A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 346 - The Man in White

Chapter 346: The Man in White

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“However…” Xia Ling was still unconvinced.

“If you and he have feelings for each other, why do you have to be so calculative about that?” Rong Ping smiled. “I’m older than you by a few years, and since you call me your brother, I will just say a few words. Xiao Ling, you are too ambitious, and you want to settle everything by yourself. However, when both of you are together, both of your fates are linked as one.” He made a gesture of closing his hands together. “You have to get used to him affecting your life until you are completely relaxed about it. If you are too calculative about it, it will be impossible for you to stay together with him forever.”

What he said made Xia Ling speechless for a long time.

In the past, she had never thought of this question and only hoped to reach the top of the entertainment industry with her own strength.

In her past life, she ended up being greatly hurt because she was too dependent on men, but in this life… was she overdoing it? She recalled how hurt Li Lei was when she said she wanted to move out and leave Skyart.

Perhaps she should leave more room for him in her life?

She looked down at the coffee cup in her hand. The silky liquid gently rippled in the white porcelain cup just like her messy emotions. “I’m scared.” She confessed. “I’m scared that if I get too used to him being there, if we break up one day, everything will fall apart.”

Rong Ping smiled again. “This is because, maybe, your love for him has not yet reached the point of no regret even if disaster strikes. Xiao Ling, you are still very young, you can afford to be hurt. I’m sure you can completely devote yourself to love.”

Young? Can afford to be hurt?

Xia Ling smiled bitterly. If Rong Ping knew that she was reincarnated and that he had fewer years of life experience than her, what would he think? However, what he said made sense. So what if disaster struck? For her, Li Lei could even forsake his life and jump into the rapids to save her. Wasn’t a man like that deserving of her commitment and love?

“Brother Rong, thank you.” She lifted her head and said earnestly.

This conversation greatly changed her opinion of Rong Ping. Initially, she thought he was only a selfish and calculative man and did not expect him to have such wisdom.

Rong Ping said, “You’re welcome.” After that, they said goodbye in a friendly way.

Xia Ling had already been used to the life of a celebrity for a long time. Wrapping a long scarf around her neck and put on a hood and sunglasses, she only walked out of the cafe after her disguise was complete.

She pushed the door open and realized that it was snowing outside.

The first snow of the year came so early that people were caught off guard and unprepared for it. She stood on the wooden floor of the porch, supported herself using the handrail, and lifted her head up to look at the crystal clear snow gently descending, wetting her cheeks and hair ends. She looked at the white elves with some desire and asked, “What is Li Lei doing now?” Later, she would call him to tell him that it was snowing and it was very beautiful…

She was immersed in her thoughts and did not focus so she bumped into a man.

Xia Ling hurt the tip of her nose. When she looked up, she realized that the man was very tall and thin. He was wearing a white trench coat, white scarf, white gloves, and even the handle of his umbrella was white. He almost looked like he blended in with the snow.

Xia Ling was shocked by his sudden appearance.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized for the collision.

Her voice was crisp and sweet. It sounded like a sigh in the still snow, making hearts sway.

The man in front of her opened his mouth. “Young phoenix’s first cry.”

“What?” Xia Ling looked at him in confusion. Only then did she see the man’s facial features clearly. He had a thin nose and very delicate eyebrows. It was as if a master craftsman poured his heart and soul into constructing his face. He looked vaguely familiar…

At this time, she could not remember where she had seen him.

“Hello, my name is Xia Moyan.” The man introduced himself.

“Xia Moyan?” She desperately searched for his name in her memory but could not remember how she met this person. She could not help but feel uncertain. “Who are you? I don’t think we’ve met before?” After being a celebrity for so long, many people pretended to have encountered her before. They would come in rows or cars, so someone rushing up to her and introducing himself was not new.

However, perhaps because of his calm temperament or something else, Xia Ling felt like that she naturally had a sort of warm feeling towards him. No matter what, she did not feel that he was like a fan or part of the paparazzi.

The man lightly arched his lips to form a weak smile.

“I initially wanted to go to your home, but I will be leaving the city in a while so I could only come here to stop you.” He said. “Let’s talk as we walk?” Like Rong Ping, he had a gentle and elegant temperament, but he was even gentler like the snowflakes flowing down the corridor. He looked warm, but there was also a chilly feeling which hinted her not to underestimate him.

Xia Ling was even more uncertain. “Have you recognized the wrong person? Do you know who I am?” She did not take off the sunglasses on her face; thus, most people should not be able to recognize her.

That man’s voice was light and elegant. “I know who you are, Ye Xingling. Or, should I call you by another name. Xia Ling.”

Only then was Xia Ling truly and completely frightened.

“You… you.. you…” She stumbled. “Don’t talk rubbish! How could I be Xia Ling? That Xia Ling is already dead! Please make way, I’m in a rush and will be leaving first.”

After saying that, she walked around the man and rushed forward.

No matter who he was, someone who could see through her secret with one look was too scary. She only wanted to bury her past life’s unfortunate history in her heart and never mention it again.

Born in two worlds.

How did this man in front of her know about this astonishing secret?!

Xia Ling was so scared that her face turned pale and she stumbled as she ran forward.

That man grabbed hold of her and continued to speak in that light and elegant voice. “It’s slippery during a snow day. Don’t run recklessly like that across the road.”

“None of your business!” She fiercely glared at him.

“I’m your brother.” He stated.

Ah… What? Xia Ling was startled again and only felt as if she were hit by lightning. What did this man say?! He… He was her brother?! He looked very young and was probably about twenty-eight or twenty-nine years old. Xia Ling really wanted to ask him whether he was her brother in this life or her past life. In this life, she had no brother in the Ye Family, and in her past life… if she weren’t dead, her brother would be thirty, so this alleged brother was not old enough?!


Her thoughts changed as she looked at his delicate and elegant face. Suddenly, she realized why he looked so familiar. His appearance kind of resembled the way she looked like in her past life!

Xia Ling’s mind was in a mess.

Xia Moyan guided her towards the corridor to avoid the hordes of people from knocking her on the street. “Are you sure you want to continue standing and talking to me here, Xia Ling?” His last two words sounded very familiar, and it was like he knew her for thousands of years.

Xia Ling felt faint and did not how she arrived at the tea room with Xia Moyan. They sat in a box which was the most insulated from sound.

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