A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 319 - The Secret Surrounding The Crystal

Chapter 319: The Secret Surrounding The Crystal

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Why was Xia Yu haunting her for two lifetimes?

Xia Ling was very depressed. Logically speaking, she did not even owe her much in her past life. What was with this back and forth sabotaging with no end? She scratched her head irritably and viciously said, “Is there any way to solve this problem once and for all so that she won’t cause me trouble anymore?”

“Xia Yu?” Lin Yunan laughed. “It’s simple. Just ask Li Lei to kill her, chop her up, and separate her body parts. If you don’t like Rong Ping, you can do the same to him.”

Xia Ling was speechless. Why did she feel that her manager could help Li Lei in the triad if he stopped his career in the entertainment industry? An image of him wearing sunglasses and holding an AK47 appeared in her mind. The look actually suited him.

She came out of the bathroom and bitterly competed with Lin Yunan for breakfast.

Lin Yunan had almost finished the entire plate of pickled cucumbers, but he did not touch the remaining few side dishes and millet porridge. “That guy really worries about you. Did he cook porridge for you because he found out that you didn’t eat last night? Judging by the warmth of this porridge, he probably cooked it and drove here from the city in a few hours… Oh, it’s true love.”

Xia Ling looked at the time. It was only seven in the morning.

This meant that Li Lei got up very early in the morning so that he could quickly bring her the porridge.

There was a sudden sour feeling in her heart. Even if he sent her porridge, he could not even see her. He could only pass it to her manager and ask about her. After that, he had to return to the city alone.

The delicious dishes suddenly became difficult to swallow.

“What now? Is your heart aching?” Lin Yunan observed her expression change. “Instead of being touched, how about you use this time to eat more while the food is hot? Don’t waste his effort. This porridge is good for the stomach and is much better than the bread slices provided by the show team.”

Conditions when filming outdoors were usually difficult. At the cafeteria downstairs, many artistes and staff members were eating bread pieces with jam and vegetables. The food was cold and uncomfortable for the stomach.

After hearing what he said, Xia Ling carefully finished all the porridge and side dishes.

Only then did Lin Yunan get down to business. “However, you’re right. Xia Yu really went too far this time. We can’t let her off so easily. How about we collaborate with Luo Luo’s group? Let’s give Xia Yu a taste of her own medicine during the next event when you look for clues for the crown.”

Xia Ling agreed wholeheartedly and quickly nodded.

Lin Yunan happily liaised with a few other people and those involved, including Luo Luo, naturally had no objection.

Everyone gathered downstairs in the living room at eight.

Dressed as a clown, the emcee bounced out again and announced the rules to the six artistes. “There are a total of ten clues for… clues that will help you find the crystal crown, and they are scattered in the castle.”

What? Clues for clues that will help them find the crystal crown?

Everyone was about to go crazy. The show team was really too cruel.

Luo Luo wailed and covered her face with her hands. “This is bad. I have a premonition that this will be a very long task.”

Bai Murong smiled and rubbed her shoulders. “Don’t worry. I’m here.”

These two people behaved lovingly like no one was there. On the other hand, the emcee continued, “These ten clues are written on ten separate cards. As long as you find the cards and follow the instructions written on them, you would definitely be able to find the true clues for the crystal crown! Good luck!”

The clown danced with joy to give them some encouragement.

Xia Ling was a little dizzy from the confusion. “Does that mean that through these ten cards, we will be able to finally get the true clues regarding the crystal crown?”

“That’s right! Ten more points for princess Xiao Ling!” The clown mischievously winked at her.

“So what if I get ten more points?” Since when did this show go by a point system?

“You can get more chicken wings for your lunch.”

Xia Ling was speechless.

The duos dispersed to look for the cards.

In the corner of her eye, Xia Ling saw that Xia Yu and Zheng Chenhao were walking to the second floor, and she could not help but think that there was a better chance of looking for clues on the second floor than the first floor. While she was preoccupied with her thoughts, Rong Ping had already asked her, “What are you thinking about?”

“That was someone who graduated from Cambridge.” Xia Ling pointed to the location that Xia Yu was walking towards.

Rong Ping smiled. “Do you know where I graduated from?”


“Stanford. Ph.D.” Rong Ping’s voice was faint.

Xia Ling was stunned. It was a famous school, and also the most prestigious school in the world. He also had a Ph.D. from that school?! This made her feel inferior as she did not even go to university. “You’re someone who could rely on your IQ and make a living.” She paused for a long time before continuing, “Why join the entertainment industry and rely on your face?”

After being praised by her, Rong Ping felt satisfied and pleased. “Who said I rely on my looks to make a living? Let’s go. I will take you to find the clues, and I guarantee that we will be faster than them.” He felt that the girl in front of him was quite cute. After he revealed his academic qualifications, she finally looked up to him a bit. That was the right thing to do. Any girl who was with him should worship him.

However, Rong Ping did not know that it was a misunderstanding. An enormous misunderstanding.

Xia Ling was really just randomly stating her thoughts. Worship? In her past life, Pei Ziheng had a pile of shiny degrees and titles attached to his name, and she was already numb to this sort of thing. She also met Li Lei in this lifetime, and although she did not know his qualifications, from their usual conversations, that man was insanely profound.

Since she was surrounded by these elite people, Rong Ping was not anyone special.

The only thing she did not understand was why they chose to join the entertainment industry after achieving such high academic qualifications.

If she were still the Diva in her past life, she would definitely not allow her sister Xia Yu to become a singer. Why didn’t Rong Ping’s family care more about him? That was the main reason why Xia Ling was shocked.

Unfortunately, Movie King Rong was unable to hear her inner thoughts.

He said, “That top Cambridge graduate may not necessarily be able to find the right direction. Come with me and let this doctoral student take you to the location of the card.” He meant what he said. Both of them walked into a room. After searching for a while, they found a card in a notebook beside the bed.

“It’s an easy job.” Rong Ping was elegant, but there was some complacency in his voice.

Xia Ling took the card and read it. “Roses surround the secret of the crystal.”

“Roses?” Rong Ping pondered. “There is a rose garden in the backyard.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” She kept the card and walked towards the rose garden. “Let’s quickly go there.”

However, after taking a look at the rose garden, they realized that… because it was autumn, there were no roses in the rose garden, and after searching it, they found nothing.

It seemed that a doctorate student was not any better.

Xia Ling felt like vomiting but realized that she also could not figure out the direction, so she resisted it resentfully.

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