A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 862 - Campaign for Votes

Chapter 862: Campaign for Votes

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As the figure in the video gradually faded, there was silence once again.

Xia Ling, who was so happy that she could explode, walked down the stage in a daze and went back to the large dressing room.

Luo Luo rushed up and hugged her. “Xiao Ling, this is amazing! Congratulations on finally being able to marry Big Boss Li!” Her shrill voice echoed in the room.

“Sister Xiao Ling, many people sent flowers over.” Wei Wei smiled and pointed at the pile of bouquets of roses, lilies, tulips and fans’ cards filled with congratulatory words.

Lin Yunan and the others also came forward to congratulate her.

Xia Ling accepted their well-wishes and said, “I never thought that this would happen. It came too suddenly.” After that, she smiled. “On the day of our marriage, all of you have to come and celebrate with us.”

“Yes, definitely.” Everyone agreed.

Only then did Xia Ling nod in satisfaction. “It’s getting late. I have to continue changing clothes. Luo Luo, later I will be your cheerleader. I will definitely make sure you win the Best Single Award!” After the marriage proposal, she became extremely popular and it was easier to campaign for votes now.

Luo Luo was also very happy. “Ok! Xiao Ling give me some of your luck so that Murong and I can be as happy as you and Boss Li!”

“I definitely will.” Xia Ling went into the changing room and then sat on the seat to be styled. This was her fourth gown and it was as beautiful as the previous ones. It made those female celebrities who had a hard time borrowing even one of these high-end gowns jealous.

Finally, it was time for the voting for the Best Single Award.

The ones competing for this award were Luo Luo, Xia Yu, and three other singers from other companies.

The performance of Luo Luo’s single was not bad, so the other singers couldn’t help but feel afraid. Only Xia Yu, who had just made a comeback with a shocking improvement in her vocals and acknowledged her family despite their lowly status, was too miserable and won many sympathy votes from the viewers. Thus, she turned into a strong competitor.

“Xia Yu’s song is actually not bad.” An audience member said.

“Yeah.” Another audience member said. “She specially wrote it to apologize to her sister and poured so many emotions into it. Even though she made a mistake and committed a crime, she’s about to pay the price. We shouldn’t be prejudiced. This award may be the final one she gets before she receives her punishment.”

Some people felt sorry for her and could not help but feel like voting for Xia Yu.

Seeing that she was about to surrender herself to the police, they wanted her to have a beautiful memory before she received her punishment.

“Maybe Luo Luo’s appeal is not enough.” The producers shook their heads in the lounge. “If it were Miss Ling, no matter how tragic Xia Yu’s story is, it would not be enough to sway the crowd at all.”

As Feng Kun nodded, he sipped his tea.

Regardless of the background or the song, Xia Yu really sang better than Luo Luo. Furthermore, Luo Luo’s song was released about a year ago and the audience was getting tired of it. On the contrary, Xia Yu sang her song for the first time today. It made people awestruck. Thus, she could easily gain votes.

However, if it were Xia Ling, things would be different.

Xia Ling’s strength was overwhelming, and no matter what Xia Yu tried, she couldn’t be affected.

“However, it doesn’t mean that Luo Luo doesn’t have a chance at all.” Another producer said. “Miss Ling is her cheerleader. Tonight, the brightest female celebrity will help her campaign for votes. This can make up for Luo Luo’s flaws.”

“So the winner of the Best Single Award will depend on the votes.” Someone concluded.

Onstage, several cheerleaders were present.

Beside Luo Luo was Xia Ling, causing a deafening cheer when she went on stage. She was really popular today. From the red carpet to the dream-like finale. She amazed the crowd from the start to the end and received a marriage proposal that all girls dreamt of… Now, they looked Xia Ling as if she were their goddess. No matter what she said or did, their eyes would always be focused on her, even if she were just sitting quietly.

Xia Ling glanced at the group of singers.

Many singers were very relaxed and some even looked dignified. They already knew that they would not win and gave up fighting for the award. They only wanted to get this over with elegantly, so they were very relaxed.

Only Xia Yu wished to compete with Luo Luo.

She originally debuted at the same time as Luo Luo and Xia Ling. Now, Xia Ling reached the pinnacle of her career while Luo Luo won many awards in succession. Only her name was thrown in the dirt for lip-syncing. After returning to the music scene, she made up her mind to make Wei Lingnan improve her voice and revitalize her path to stardom!

After she handed the flower from the Xia Family to Wei Lingnan and received the antidote, she would be able to continue her job in the music industry. With her present talent, there was a possibility that she could become a Diva!

As for the fact that she tried to murder Shaohui?

Shaohui was not dead yet. He was still alive and well. Furthermore, even if she admitted her guilt…

She would not receive any severe punishment.

Xia Yu took everything into account. Onstage, she looked at Xia Ling with some vigilance. She only hoped that Luo Luo would not gain too many votes because of Xia Ling. If she couldn’t win the Best Single Award, she would lose to a second-rate artiste! That would be humiliating!

Unfortunately, Xia Ling’s appeal was far beyond her imagination.

Xia Ling smiled as she lifted the microphone. “You all know that Luo Luo is my good friend. However, very few people know how Luo Luo and I became friends, am I right?”

Everyone was startled. What she said was true.

They all knew that both of them were from the same batch in Skyart Entertainment. However, there were so many other people in the same batch as them. How did Luo Luo, who was later transferred to Imperial Entertainment, become friends with Xia Ling? Xia Ling was not very friendly. After being in the music industry for so many years, she had few friends; it really made everyone curious.

The emcee asked the question that everyone was asking themselves. “Xiao Ling, how about you tell everyone how you and Luo Luo became friends?”

Xia Ling smiled lightly. She told everyone about how she was bullied in the training camp and received Luo Luo’s help. After that, she said, “In the beginning, when I was suffering so much, only Luo Luo was willing to help me. Now that I’m a Diva, it’s time for me to help my friend. My fans, I hope that you can all support Luo Luo. If you support her, you are supporting me. As for the other audience members, even though you’re not my fans, I hope that you can also vote for Luo Luo. Her songs are her representatives. She’s really clean and simple. She genuinely puts her heart and soul into singing her songs.”

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