A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 2397

Chapter 2397: Now, I Have Decided To Kill All of You

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The black hole collapsed and the monster dropped from the sky. But, it simply rolled on the ground and was still holding onto that metal pod tightly.

At the same time, an elf appeared on the altar with a magic caster’s staff and pointed at the monster as she coldly said, “Don’t you understand me?”

The noble temperament and proud presence all highlighted her identity.

“The Queen!”

“Her Majesty the Queen!”


The elves erupted into an uproar instantly as they stared fanatically at the queen who was in an opulent long dress on the altar.

The queen, who had gone into seclusion for months, finally appeared at the moment when the holy infant was snatched.

“Your Majesty.” Sally was also looking at the queen with surprise.

“Royal Mother…” Irina, who was about to attack, halted, but she was looking at the queen with frowning eyes.

“You can’t stop me alone.” The monster giggled. A door suddenly appeared on his chest and it swallowed the metal pod that contained the baby girl before spitting two fireballs at the queen.

“Be careful, Royal Mother. Its magic is spatial!” Irina reminded her.

As soon as she finished speaking, the fireballs that were just spat out, instantly disappeared. They appeared on the altar in the next second. One was in front of the queen and the other was behind her. Then, they exploded.


A mushroom cloud rose up and the intense explosion was deafening. The elves at the square’s front row were all tossed backwards. Many people were injured.

“What a powerful magical attack!”

All the elven powerhouses’ eyelids were twitching rapidly. The power released by the two seemingly normal magic balls was no less than the power of a great magic caster’s full-force attack.

“Her Majesty…”

The elves looked at the altar worriedly. It was such a powerful magical attack. Moreover, it was so sudden and confusing. They wondered if Her Majesty could survive that.

The flames went away and the white jade altar was completely unaffected.

However, the queen was missing.

“This is my Wind Forest. What right do you have to make trouble here?!” The elven queen stepped out from the void, raised her magic caster’s staff above her head and coldly said, “Holy Light, annihilate!”

A golden Holy Light lit up from the sapphire on the tip of the magic caster’s staff. It went through space and pierced into the monster’s heart instantly.

A hole that was a few meters wide appeared in the monster’s chest. It went clean through the monster.

“Interesting.” It lowered its head to look at its chest. It let out a piercing laughter. Suddenly, it slapped its chest and wiped away that hole. At the same time, black ripples appeared outside of its body and began spreading out.

“Is the attack ineffective?” The queen frowned. The wound on that monster had already healed and his presence wasn’t affected at all.

Just as she was distracted, the black ripples had surrounded her.

She wanted to back out initially, but her spatial magic seemed to be caught up in a swamp as soon as it was activated. She couldn’t walk into the void.

“A domain? What a troublesome chap.” The queen frowned.

“It’s too late to try to escape now.” The monster chuckled. It opened its giant mouth in the center and a giant fireball began to consolidate.

“Stars, fall!” acold voice called out.

A patch of starry sky appeared above the creature’s head.

Dozens of stars fell and turned into shooting stars. They appeared above the domain and crashed onto that monster.

“It’s the High Priestess!”

The elves that had already backed off for hundreds of meters, looked at that starry sky. Their initially worried faces were filled with joy now.

The spatial restriction wasn’t easy to disengage from within, but it was easier to disengage it from the outside.

Dozens of meteorites fell and the huge energy destroyed the monster’s domain that restricted the spatial magic. The stars rushed towards that monster.

“O’ Holy Light, cleanse all the filth!”

At the same time, Irina, who was standing on the viewing stands, raised her magic caster’s staff.

A beam of holy light shot out and pierced through that monster’s head immediately.

Although that monster tilted his head to the side, half of its head was still shaved off.

However, the head was half-shaven, and didn’t burst out in blood and gore. Instead, it presented a metal-like gleam.

“This is so interesting.” The right side of the monster’s head suddenly turned to Irina and smiled widely.

As soon as it was done talking, its six arms began to flail like giant rackets. They smacked at those meteorites covered by flames.


The giant meteorites were smashed into dust and sparks by its giant palms.

Bam, bam, bam!

