A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 345 - Should She Reject It

Chapter 345: Should She Reject It

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Even so, Li Lei always said that impersonating others was very fun.

However, she knew that he said that because he did not want her to feel guilty or worried.

After thinking about it, Xia Ling lifted her head and said to Lin Yunan, “Thank them for their good intentions but reject them.”

Lin Yunan wanted to rush up and kill the adulterous couple. Was she only listening to her lover now? Did the opposite sex have any humanity? After getting a boyfriend, had she forgotten about the important things… In short, Lin Yunan was furious and hot-tempered. “Do you know that this is a very good opportunity? Movie King Rong and you can maintain being a hot topic for a year. In this year, you can also promote your album and organize concerts and invite Rong Ping as a guest… After more a year, when you announce that you’ve broken up with Rong Ping, your status would have already been increased four or five times! If you are lucky, this means a big sum of money! This would take you levels beyond Xia Yu and Luo Luo!”

“Brother Lin, your tea.” Luo Luo quietly appeared from behind him.

Lin Yunan was speechless.

Xia Ling was speechless.

Li Lei did not know how to respond.

Hey, Lin Yunan, was it really good to insult someone in their presence?

Lin Yunan was truly a thug. His expression did not even change as he took the cup from her calmly. “Thank you,” he said to Luo Luo.

Luo Luo looked at him seriously and said, “I’m not going to lag behind Xiao Ling.”

“Yes, you have to put in the effort to try to catch up to Xiao Ling.” Lin Yunan said seriously.

“Yes! I will do my best!” Luo Luo raised her fist. “Xiao Ling, I won’t lose to you!” After saying that, she picked the empty cups on the table and left.

“This is also Luo Luo…” Xia Ling sighed. “If it were someone else, she would probably poison you.”

“Don’t change the subject!” Lin Yunan cleared his throat and continued. “No matter what, this opportunity is excellent. Li Lei, if you really love Xiao Ling, you won’t hinder her from doing her job.”

“Don’t say that. I won’t shoot.” Xia Ling did not like it when others spoke to Li Lei like that. Although Li Lei looked like he had a good temper, he did not like to be lectured by others. He had already done a lot for her, and now, she was only making a small sacrifice for him.

“Lin Yunan,” she said. “We have already sustained the gossip with Rong Ping for very long. I don’t feel anything towards him, and I can’t even be ordinary friends with him. I’m sure you know that. I don’t want this dull relationship to continue any longer. Besides,” She looked at Li Lei and smiled. “I have decided to reconcile with Li Lei.”


Li Lei did not think that she would say something like that and brightened his eyes.

Lin Yunan frowned more deeply. “You’re going to reconcile at this time? That’s not a good idea.”

“Who cares about the time when you like someone.” Xia Ling grabbed Li Lei’s hand.

Seeing her determined expression, Lin Yunan knew that she had made up her mind. He was about to explode. If he knew that this was about to happen, he would have talked to Xiao Ling about it when Li Lei was not there and settle the situation by making her meet the film crew before letting him know. However, he was too late to change anything now. Standing up, he said, “Only this one time. Ye Xingling, the next time you reject a job because of your relationship, I will fire you!”

After saying that, he left without looking back.

Looking at his back view disappear, Li Lei softly whispered. “What’s with his outburst? Many people want to be our Xiao Ling’s manager. Xiao Ling, if he dares to fire you, come back with me to Skyart Entertainment.”

Xia Ling was speechless. Big Boss, I can’t believe you dare to engage in such wishful thinking.

The next few days were calm.

Extraordinary Risks was successful, and the last episode generated record-breaking ratings.

In the officially launched speed-dating group voting, Rong Ping and Xia Ling were always voted as the most popular duo. In second place was Xia Ling and Zheng Chenhao, and in third place was Luo Luo and Bai Murong. As for Xia Yu? She was far behind.

Xia Yu’s fans were upset and complained that the show was rigged.

However, Xia Ling’s performance was really eye-catching. Those people in the top three positions were also very outstanding. As for Xia Yu’s performance? Compared to the other two female stars, she had the least connection with the other three male stars, and it was only natural that she ended up at the bottom. Thus, most of the audience did not believe that the show was rigged but sympathized with innocent Xia Ling who was sabotaged. Many people stood up and defended her online to debunk that narrative.

Xia Yu was very resentful and cursed Xia Ling ceaselessly in her heart, but she could not do anything about it.

On the other hand, although the show had ended, Xia Ling was still a hot topic. She also met with Rong Ping every other day to get photographed and was waiting for the right time to let the topic slowly fade away.

Today, Rong Ping invited her to a cafe.

“I haven’t congratulated you yet.” He said. “After receiving the role of the demon princess in the movie I’m acting in, I really look forward to our cooperation in the future.”

However, Xia Ling was stunned. “Demon princess? Haven’t I rejected it?” After she said that, she realized that she acted rather rude. “I didn’t it mean it like that…”

Rong Ping only smiled and stopped her from explaining further. “It looks like you still don’t know. Li Lei looked for me and discussed it with me. After a few days, I will tell the media that we are only friends. You will only be invited as a friend participating in the movie.”

How could Rong Ping be so agreeable?

Xia Ling confusedly looked at him. “What sort of benefits are you gaining from this?”

“Just think of it as me doing a good deed.” Rong Ping smiled and lifted his cup of coffee, the smoky mist masking his distressed expression. In reality, he did not understand why he was so nice to the girl in front of him. Being her friend… was also good. It would prevent him from falling deeper and deeper until he could not extricate himself.

Xia Ling replied, “Thank you.”

“If you want to thank someone, thank Li Lei.” Rong Ping was smart and knew that since he could not get the girl, he should do her a favor and give her a good impression of him. “Li Lei couldn’t bear for you to give up on this role and used a very good job to bribe me. He wanted me to recommend you to the crew as a friend.” In reality, this role was up for public selection. Even if Li Lei bypassed Rong Ping and went to ask the crew direction, there was nothing wrong with it.

However, Li Lei looked for Rong Ping.

Because this role was first introduced to her by Rong Ping.

Li Lei did that to avoid offending him.

Rong Ping lamented how thoughtful Big Boss Li was and took another sip of coffee. “So, don’t feel guilty. I won’t be disadvantaged by this exchange.”

Only then did Xia Ling relax.

However, she felt that she owed Li Lei something. She left Skyart Entertainment for her own independence, but now she had to rely on his help behind-the-scenes. Rong Ping was a veteran in the industry, and after interacting with her for so long, he more or less knew her character and could tell what she was thinking about. “Speaking of it, if it weren’t him, our love affair plan wouldn’t have ended so quickly. I will still recommend you for this role, so don’t think too much as this doesn’t really count as relying on him to advance in your career.”

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