A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 317 - Knight Rebellion Time

Chapter 317: Knight Rebellion Time

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After the transportation devices were distributed, she felt even more laden with grief.

Xia Yu’s team was first, so her mode of transportation was a motorcycle that three people could ride on. Zheng Chenhao drove the vehicle while Rong Ping sat in the back seat. The spacious and comfortable seat beside him was reserved for Xia Yu. As Xia Yu sat on it feebly, she gave Xia Ling and Luo Luo a soft, apologetic smile. “I’ll make a move first.”

“We will catch up to you!” Luo Luo was unwilling to accept defeat.

Xia Yu obviously did not believe her and even looked a little condescending as she replied, “I really look forward to it.”

Zheng Chenhao drove the motorcycle away.

Luo Luo’s team which was in second place received a bicycle as their vehicle. After Bai Murong rode it handsomely and gestured for Luo Luo to sit at the back seat, Luo Luo grabbed his waist tightly for support. This couple had a sweet and refreshing style like high school lovers. The show team had already predicted that this pair would definitely cause a craze among young people.

Xia Ling was last.

She received… a piece of paper.

Yes, there was no mistake. It was only a piece of paper.

“Princess Xiao Ling is in the last place.” The clown bounced around as he spoke. “The one in the last place has no vehicle. The only mode of transport you have is this map and your legs.” After that, he smiled widely.

Xia Ling was about to cry. They wanted her to walk to the castle? After opening the map, she realized that the designated location was not very far away but also not very near. Three kilometers! She had to walk three kilometers!

The clown also handed her a large backpack. “Princess Xiao Ling, take this. You and the other two groups will have to stay in the castle. This backpack has a few necessities that you need to take with you.”

Alright, this was not just a long trek. It was a long, burdensome trek…

At this moment, Xia Ling was speechless.

Actually, the two groups in front also received backpacks. Every person had a backpack, so it was fair. However, Xia Yu and Luo Luo both had transportation and could easily transport the backpack unlike her, who had to carry the backpack and walk by herself.

She did not know what the show team had put inside the backpack as it was rather heavy.

Xia Ling trudged ahead. Her physical strength was not bad for a girl, and this small matter could not bring her down, but she had just cleared the previous stages by herself. Thus, she had used up a lot of her energy and did not have time to replenish it.

She did not make it far before her speed started to decrease and felt that her legs were getting heavier.

Not far away, Luo Luo, who was sitting behind Bai Murong on the bicycle, looked back with some concern. “Murong, cycle slower. Xiao Ling looks very tired. Is there any way we can help her?”

Bai Murong stopped the bicycle by effortlessly placing his slender legs on the ground and looked back.

He saw that Xia Ling was alone at the furthest end of the road. She was walking with difficulty as she stumbled over her footsteps. Li Lei had instructed Bai Murong to take more care of Xia Ling during the show. Now that the girl that his Big Boss loved so much was so tired, how could he be a bystander?

“Director! Emcee!” Bai Murong took out the walkie-talkie that the show provided and exclaimed. “Can we put Xiao Ling’s backpack on our bicycle? We can’t torture princess Luo Luo’s squirrel like that.”

“Haha.” A few staff members laughed. After interacting with Luo Luo for some time, even Bai Murong became cute.

“You can’t do that.” From the other end, the clown’s cheery voice was heard. “This is against the rules. A knight can only help his own princess, and a princess can’t help her competitors.”

Xia Yu’s group which was ahead also heard their conversation.

Although they were riding on a motorcycle, their speed was not very fast, so the show could get good shots of them. It was moving at a speed faster than a turtle which only exceeded the bicycle. After hearing the news, Xia Yu turned back to look at Xia Ling’s weary figure.

“How pitiful!” A pretentious and sympathetic look appeared on her face. “Are we really not allowed to help her? I also really want to help her.” Besides, the clown already said that no one could help her. Xia Yu was only trying to show how compassionate she was through her words.

What she said disgusted Rong Ping.

The Movie King was skilled at acting. Did Xia Yu think that her little trick would escape his eyes? If she really wanted to help, she would have voluntarily asked the emcee like Luo Luo’s group. Why did she have to make sarcastic comments after it was clear that help was not allowed?

He also turned around to look at Xia Ling.

It was a clear day. The autumn sun shined on the girl’s thin figure. She was carrying a very big camping backpack which was as heavy as a rock, and she was shrouded by the shadow of the mountain.

Rong Ping felt inexplicably distressed, and his expression darkened a little.

The director switched the camera position to film his group just in time. “Oh my, there is drama.” Speed-dating shows were meant to have some suspense which included breakups, reconciliation, and more breakups. It would be boring if the couples stayed together from the start to the end. Now that the game had progressed to this stage, it was time for some change. He gestured to the clown.

The clown raised his microphone. “However, there is a way to save princess Xiao Ling!” He dragged his words, slightly paused, and was satisfied after realizing that everyone was listening to him carefully. “It is knight rebellion time! What exactly is knight rebellion time? Well, everyone knows that only one princess out of the three is real. The knights maintain their right to be suspicious. Once they feel that their princess is fake and another princess is real, they can then rebel!”

“Does this mean that the knight can choose another princess to protect?” Luo Luo was the first to respond.

“That’s right, our smart princess Luo Luo!” The clown praised her.

“Murong, Murong.” Luo Luo tugged on Bai Murong’s sleeve. “How about you go to Xiao Ling’s side? I can ride the bicycle myself. It is really too difficult for Xiao Ling to carry the backpack herself.”

“My princess, are you chasing me away?” Bai Murong exclaimed exaggeratedly, placed his hand on his chest, and gave her a hurt and elegant look as if he were in a stage play. As he delayed time to judge the situation, he felt that it was best if a knight rebelled from Xia Yu’s team as he got along perfectly with Luo Luo. However, if Rong Ping and Zheng Chenhao were adamant about following Xia Yu, he had no choice but to help Xiao Ling as he could not defy his Big Boss’ orders since this girl was probably the future wife of the Boss of Skyart Entertainment.

Big Boss’ future wife… will you be offended?

“I really can’t bear for you to go.” Luo Luo lowered her head and said with reluctance. “However… I also can’t bear for Xiao Ling to suffer…” Love or friendship? This was really a difficult decision.

Luckily, they were not conflicted for a long time before they saw a man getting out of the motorcycle in front of them and walking in Xiao Ling’s direction.

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