A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 318 - Breakfast with Love

Chapter 318: Breakfast with Love

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“Rong Ping! It’s Rong Ping!” Luo Luo’s eyes were sharp and recognized the man immediately. “This is great. Xiao Ling will be saved! Big Brother Rong is really a good person.”

How is he a good person? Bai Murong sneered in his heart. If Rong Ping were really a good person, why didn’t he choose Xiao Ling from the start? He was the one who invited Zheng Chenhao to save Xia Yu together. At that time, he didn’t even care about Xiao Ling. He was probably only going back to Xiao Ling now after seeing that her performance was so good that the director even allocated the best camera to shoot her.

Only a silly and innocent girl like Luo Luo would believe that he was a good person.

Bai Murong touched Luo Luo’s head with some affection and said, “Sit tight.” He started to ride the bicycle again.

At the very end of the group.

Xia Ling bowed her head as she carried the bag and walked forward.

She heard everything from the walkie-talkie and knew very well that Rong Ping would definitely take this opportunity to return to her side. Otherwise, what was the significance of this alliance?

Thus, she was not very surprised when the weight was lifted off her shoulders.

She lifted her head and beamed at him. “You came.” She spoke as if she predicted the future.

Rong Ping was very tall and easily carried the backpack in his hands. “Why does your royal highness not seem surprised at all?” As he spoke, both of them walked together side by side.

“Why should I be surprised?” Xia Ling blinked. “I’m the true princess.”

“Yes. I have the best taste.” Rong Ping also smiled for the occasion.

Although both of them were not as refreshing and lively as Bai Murong and Luo Luo, a subtle sincerity was established through this dull and short conversation which had hidden meanings. This pair was completely different from Luo Luo’s group. If Luo Luo’s group was lively and refreshing, Rong Ping and Xia Ling would be calmer.

In reality, Xia Ling could not be lively even if she wanted to because she was with someone like Rong Ping. He was… a piece of wood. Xia Ling felt very bored as she evaluated him.

However, walking with him was better than walking alone as Rong Ping was doing the laborious work.

She tried to start a conversation with him. “Will Xia Yu be upset because you came to help me?” She knew her sister very well. Even though she appeared kind and weak, she was very calculative inside. Otherwise, she would not have hated her sister so much in her past life. Now, although it was just a small show, was losing a knight enough to make her crazily jealous?

Rong Ping responded, “She has Zheng Chenhao to accompany her, so she’ll be fine.” After seeing Xia Ling’s performance, he compared it to Xia Yu’s inferior acting. In reality, Xia Yu’s acting was not bad, but Movie King Rong felt that it was full of flaws.

Rong Ping was already completely attracted to Xia Ling. Xia Yu was like a floating cloud to him.

Both of them chatted as they walked, and the cameraman followed behind them. One was a Movie King and the other was a Diva in her past life. Both of them knew which were their best angles in front of the camera. Not only was their front-view flawless, but even their back-view was also fully coordinated. The cameraman did not have to put in much effort to shoot many beautiful scenes.

They were the last group to reach the castle.

After they reached the castle, the cameraman turned off the camera.

Rong Ping turned around and said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The cameraman politely replied, “It’s my job.” He happily bid them farewell and went into the castle to set up a new camera position.

This place was said to be a castle, but it was actually just a luxury villa with a large swimming pool, garden, lawn for barbecue, and other amenities. When Xia Ling and Rong Ping entered the villa, the other two groups were already there. The cameraman took a few shots of the rooms that the groups were assigned to and left.

Only then did the celebrities who worked hard for a day relax.

“Xiao Ling, where is your room?” Luo Luo asked.

Xia Ling was exhausted. Today was the most taxing for her as she cleared the stages alone and even walked for such a long distance. She had also fallen into the water and her body was very sticky. Thus, she bluntly told Luo Luo, “The third last room on the second floor. Don’t disturb me. Go play by yourself. I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed after a shower.” After saying that, she walked to her room in a trance-like state.

The third last room wasn’t a good room. It faced the north, and it was a little wet and cold in the early autumn night.

However, at that point, Xia Ling could not be bothered anymore. She hurriedly took a shower, changed into her pajamas, and fell asleep on the bed.

Sometime later, she awoke to the cell phone ringing.

She grabbed it in a daze. “Hello?”

“Are you sleeping?” It was Li Lei at the other end, speaking in a gentle and pleasant tone. “Are you that tired?” He was aware of her daily routine. It was only eight in the evening, and it was a long time before it was time for her to sleep. Filming the variety show was probably very difficult today.

“Yes. Don’t disturb me…” She heard him and mumbled. “I’m hanging up because I’m exhausted.”

After that, she hung up the phone and fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, she heard a knocking sound.

“Who is it?” She asked after being awoken by it.

“Room service.” It was clearly Lin Yunan’s voice.

Xia Ling did not know what kind of tricks were up his sleeve and asked him to wait at the door. She quickly put on a jacket and a pair of slippers before opening the door. Sure enough, Lin Yunan was at the doorway, and he was holding a white tray in his hands.

“When did you start working as a part-time waiter?” Xia Ling let him in.

“Do you think I want to be one?” Lin Yunan was annoyed as he put the tray on the table. “Someone is afraid that you’re working too hard and eating poorly, so they specially made breakfast and sent it to you.”

“Who?” Xia Ling did not think that Lin Yunan would be so nice.

Lin Yunan gave her a contemptuous look. “Look at it yourself.”

She opened the tray lid and immediately understood. Inside it was a bowl of fragrant millet porridge, a few plates of side dishes, and a small card with a large heart drawn on it.

“Li Lei came?” She recognized his craftsmanship and handwriting.

“He stopped his car nearby but did not come in because he was scared of being recognized.” Lin Yunan did not hide anything from her. “I’m supposed to ensure that you eat well and show my discontentment towards your shoot yesterday.”

“What is he dissatisfied about?” Xia Ling entered the bathroom and brushed her teeth as she asked incoherently.

“The program group is not caring much about you, and I haven’t been able to defend your rights properly.” Lin Yunan stole a piece of her pickled cucumber with soy sauce. “It’s pretty good. Can you ask him to cook more next time?”

“Aren’t you afraid that he will poison you?” Xia Ling smiled. Big Boss already disliked his management, but he still felt at ease and justified.

“Say that again after I’ve been poisoned.” Lin Yunan did not care at all. “However, what he said makes sense. Yesterday, we were too careless. Can you guess what Jimmy told me? It was Xia Yu who messaged Rong Ping and asked him to cooperate with her.”

Xia Yu?

Xia Ling was shocked and stopped washing her face for a moment.

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