A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 348 - Bloodline

Chapter 348: Bloodline

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It was actually this scary.

Xia Ling unconsciously bit her lip and quietly listened to him.

Xia Moyan said, “When you were three years old, the wife of the family became pregnant again. Unexpectedly, she gave birth to a baby girl with severe congenital heart disease. Thus, your fates were sealed. You and that sick baby girl, Xia Yu, were abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage.”

After that, he slowly took a sip of his tea and peacefully looked at her. “Xiao Ling, you have always treated Xia Yu as your biological sister, but actually, she’s not your blood-related sister. You are part of the Xia Family’s most esteemed bloodline and are my biological sister, but she is only from an ordinary family.”

“Does Xia Yu know about this?” Xia Ling asked.

“She doesn’t.” Xia Moyan said. “The person I’m looking for is you, not her.”

“Why are you looking for me?” Xia Ling did not understand. “Brother… I should call you ‘brother,’ right? Didn’t you say that I’m destined to be alone and can’t be with my family? Why did you come to meet with me?”

Xia Moyan replied, “That’s because you have reached nirvana after you died. In your next life, the punishment was reduced, so although you have encountered many disasters in this life, it is better than your death sentence from your past life. It’s fine that I’m visiting you and drinking tea with you.”

So that’s why.

She was silent again and tried her best to digest what he said. This sudden meeting with her long lost sibling solved all the mysteries of her past. Her life was too bizarre and inconceivable such that she felt that she was in a dream.

She looked at the man in front of her. His face was pale yet elegant and was slightly similar to her past life. He had a calm temperament which made people believe whatever he said unknowingly. Whether she was destined to be a phoenix or alone, she could not help but accept the truth… Besides, she had already experienced being reincarnated, and if Xia Moyan did not appear, how could she explain the strange situation that happened to her?

Xia Moyan did not disturb her. He calmly drank his tea as he waited for her to accept the truth.

After a long time, Xia Ling lifted her head.

“So what if I know about all of this?” She said. “It’s all in the past and will only create more trouble for me.” She already made up her mind not to pursue the truth about her past a long time ago and only wanted to live her life peacefully. Now that she had Li Lei and was near the sunlight that belonged her, happiness was almost in her hands.

As long as she looked towards the future, there would be hope.


Suddenly, she remembered something and became anxious. “You said that I was destined to be alone. Will it affect Li Lei?”

Opposite the table, the pale man slowly opened his mouth. “You did not affect him, or more specifically, your fates are already tied together.” He pointed at her neck.

Xia Ling questioningly lowered her head and touched her neck. She was wearing an amulet. It was dark red and made of paulownia wood. It had an old and simple design like a cheap tourist souvenir. She took it down and asked, “What’s the problem with this?”

“I suppose Li Lei hasn’t told you.” Looking at her expression, Xia Moyan knew that she was clueless. “I helped him make this amulet. It contains half of the blood in his body, and after my blessing, he will now share the burden of your disasters. Half of the disasters that were bestowed upon you by the heavens will be transferred to him.”

Only then was Xia Ling fully shocked.

What did he say? It turned out that this amulet was not some cheap souvenir but was created using half of Li Lei’s blood?! It was even sharing her burden with him?! “How… could he be so reckless?!” At once, Xia Ling heart was a wreck of emotions including heartbreak and anger. “Is this something to joke about? He doesn’t want his life anymore!”

“Perhaps he is your paulownia wood.” Xia Moyan said. “Nine days after the phoenix rises, it has no choice but to rest. Only if she meets the destined person will she able to get through tough times and live to old age. “If he is the right person, you will have no danger in this life, but if he is the wrong person,” Xia Moyan’s voice was as light as smoke. “Both of you will die.”

“What do you mean by that?” Xia Ling glared at him. “I don’t want Li Lei to die. Since you made this amulet, I’m sure you can undo the blessing too. Please quickly undo it! I don’t want Li Lei to share my burden!”

As she said, she stuffed the amulet into his hands.

As her slender fingers touched his hand, she felt that they were cold and lifeless.

Xia Moyan looked at her deeply. “You really want to undo it?”

“Definitely!” Xia Ling did not want Li Lei to make such a big sacrifice for her. He was a privileged person, so how could she let him be dragged down by her fate? She could bear all of the disasters alone.

The man in white lowered his eyes and looked at the dark red amulet in the palm of his hand.

“I beg you. You must undo the blessing.” She pleaded.

Xia Moyan looked up. “I need to do something secret. Xia Ling, please leave for a while. Later, I will call you in again.”

Xia Ling quickly nodded and left.

Outside, her emotions were in a mess. Her phone rang. Li Lei had messaged her. [Xiao Ling, it’s snowing. Look.]

Attached was a photo of him smiling with Er Mao. There was boundless snow in the background.

There was a lump in Xia Ling’s throat. This man always alerted her about good things and never his troubles. He always showed her the bright side of things but bore all of the pain himself.

When she thought of that, she recalled that she dismissed the amulet as ugly and sarcastically mocked that it was a cheap souvenir. However, although he tightened his brows, he did not say anything. Since he met Xia Moyan and asked for this amulet, he must know that she was fated to be alone but did not tell her because he did not want to scare her.

Even if she was disgusted and insulted him.

He tolerated everything and took care of her warmly as usual.

Xia Ling did not dare to imagine how she would be enraged and get into an argument with the person who wasted something that she kowtowed as she made her way up from the foot of the mountain and used half of the blood in her body to make. But Li Lei? How much did he bear without her knowing?

She blew her nose and viciously replied:[Li Lei, you’re a big jerk!]

In a flash, he immediately messaged back.[What happened? Throwing such a tantrum… Has anyone bullied you? I’ll help you vent your anger.]

[You bullied me!]She was about to cry.

[How have I bullied you?]He was confused.[How about I bring some snacks back for you? Did I take the photo well? Where are you? I’ll come over so you can bully me back and vent your anger on me, ok?]

Her tears fell out and she turned off her phone.

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