A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 347 - Brother and Sister Meeting

Chapter 347: Brother and Sister Meeting

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The box was very quiet as the man took off his white scarf, white gloves, and white coat.

Xia Ling realized that he looked very pale like the snow outside the window. There was no trace of blood such that… he did not look like a living person. Surprisingly, this thought did not scare her. Instead, she looked at him more curiously. “Are you really my brother?” she asked.

Xia Moyan elegantly brewed the tea and pushed one of the celadon teapots toward Xia Ling. “If you don’t believe me, I can have a DNA test with Xia Yu. If she’s happy to meet her brother, of course.”

Xia Yu remembered that when she was taken in by an orphanage with Xia Yu, the orphanage did a DNA test before to prove that they were biological siblings. If he were really Xia Yu’s brother, then he was definitely her brother.

However, Xia Ling was even more curious. “What’s your identity?” Xia Yu would never recognize her own relatives and would even manipulate and sabotage her close sister who went through the vicissitudes of life with her. Considering how Xia Yu only catered to the rich, if her distant brother showed up with low status and was only an ordinary person or even part of the ordinary middle class, she would probably refuse to meet him. Unless this elegant and pale man in front of her was of some importance.

Xia Moyan lightly arched his lips again to form his second faint smile since their meeting.

If someone recognized him here, they would definitely be scared. He was usually famous for his expressionless face, and almost everyone had forgotten that he could also smile.

Unfortunately, Xia Ling did not know that and felt that it was very reasonable, so she asked him again.

“They all call me The Preceptor.” Xia Moyan said lightly at an appropriate speed.

“What is ‘The Preceptor’? Are you very powerful?” Xia Ling asked innocently. She initially thought that her brother would be some Big Boss or be part of the triad like Li Lei or even… However, this identity exceeded her imagination. In her mind, images of fortune-telling heavenly figures appeared. To be fair, she only had a shallow understanding of those with religious connections and psychic abilities…

“Powerful?” Xia Moyan paused and thought about it. “Everyone respects me and begs me. Does that count as very powerful?”

Not only was he very powerful, but he was also literally invincible! Xia Ling felt that she had just met an awesome relative and her eyes shined. “Are you more powerful than Li Lei?”

Xia Moyan smiled again and did not know whether to indulge or pity his long lost sister. “Li Lei? He doesn’t bother me at all. The entire Li family has to bow to me… and our Xia Family. Even his Old Master also has to bow in front of you, respect you, and not dare enrage you.”

Is he lying?

The last time she went to the Li family, she was completely neglected. Not only did the Old Master not bow to her, but she was also lucky that he did not kill her. In the end, she was dejectedly expelled from the family.

Xia Moyan looked at her expression and understood what she was thinking about. His heart ached a little.

As she was a phoenix and abandoned at birth, she had to suffer a lot of hardship. If she grew up with her parents and siblings in the Xia Family, which powerful family would not rush to get her to marry into their family?

He looked at her slightly weary expression. “You’ve suffered a lot in these few tears.”

Xia Ling suddenly became quiet.

Actually, from a long time ago in her past life, she already started thinking about what her family looked like. Why did they abandon her? Was it because they didn’t like her or because they had no other choice? During the time in the orphanage, every time Xia Yu was sick, she would hate the family that she never met. It was fine that they abandoned Xia Ling, but why did they have to abandon such a sickly girl like Xia Yu as well? Did they know that Xiao Yu’s life would be very difficult after she left her parents?!

This resentment was gradually released from her heart only after Pei Ziheng adopted them many years ago.

Now, she did not really think much about it.

After she became famous, many impoverished families and people who wanted to be famous tried to confess that she was part of their family, and this made her extremely annoyed. Pei Ziheng also suggested to help her find her family, but she rejected him immediately.

What was the point of finding family members who deserted her?

Thus, this situation ended like that.

After her rebirth, her heart had already calmed down and she stopped resenting them or thinking of them as her enemies. However, she also did not have the same excitement when seeing her relatives. She only very calmly looked at Xia Moyan and asked with curiosity, “Well, if you are my brother, can you tell me why my family abandoned me?”

Xia Moyan told her about having the phoenix destiny.

“Are you saying that people with the phoenix destiny are destined to be alone?” Xia Ling shook her head and refused to believe that this was real.

Xia Moyan said, “This is the phoenix destiny without a doubt. Think about how you reincarnated. This is all real. If you can’t accept it, the truth still remains. You were destined to be lonely.”

Xia Ling tightened her grip around her cup and refused to accept the truth. “I’m living well. How is it possible…” Suddenly, she thought of something and asked Xia Moyan, “In my past life, did Xia Yu get heart disease because of me?”

“Well, no.” Xia Moyan explained. “She was naturally sickly, so that’s not related to you.”

In reality, although Xia Yu’s sickness had nothing to do with Xia Ling, the reason why she was abandoned was linked to her. That time, after their parents calculated that Xia Ling had a phoenix destiny, the first thing they did was to order someone to abandon her. However, there was someone who did not know the truth on the sidelines. He did not know about the small infant girl’s background, but seeing that she was beautiful and cute, he felt that she could be his son’s child bride and took her back home.

“You are a phoenix and have to be matched with someone who is a paulownia wood-type person. How can ordinary chickens and stray dogs be worthy of you?” Xia Moyan recalled an incident that happened in the past and said, “You were adopted by that family, and soon, something happened to their son. He fell down a mountain, broke both of his legs when he collided with rocks and became paralyzed from the waist down… What’s with that look? Don’t feel bad. They were never good to you in the first place. They fed you the most diluted porridge, dressed you in the dirtiest clothes, and caused a normal girl to look so frail.”

Xia Ling did not know that she suffered so much in her childhood.

No wonder her first full body check-up by the family doctor after she was adopted by Pei Ziheng showed that her body condition was not good because she did not receive enough nutrients from a young age. Even if she started to get more nutrients now, it could no longer make up for the lack of nutrients in the past. She initially thought that the family doctor was referring to the food in the orphanage, but it turned out that she was being starved from an earlier age.

Xia Moyan continued, “The wife of the family disliked you. She would hit and scold you until your body was covered in bruises. She would also scold you for being a curse to the family. There were many times when I could not stand it and wanted to bring you back, but father said that although it is tough for you to live outside, at least you had a chance to live. If you remained by your family, the whole family would perish.”

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