A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 316 - Departing for the Castle

Chapter 316: Departing for the Castle

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The last stage was a 100m running track.

At the start of the track, Xia Ling’s and Luo Luo’s teams stared at each other.

Xia Ling felt thoroughly unwell. “I thought you two could not pick an acorn. How did you catch up so quickly? Also, Murong, why is there a bow on your head?”

The big and lovely pink bow on Luo Luo’s head was somehow on Bai Murong’s head now.

Bai Murong, who was wearing a girly bow on his head, looked agonized. “Luo Luo is too short, she just couldn’t get the acorn. There was no other choice. I had to help her get it.” The show’s rules stated that only the princess could get on the swing, so desperate king Bai Murong sadly took the bow from Luo Luo’s head and pretended that he was the princess.

“Hahaha.” Xia Ling laughed out loud without any empathy.

She felt that sparks really flew between the couple standing in front of her, and it was as if the sky was filled with dreamy soap bubbles. No wonder the fans said that Bai Murong was a male god and there were ear-piercing screams in every one of his concerts. He was very romantic with any random girl he interacted with.

In contrast, Xia Ling felt tortured after seeing them in the show because she was alone.

Xia Ling stifled a smile and warmed up her body. “Let me warn you. You aren’t allowed to steal my second place. I run really fast, I will definitely reach the finish line before you.”

“We’ll see about that.” Bai Murong smirked and tormented her. “It’s two against one. Two!”

Xia Ling almost wanted to cry.

“I’m sure everyone is aware of the rules of the last stage?” The clown emcee jumped out and said. “Both princesses, please take out your acorns, throw them upwards, and then catch them.” The clown demonstrated and continued. “You will have to throw and catch your acorn as you run towards the finish line. The group that reaches the finish line first will clinch the second place. Oh yes, the knight can help the princess out.”

Just now, Rong Ping and Zheng Chenhao carried Xia Yu as they ran towards the finish line. Xia Yu only had to concentrate on throwing the acorn. Obviously, Bai Murong also had the same plan in mind. He easily carried Luo Luo and said, “Let’s go.” He ran forward a little and Luo Luo threw the acorn. At the start, their coordination was quite off, and the acorn kept falling to the ground. However, the more they practiced, the more they got the hang of it and smoothly reached the finish line.

Xia Ling was very melancholic.

Only she had to throw the acorn, catch it, and run to the finish line without any help. Even if her hand-eye coordination was superb, she could not catch up to Bai Murong and Luo Luo’s speed and watched them as they rushed past her to the finish line.

“You two better watch out!” She was panting with rage as she reached the finish line.

Luo Luo knew that she did not mean it and laughed as she made a funny face. Xia Ling was even more dejected.

The director yelled. “Cut!”

This time, it was a change of scene. Xia Yu’s group, which was in first place, was being filmed. As Luo Luo’s group and Xia Ling were catching their breath, the staff members gave them water, touched up their make up, and helped them in an orderly manner.

Assistant Wei Wei took out a large shawl from the bag and helped Xia Ling wear it.

She had just fallen into the water and was wet for so many stages in the game. It would be troublesome if she fell sick.

Xia Ling thanked her and casually wore it around her shoulders. The soft and thin cashmere was very silky. It had a perfect red color and enhanced the whiteness of her skin.

“Wear this when you are filming later.” The show’s stylist looked at her and said. “It looks quite good. We will be shooting for a long time later, and you won’t feel too cold.”

Xia Ling nodded her head.

The shawl that was wrapped around her body was warm and comfortable. This was the shawl that Li Lei brought back from abroad for her after Gu Lin ruined her blanket. He bought a dozen shawls of different colors, but she still liked the red one the most. With something he bought by her side, she felt that he was by her side as well. No matter how badly she was neglected by the male stars in this show, in reality, she knew that there was a man who was gentle, considerate, and would always love her.

Her expression became very calm.

Rong Ping walked over from a distance.

After Xia Yu’s group took the lead, he started paying attention to the progress of the other groups. To be more precise, he was paying attention to Xia Ling. He saw her climb over the barbed wire, stand on the swing, and run alone… but she was so beautiful. Even her calm expression now was like a tranquil autumn painting.

“Your shawl is not bad.” He told Xia Ling and tried to break the deadlock between them.

Xia Ling lifted her head to look at him and smiled politely. “Thank you.” Lin Yunan had already sneered at him and won back the rights that Xia Ling deserved. Thus, Xia Ling did not want to continue making a fuss as they were still supposed to cooperate.

It was just that there was nothing for them to talk about.

Rong Ping was also quiet for a while. It was a little awkward, but he was unwilling to leave her side. He did not know why, but after seeing her performance in the games, he just wanted to be close to her, and working together with her would be very interesting.

He must end the three-person group with Xia Yu as soon as possible and get back on track with the speed-dating arrangement.

Not far away, Xia Yu quietly observed them being together. Under the afternoon autumn sun, the tall man and the quiet beauty looked like a moving picture, but it was also like a sharp thorn that was lodged into Xia Yu’s heart. This Ye Xingling was definitely not worthy of being favored by the Movie King. Xia Yu was filled with scorn and disdain. What did she have to do to make Xia Ling look bad?

The show team finished setting up the next scene, and the crew and personnel were all in place.

The shooting was about to start again. This time, the three princesses and three knights gathered around a small table.

“Congratulations to everyone who fled the demon king’s maple forest. However, things are still difficult…” The clown bounced around. “From the start, the show stated that there can only be one true princess among the three girls. Who exactly is it? Legend has it that the real princess has a beautiful crystal crown. Whoever can wear the crystal crown is the real princess!”

“Where is the crystal crown?” Luo Luo widened her eyes and asked curiously.

“Good question, princess Luo Luo! Actually, even I don’t know.” The clown smiled happily. “The clues about the whereabouts of the crystal crown are hidden in an old castle. Next, you will depart for the old castle and find clues inside of it. If everyone is clear about this, I will allocate the transportation device based on your rankings just now.”

What? There were transportation devices?

How far was this so-called castle?

Xia Ling was a little distressed as she adjusted the blanket around her body. After getting drenched, she felt extremely uncomfortable and really wanted to take a shower.

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