A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 315 - Luo Luo Catches Up

Chapter 315: Luo Luo Catches Up

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The clown emcee, director, and cameramen watched as she stepped foot on it again.

This time, she was more careful, and her movements were more delicate and nimble like a butterfly that quietly fluttered over soft flower stems. The butterfly would gently extend its legs, flap its wings, and sweep past them.

“Oh my god, how did she cross it…” Her dance-like movements were too beautiful, and many people were completely absorbed. They felt like time passed by in a flash, and it was as if they could not see anything clearly because the butterfly-like illusion disappeared. “Remember to give this scene a close-up! You must give it a close-up!” The cameraman was very emotional.

The director was also very emotional as he instructed his assistant. “Ask the cameraman using camera one to focus on Ye Xingling and only shoot her.” Camera one was the best camera used in the filming of the show, and the best cameraman was in charge of it. The camera was initially shooting Xia Yu because she progressed the furthest in the show, but after hearing the director’s orders, he quickly turned the camera around.

The assistant director was rather worried. “Is this ok?” The speed-dating show was using its best camera to film a single girl.

The director replied, “What’s there to worry about? This Ye Xingling can bring surprises to our show.” Although the reality show did not require acting, the audience would prefer seeing a lovable and beautiful young girl than an old man.

Against Xia Ling’s backdrop, the other two groups were simply as boring as old men.

Xia Ling did not know that she had stolen Xia Yu’s spotlight. She was concentrating on the second obstacle and was throwing a golden tennis ball at the tree branches when she firmly knocked on a large flower basket that was tied to the tree branch. The basket was overturned, and the colorful petals scattered out and covered her entire body.

“Wow!” Taken aback but pleasantly surprised, she twirled as the flower petals descended. Her long hair was flying in the wind, and the warm autumn sun shrouded her entire body. She was indescribably beautiful.

At this time, a show planner was discussing the next scene layout with the props team.

Suddenly, someone interrupted him. “Look over there.”

“What for?” The show planner was a little annoyed and turned around. Not far away, under the old maple tree, there was a girl dancing as flower petals descended on her. He was still in wonder. “How beautiful.”

They did not know when it started.

Almost all of the staff members stopped what they were doing and could not help but look at her direction and watch the lone girl. They had organized many shows, but this was the first time they saw someone who was so beautifully captivating without careful planning. Her beauty was so natural it was as if the girl was always like that in her daily life. Any random movement or expression was able to steal people’s hearts.

“The third stage…. fourth stage… She’s fast.” They helped her count the stages she passed.

Everything she did was perfect: blowing balloons, squeezing through a small wooden house, and even climbing over the wire fences. 360 degrees without dead ends. She was pleasing to the eye at every angle.

“Did she really just debut recently?” Someone gushed. “It’s as if she has been a star her whole life.” Many new artistes who had recently debuted only practiced a few common angles that would appear attractive on screen, but other than that, they would look terrible at other angles. However, Xia Ling was different. She was more experienced than the more experienced, and they suspected that even at her most embarrassing moment, the paparazzi would not even be able to capture any flaws.

“It’s too scary.” A few staff members shook their heads. “With this level of expertise, she will definitely become famous.”

“She’s already famous. Do you know how many copies of ‘Stray Cat’ were sold?”

“She will become more famous in the future.” A few staff members joked. Suddenly, they became excited. “Look! She caught up with Luo Luo’s team.”

The group of people saw her catching up with Luo Luo as she approached a swing. Luo Luo was standing on the swing and glaring at Bai Murong with some blame. “Push me a bit higher again so that I can take that acorn.”

Bai Murong smiled and replied, “Yes. Get it and don’t drop it.” It seemed like he did not take her words to heart.

“Are you listening?!” Luo Luo was annoyed. “Oh no. Look… Xiao Ling has caught up!”

They had been stuck at that level for too long. For this level, the princess had to stand on the swing while the knight pushed her so that she could reach for the acorns that were high up. However, Luo Luo was too short, and Bai Murong was afraid that she would fall down, so he did not dare to push her too hard. Thus, this resulted in a stalemate.

At this point, Xia Ling finished listening to the clown’s explanation.

“Miss Short.” Xia Ling teased and tugged on Luo Luo’s cute hair bows. “I’m sorry, but I’m going ahead of you.”

“Dream on!” Luo Luo was very competitive. “Murong, can you quickly push me?!”

Bai Murong shrugged helplessly and pushed her with a little more strength. As expected, she was not able to get the acorn.

Luo Luo felt wronged.

Xia Ling felt that it was amusing. “Let me try.”

Luo Luo let her have the swing. Seeing that she was alone, Luo Luo advised her with concern. “Be careful. This swing is a little slippery. Don’t fall down. If you can’t get it, then try a few more times…”

Her advice fell on deaf ears. Xia Ling had already swiftly gotten on the swing and obtained an acorn without much effort.

Luo Luo was dumbfounded.

“Hahaha.” Bai Murong burst into laughter. “I already said that you are too short.”

Only then did Luo Luo come back to reality. She was so angry that she harshly stepped on his foot. “Hmph, how dare you laugh at me! Whose knight are you? Tell me! Are you a spy sent to me by Xiao Ling?!”

“Ouch! Don’t step on me! My new shoes…” Bai Murong quickly evaded her and laughed as he pleaded. “Luo Luo. Princess Luo Luo. Goddess Luo. Grandaunt Luo… I know of my mistake. Don’t step on me, ok? Hahaha… Ok, ok, I won’t laugh. Don’t hit me! Don’t hit my face!”

Xia Ling played with the acorn and walked to the next stage easily and cheerfully.

Behind her, Bai Murong’s faint pleas could be heard. It looked like his relationship with Luo Luo was pretty good…

Both of them were her friends, and she was very happy that they got along so well.

Finally, she was no longer last. She kept moving forward without stopping as her goal was to catch up to Xia Yu’s team and win first place. However, it was quite idealistic. In reality, it was difficult… Even though she used all of her strength, Xia Yu had three people in her team, and two of them were strong men. With their help, her speed was astonishingly fast, and she was far from catching up since she was alone.

“Such a pity…” Even the surrounding staff members sighed. “If either Rong Ping or Zheng Chenhao were in Ye Xingling’s team, she would definitely win first place.”

Everyone felt sorrowful for her.

However, something more tragic was about to happen.

“Look, Luo Luo and Bai Murong have caught up! It’s the last stage! They caught up! Will they finish the game before Ye Xingling?!” The atmosphere at the scene became tenser. Everyone was excited as they anticipated the outcome.

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