In the blink of an eye, dozens of meteorites were smacked away by it. Some of the meteorites landed in the elven crowd, killing and injuring many. However, the monster was unscathed.

“Organize our people for evacuation now,” Irina said to Sally telepathically as she stared at that monster.

“Alright.” Sally nodded and strode away. A battle of this level was already beyond her participation. Her utmost task was to reduce her people’s casualties.

Helena appeared on the altar with the crystal in her hands. She was also staring at that monster gravely.

This fellow was far too powerful.

It hadn’t even shown all its power yet and it was already giving them immense pressure.

Any of its random strikes had a 10th-tier power. Irina and the queen’s direct attacks couldn’t cause any physical harm to it.

Its body, which could send meteorites flying easily, and scary magical powers were giving them a headache.

What kind of monster was it? A devil? It didn’t seem like it, either. However, when did the Norland Continent ever have such a weird race?

But, this chap had snatched the holy infant. They simply couldn’t let it leave.

“You three little ones are not bad, but you are still far from being able to keep me here.” The monster shook his heads. Its three heads were staring at the three of them as its gaze turned cold. “I’m going to leave now. I’ll kill those ants if you try to stop me.”

Its finger pointed at those elves who were retreating in a panic.

“Who the heck do you think you are? How dare you threaten my people in front of me? Crawl for me!” The queen slammed her magic caster’s staff onto the ground and beams of light appeared in the Wind Forest. They intersected in the sky above the capital.

A golden spell formation descended from the sky like an inverted bowl and covered Helena, the queen and the monster within it.

“Do you think you can trap me like this?” The monster snickered. Its body suddenly accelerated and it slammed into the nearest wall of light.


There was a dull thud but the wall of light wasn’t budging. The monster’s face was smashed against the wall and it became distorted.


“It’s fine. I only need to kill you both. I don’t think it could continue to trap me then.” The monster turned to the queen and Helena and revealed its razor-sharp teeth.

In the next instant, it appeared in front of Helena and its six giant hands smacked down at her as though it was smacking a fly.

The terrifying force made the space distorted.

“Shifting Stars.”

Helena chanted quietly.

The six palms landed and a spatial interstice even appeared in the center.

However, when the monster lifted his hands, there was only a pile of broken rocks in its palms.

It looked up and Helena appeared in the starry sky above.

A star was missing there.

“I’m going to knock down all your stars. I’ll see where you can run to then!” The monster took out a black rod that was over 100 meters long and swung it at the starry sky above.

The stars were like big and small lamps, which were extinguished by the monster’s iron rod.

Helena jumped in between the stars, evading the monster’s attack. She looked rather disheveled.

The queen’s light magic was colorful and dazzling, but it didn’t cause any physical harm when it landed on that monster.

Irina looked at Helena who was forced to a corner. After a moment of hesitation, she dashed into the spell formation with her magic caster’s staff.

“I’ll smash your dog’s head!”

Irina appeared above that monster’s head. The tip of her magic caster’s staff was sparkling with a golden light as she smashed at its middle head that was sliced into half.


The magic exploded in a close distance and the monster’s remaining head was decimated instantly.

“That darned woman!”

The monster let out a frustrated angry roar and reached out for Irina with two of its hands.

Irina tapped her foot lightly and evaded the monster’s giant hands agily. She glided to its back and stabbed the magic caster’s staff into its back.

It had swallowed the holy infant from this position earlier. She had to rescue the holy infant first.


The magic caster’s staff seemed to stab against a metal wall when it stabbed into the monster’s body.

Irina felt her hands go numb. She actually couldn’t pierce through it.

“What kind of monster is this?” Irina was slightly shocked inwardly.

Just as she was distracted, a giant hand smacked her from behind.

Even though she used her magic caster’s staff to block it, she was still sent flying. She landed 100 meters away, making a deep crater in the ground.

“Irina!” The queen went white.

“Royal Mother, I’m fine.” Irina pushed herself off the ground with one hand. Blood seeped out from the edge of her mouth. “This fellow’s body is very tough. It’s even tougher than its head.”

The elven 10th-tier powerhouses joined in the fight at that moment.

