A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 860 - Marriage Proposal

Chapter 860: Marriage Proposal

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Miss Ling!

This also meant that Xia Ling was the daughter of an eminent family while she was only a lowly servant!

Xia Yu never thought that her background would be so inferior to Xia Ling’s. Weren’t they sisters? How could this be… They were actually not biological sisters! She was only the daughter of a lowly side branch family!

She… refused to accept this!

However, so what?

There were only two routes she could take now. She could either acknowledge her roots and ancestors or rot to death by Wei Lingnan’s poison!

Where’s there’s life there’s hope…

Xia Yu recited this phrase in her heart to remind herself to endure the shame. After a long time, she finally found her weak and deferent voice again. “I’m an orphan. Now, after so long, I’ve finally found my parents. To acknowledge them, I’m willing to do anything. Miss Ling.” She turned around to face Xia Ling. “Since you’re so resolute, I won’t ask for your forgiveness anymore. However, whether you acknowledge me or not, in heart, you will always be my sister…” As she spoke, tears flowed down her cheeks again.

At this time, she was still trying to gain sympathy?

Xia Ling was really annoyed and ignored her. She asked her brother, “What’s the second condition?”

Xia Moyan said, “Xia Yu, the second condition is that you have to obey the rules of the Xia Family. Not only do you have to respect Xiao Ling, but there are also many taboos. You must think about it carefully. Once you return to the family, there’s no room for change anymore. For example—”

He glanced at the numerous audience who were listening attentively and stopped talking. “When you return, people will tell you slowly.” He initially wanted to say that she could not leave as she pleased, but after taking into account the number of people present, he decided that it was best not to say it. Besides, ordinary people did not understand the significance of the Xia Family’s rules and would only criticize him for being too harsh.

It was not as if the family did not have children who wandered out of the family.

These children grew up in society, away from the clan, and accepted the teachings and value systems of the outside world. Every time they wanted to acknowledge their roots and ancestors, the Xia Family would always tell them that in the future, they could no longer leave.

They always had the freedom to choose whether to acknowledge their roots or not.

Even if some children chose not to do so and continued to live away from the family, they would receive the blessing and understanding from the Xia Family.

However, Xia Yu was different. She chose this live TV program that had a national audience to directly force Xia Ling to let her in the family. It was not suitable for the Xia Family to reveal internal matters to the public. As such, Xia Moyan did not warn Xia Yu in advance. When Xia Yu realized that she would be unable to leave after she entered the family, it would be all too late.

However, so what?

It was all her own doing.

Xia Moyan did not sympathize with her at all.

Sure enough, ignorant Xia Yu said, “I’m willing! I’m willing to follow any rule! Bro… No, The Preceptor, I beg you. Please let me return to the family. I really miss my parents…”

Xia Moyan nodded. “Ok.”

It was so easy to return home? A sudden burst of joy made Xia Yu dizzy. She wiped her tears and thanked Xia Moyan. However, Xia Moyan said, “I have been held up for too long. You can leave now. I have some things to discuss with Xiao Ling.”

Xia Yu was startled. Xia Ling was startled. The audience was startled.

Wait, so the purpose of The Preceptor’s video call was not to settle Xia Yu’s return to the family?

Only a triad boss who had some interaction with The Preceptor before sipped on his wine and said to his wife, “How can Preceptor Xia appear for a small fry like Xia Yu considering his honorable status? He surely has something else and only settled Xia Yu’s business in passing.”

His wife smiled and nodded. “I also guessed that he came for his sister.”

On stage, Xia Yu had not reacted yet.

Xia Moyan urged her. “Emcee, I heard you say that time is precious on the show?”

As if she were awoken from a dream, the emcee quickly drove Xia Yu away. “Miss Xia, that’s great. You’re done acknowledging your parents and you look overwhelmed with emotion. I will get someone to support you down the stage.” After that, she glanced at the staff and the staff quickly half-dragged Xia Yu down the stage.

Poor Xia Yu. She was so confident when she went on stage but looked so miserable when she went down the stage.

In a dream-like state, she returned to the dressing room and watched the broadcast with everyone else. She saw that Xia Ling’s sheer dress was really eye-catching and she was looking at her brother curiously and in confusion. Her gaze was naturally innocent and delicate, unlike the respect way people were when they looked at The Preceptor.

Xia Ling asked her brother, “Now, can you explain the purpose of your video call?”

Xia Moyan looked warmly at his sister. “Today, a guest visited our family.”

“A guest?” Xia Ling blinked in confusion.

“Do you still remember what day it is today?” Xia Moyan asked.

“Isn’t it the day of the Nebula Music Festival?” Xia Ling was still lost.

Xia Moyan bowed his head slightly and picked up a pair of delicate jade twin lotus flowers on a stalk from the sandalwood table. Every detail of the lotus was perfect from the thin flap-like lotus petals to the elegant and slender and naturally curved leaves. The jade carving was in a well-preserved color and it shined in front of the camera.

“How beautiful…” Many people sighed.

Xia Moyan said, “Today, someone came to the house to send this over.”

Xia Ling was still confused. “Huh?”

“Stupid girl.” Behind the camera, an old man laughed. After that, the Xia Family Head, who was wearing a traditional Chinese tunic, placed his hand on Xia Moyan’s shoulder and squeezed into the frame. “The kid from the Li Family came here to propose! He brought over so many gifts and said he wanted you to be his wife. Seriously, why are you still working on such an important day? Even if you win a big award, is it as important as your proposal day?”

Xia Ling was completely dumbfounded. What? Li Lei actually asked for her family’s permission to marry her?

He… Didn’t he say he would do it another day?!

Xia Ling felt that she was being tricked. “You… you two aren’t joking, right? I’m not mentally prepared at all.”

The Xia Family Head continued to laugh. “You don’t need to mentally prepare for this. I think quite highly of the kid from the Li Family. Listen to your dad, pack up and prepare to get married!”

Xia Ling was speechless. Dad, are you really my biological dad?

Why did she feel that he treated Li Lei better than his own daughter?

Xia Ling looked at her brother weakly. Could it be that her brother also agreed to it?

The camera was turned to Xia Moyan’s side again. This time, Li Lei, Old Master Li, Uncle Li, Aunt Li, and other well-dressed relatives were seen on the screen.

Li Lei smiled at Xia Ling through the video call and went on one knee. “Xiao Ling, marry me.”

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