A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 861 - Marry Him

Chapter 861: Marry Him

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Xia Ling suspected that she was hallucinating. “Huh?”

“Marry me.” Li Lei said one word at a time. Under the soft light, his face was unusually handsome. His facial features looked like they were hand-carved by famous craftsmen. In this situation, he did not appear to have the slightest flaw. His thin lips softly uttered those words, making countless girls blush.

Unconsciously, some people placed their hands on their hearts.

Some people held their partners’ hands.

There were some girls who held their hot cheeks and softly replied, “I am willing.” They wished they could replace Xia Ling and immediately agree. Big Boss Li was so rich, powerful, young, handsome, and caring. A man like him was hard to come by. Anyone who passed on him was an idiot!

“Quickly say that you’re willing, Xiao Ling.” In the dressing room, Luo Luo became nervous and unknowingly grabbed Bai Murong’s arm. Bai Murong glanced at his beloved woman lovingly.

On the stage, Xia Ling stammered. “You… Didn’t you agree to postpone the date? Why did you secretly run to my home?” At such an important event with so many eyes staring at her in anticipation, she still did not forget to bring up this old promise. The audience was driven to tears watching Xia Ling.

Li Lei continued to smile gently. “How can I change the date set by your brother? Besides, I also wanted to give you a surprise.” The date of the proposal was set by Xia Moyan on a prosperous day. He would not dare to change it since her brother disliked him so much.

He already made the decision a long time ago to stick to the original plan.

As for the fact that Xiao Ling was occupied on that day? Not a problem. He could just make a long-distance video call and let the entire world see how much he loved this girl. He wanted to announce to the whole world that this girl belonged to him!

Pei Ziheng, Rong Ping, Feng Kun, and Wei Shaoyin… They should all make way! Xiao Ling was his!

Big Boss Li smiled even more warmly. “Xiao Ling, marry me. I will cook for you every day, drive you to your jobs, play with you and Shaohui, and read bedtime stories to you every day. Don’t you like wearing beautiful clothes? I will order as many sets as you like. You like shiny jewelry, so you can choose all the crystals and diamonds you want. I will accompany you when you go shopping and traveling… No matter where you go, I will always be by your side.”

“Spend your whole life with me, ok?”

“Ok!” In the dressing room, Luo Luo and the thousands of viewers exclaimed unanimously. Big Boss Li’s proclamation of love was too moving, they couldn’t help themselves.

Bai Murong glared at Luo Luo in annoyance and flicked her forehead. “What do you mean ‘ok’?! I’m your boyfriend!”

Luo Luo lowered her head with tears in her eyes. “But Xiao Ling and he are too romantic… Murong, when are you going to propose to me? I also want it to be that romantic.”

Bai Murong’s expression softened and rubbed the area that he hit her at. “You want to get married? Sure. Very soon, I will propose to you.”

Only then did Luo Luo smile happily.

Onstage, Xia Ling was also moved by his proclamation. Happiness came so suddenly that she was left speechless. Although she already knew that she would marry him and that he would eventually propose to her one day, when this day really came, she was as overwhelmed as a young girl who was in love for the first time.

Such a solemn ceremony in front of the entire world.

Her eyes turned misty.

“Wow, Xiao Ling is moved to tears…” Some fans exclaimed. “Xiao Ling rarely cries. She must be really happy… Even the way she cries is so beautiful.”

“Say yes, say yes, say yes!” Many viewers couldn’t help but say.

Below the stage, the audience started chanting. “Xiao Ling, say yes! Xiao Ling, say yes! Xiao Ling, say yes!” Very quickly, the cheer gained momentum.

As the crowd chanted, Li Lei continued to kneel and look at his beloved woman. “You see, so many people think that marrying me is not bad. What reason do you have to reject me?” When he smiled, his dimples were revealed. He tilted his head and said, “I have even created a live poll.”

At this time, the emcee interrupted and said very excitedly, “That’s right, Miss Ling. At the request of Mr. Li Lei, we have started a live poll regarding whether the public thinks you should marry him. Option A: Marry him. Option B: Marry him. Option C: Marry him. Option D: Marry him! The audience is voting very enthusiastically!”

On the screen, the four options were highlighted. In just a few short minutes, thousands of votes were already in. Marry him, marry him, marry him…

Every choice was to marry him!

“Aren’t you manipulating the results…” Xia Ling’s beautiful eyes were still stained with tears, but she couldn’t help but laugh. Looking at her beloved man, she asked, “Can you not be so unscrupulous?”

“I care about popular opinion.” Li Lei did not feel ashamed at all. Looking at the audience, he smiled and raised his voice. “Thank you for supporting us, everyone. Those present will all receive a small gift from me. And those who voted, you will also receive a small gift.”

Everyone cheered. A gift! A gift from Big Boss Li!

“Marry him! Marry him! Marry him!” The audience cheered even louder.

The online voting participation soared. The words “Marry him” were enlarged on the screen.

In the excitement, Li Lei looked affectionately at Xia Ling and said again, “Marry me.”

Xia Ling finally couldn’t resist the uproar and heard herself softly say, “Ok.”

It was a simple word, but it was linked to the most solemn promise. Wearing a sheer dress on stage, her skin was white and her hair cascaded down her shoulders like a waterfall. She was truly in her best state.

The cheers rang in the hall and swallowed her at that moment.

“That’s amazing! Really amazing!” Some fans grabbed their boyfriends’ hands in tears. “Our Xiao Ling had a hard life. She endured so much hardship but finally, she can be together with her beloved man!”

There were also many fans who hugged in celebration of their engagement.

Big Boss Li was very successful in his proposal. He received the blessings of Xia Ling’s fans and countless other viewers. He slowly stood up and said to Xia Ling gently, “Wait for me to marry you.”

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