However, their magic attacks were useless when they landed on that monster. Other than restricting its movements, they couldn’t do any physical harm to it.

Mag, who had sent Amy and the ladies to safety, turned his head and happened to see that scene of Irina’s battle.

While he looked furious, he also had a suspecting expression when he looked at that monster.

This monster was indeed very powerful, but it was also rather peculiar.

Accurately speaking, it didn’t seem to be flesh and blood.

Be it the attack whereby the queen pierced through its chest, or the attack whereby half of its head was burst, no fresh blood, or any liquid that resembled blood, flowed out.

On the contrary, the head that was slowly repairing itself had a silverish black metal gleam. Mag could even see some exposed spare parts.

This… seemed to be a mech?

It wasn’t the devil, or any organisms that originated from the Norland Continent. It had highly-precise machinery and powerful strength.

Mag took out the communicator and sent a message to Xi.

Then, he secured a photostone on a tree, facing it towards the spell formation.

“Amy, you have to protect all of them. I’ll be going to help your mother.” Mother caressed Amy’s head gently before leaving from the side quietly.

The restaurant’s staff who were looking at the battle intently, didn’t notice that Mag had gone away.

Other than Shirley, who had been keeping an eye on Mag to see when he would react. She noticed Mag had left immediately.

For some unknown reasons, she, who was very nervous at first, suddenly relaxed.

Was Alex, that god-like man, finally going to act?

“What shall we do now? Princess Irina and the others don’t seem to be its match. Should we go and help them?” Yabemiya asked worriedly.

“The 10th-tier attacks aren’t effective on it, so our help is meaningless.” Elizabeth shook her head. She stared at that monster and pondered for a moment before pressing the ice crystal in her hand.


Xi, who was writing her diary, received Mag’s message. The message was very short, but it made her stand up from her seat immediately.

“A mech monster appeared in the Wind Forest. Suspected to be from Underground City. Its power is above the 10th-tier! Come immediately!”

“I wonder who is the fellow that has come over here. What a bother!” Xi quickly strode to the control room. The spaceship zoomed away, flying towards the Wind Forest.

Given Mag’s power, if it was a being that he deduced to be over the 10th-tier, even she wondered if she would be able to handle it. She might need to seek reinforcement from Underground City.


Irina smashed one of the monster’s heads into smithereens. It made its movement slower, but it didn’t stop him much.

Magic rained onto its body, but other than causing a lot of debris, it couldn’t hurt its main body at all.

What terrified the elves even more was its speed. Even when its spatial magic was restricted in the spell formation, its six 10-odd meters long spider legs still provided it with a scary speed and agility.


A magic caster was swept down by one of the monster’s legs. It was as if he was knocked out of the spell formation by a truck. His chest and stomach collapsed and he threw up blood and fainted right on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, six of the 10th-tier elves that took part in the battle were disarmed. They all left the spell formation with injuries. One of them was even flattened straight away.

Only Irina, the queen and Helena were left in the arena.

“Now, it’s your turn.” The monster turned to look at Helena, who was hovering in the void, and jumped up with a grin. It swung its iron rod at the last star while trying to grab Helena with the other hand.

“Black hole, annihilate!”

Helena raised her crystal ball and chanted loudly.

A dark light lit up in the crystal ball and then collapsed and extinguished instantly.

The space began to distort, as though a terrifying suction had appeared. Even the surrounding beams of light were twisted.

The star above Helena’s head was knocked out, but the hand that was reaching for her was instantly engulfed by that black hole.

Panic appeared on the monster’s face for the first time. Its body suddenly twisted and fell downwards.

The hand that reached into that black hole was engulfed instantly, even a piece of its body was swallowed up. Metal and spare parts were revealed, but they were soon covered by a black mist.

The black hole disappeared as soon as it appeared. Without the enhancement of the Starry Sky Domain, Helena fell out of the sky with a pale face. She was caught by the queen and retreated to the edge of the spell formation.

“Excellent. Now, I have decided to kill all of you,” the monster said coldly and dozens of holes appeared on its body. Gun barrels were extended out of those holes.

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