very accurate either. There were no flames, just glaring beams of light that kept spreading.

Mag wasn’t sure if this was a mutation, or a normal situation during a ritual. After all, such an occasion where the power of faith was being absorbed in a large scale wasn’t common.

Then, he noticed that the Tree of Life behind that stele suddenly started to burn.

Yes. It was really burning this time.

Silver flames emerged from a branch and then quickly spread to other branches. It turned into a raging fire almost instantly.

“This is?!”

Sally, who had just completed all the ritual’s procedures, stared at the burning Tree of Life in a daze. She was shocked and at a loss.

“The Tree of Life is burning!”

“Save the tree!”

A commotion broke out among the elves on the square. Their eyes were filled with shock.

Irina stood up, ready to intervene.

“You can’t stop this fire. It should have something to do with the God of Life,” Mag said telepathically.

Irina’s hands that were holding the staff, froze in midair as her gaze turned to Mag. “Is she going to reincarnate?

“I’m not sure yet, but the flames started burning from the stele. It looks like some kind of… sacrifice.” Mag chose his words carefully before answering.

He saw the burning Tree of Life transform into beams of green light and merge into the stele as if it was going through some kind of passing on.

Irina clenched her fists gradually as she looked at the burning Tree of Life, “Is it a sacrifice? If that’s the case, it really is a jerk.”

“My queen, it’s dangerous here. Please come with me now.” Bennett appeared on the altar and brought Sally over the viewing stands, close to Irina.

The elven powerhouses began to gather around her. Sally had already ascended, so her safety was the utmost priority.

The silver flames spread rapidly. It wasn’t just the branches alone, even the tree trunk was burning from the inside out.

The hundreds of meters tall Tree of Life burned in raging flames that shot all the way up to the sky.

All the elves were watching this scene in shock and fear. They had no idea why the Tree of Life, which guarded the elves for thousands of years, burned suddenly.

“Gina, protect our people if something happens later,” Mag said to Gina telepathically.

“Yes.” Gina nodded in acknowledgement.

Mag felt uneasy, as though something was going to happen.

This wasn’t a good omen. To be able to make him feel uneasy, its power must have exceeded the 10th-tier.

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