A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 344 - Trojan Horse

Chapter 344: Trojan Horse

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Xia Ling warned herself in her heart not to be corrupted by a trojan horse.

However, that trojan horse did not notice anything. After he brewed the tea, he leaned over, held her in his arms, and carefully fed her the tea. “How’s the taste?” His voice was very gentle. “I added some mint, chamomile, and honey. You hurt your lungs in the past few days, so you need more moisture.”

Xia Ling’s entire body was soft…

Forget it, so what if he were a trojan horse? She should enjoy it while it lasted.Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying. In her heart, she recited the verses of a poem. Two hands that were stained with syrup touched Big Boss.

He did not mind her at all and even fed her a little homemade mint chamomile tea. After that, he slowly used a wet cloth to clean her dirty hands. “I told you not to open the honey jar,” he said as he wiped her hands. “It’s so slimy and uncomfortable.”

“I don’t mind.” Xia Ling turned around in his arms and lifted another hand to touch him. The water temperature was very suitable, and Big Boss’s movements were very gentle. She was like a cat being stroked. She half closed her eyes and enjoyed the service from her “servant.”

When Lin Yunan walked in, he saw this exact scene.

The kitten named Xia Ling was in such a relaxed position. Her face was lazy and proud as she instructed the Big Boss. “Go to the other side a bit more… A little more… Yes, it’s a little sticky here. Scratch me a bit behind the ears. My hands are wet. Yes… use more strength…”

Lin Yunan was in a mess.

He had already seen the image of the 24-year-old Big Boss Li being a submissive male in front of Xia Ling, but the scene in front of him lowered his impression of him. Li Lei, aren’t you supposed to be the emperor of the night in the city? Isn’t it rumored that you are cold, cruel, and violent? Why do you look like a slave now?! Can’t you show some backbone and give yourself some respect as a man? Can you not flatter your wife… no, girlfriend… no, titleless prospective girlfriend so much?!

It was as if 10,000 horses ran across Lin Yunan’s heart.

However, Luo Luo who brought him in did not find it strange. “Brother Lin, do you want me to brew some tea for you? Xiao Ling likes sweet things, so many are not used to drinking her tea.”

Lin Yunan quietly looked at the table next to the recliner. Water from the basin was sprinkled everywhere. What she drank was half honey and half tea.

It was too horrible to look at.

“Give me a glass of plain water.” He had reached the end of his patience.

The hospitable Luo Luo acknowledged him and went to get him a glass.

Only then did the pair on the terrace discover his existence. Li Lei was displeased. “Why are you here?”

“All of you are here, so why can’t I be here?” Lin Yunan said in annoyance. He was Xiao Ling’s manager and at least had a title, unlike her tactless boyfriend. He casually sat down in front of them on a cane chair and interrupted them. “I have something to discuss with Xiao Ling.”

Big Boss fed Xia Ling dinner, supper, fruits, and tea. She felt a little drowsy now, but could not help but sit up and stretch her body. In a daze, she asked, “What is it?”

“It’s regarding something that Jimmy asked you in the morning.” Lin Yunan was single and did not like to see their show of love, so he wished to settle this as fast as possible. “They invited you to participate in that movie. I have learned that those involved, including the scriptwriter and production staff, are all bigshots and famous in the industry. Although your role doesn’t require much acting skill, you have to look beautiful. Aren’t there internet trolls criticizing that you are not beautiful enough…”

“Who said that Xiao Lingi is not beautiful enough?!” Big Boss interrupted, clearly upset.

“Be honest, do you think she is prettier than Xia Yu?”

“She is more attractive than Xia Yu!”

Lin Yunan was silent. There was no way to argue with him. Love was blind, and beauty was in the eye of the beholder.

However, Xia Ling was very happy and looked at the Big Boss with sparkling eyes. “Really?”

“Definitely, I swear on my conscience.” Big Boss Li swore.

Lin Yunan could not bear to look at them and loudly coughed to stop them from digressing. “Not everyone has such… special taste as you, Li Lei. Anyway, to make the internet trolls and haters shut up, you have to prove that you can make a living through your appearance by acting in this meaningful role.”

“Sure.” Xia Ling nodded.

Extraordinary Risks was very successful, and she was the most dazzling out of the three celebrities. She was full of charm and had endless stage presence throughout the show, so her popularity increased. However, there were also some critics who argued that her facial features were not as outstanding as Xia Yu’s and her appearance lacked value.

Of course, many of the haters were Xia Yu’s fans.

However, Lin Yunan wanted to suppress these trolls.

“Have you accepted Jimmy’s offer?” Xia Ling asked.

“Yes,” Lin Yunan said. “It’s only a ‘flower vase’ role, and you don’t even need to have a formal audition. I will take you to have tea with the assistant director responsible for the selection and that’s about it. The real challenge of this role is behind-the-scenes. Many female celebrities are eyeing it, so it really depends on who has the best backing and the most authority.”

Xia Ling nodded. She did not mind accepting this job as a small role since it would not take up much of her time and would not affect her putting most of her effort into making music. She could also increase her popularity, so why not?

However, Li Lei questioned. “Why did Jimmy invite Xiao Ling for this?”

Lin Yunan smiled a little crudely. “Rong Ping.”

Li Lei immediately understood his intentions. This was to continue the topic of Xiao Ling and Rong Ping. “No way, you can’t accept this.” Li Lei was unhappy and looked at Xiao Ling. “Xiao Ling, what role do you need to play? I’ll invest in you and tailor a movie to suit you. What’s that compared to a small supporting role in Rong Ping’s movie?”

Lin Yunan’s heartbeat started to accelerate. How vulgar was this person who only knew how to use money?

The unbearably vulgar Big Boss looked at Xia Ling with anticipation and hoped that she would say “no.”

Xia Ling was originally not very intelligent, and after a meal, she did not bother to think and completely forgot about the circulating news about her and Rong Ping. Considering the time, if she accepted this role, the buzz about her and Rong Ping could be sustained for a year more. That meant that she and Li Lei…

She glanced at Li Lei.

Big Boss looked extremely wronged. “I don’t want to keep spending my days in hiding.”

After some thought, she realized that it was really hard on him during this period of time. He always accommodated her timeline and braved a lot of hardship. Usually, he would be only seeing her in the car as he impersonated a driver or in the hospital when he impersonated a doctor. Every time he visited the apartment, he would always pretend to check the water meter or acted like he was delivering food to the neighbors upstairs…

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