A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 312 - Is a Male Pursuing a Female or a Female Pursuing a Male

Chapter 312: Is a Male Pursuing a Female or a Female Pursuing a Male

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Her arrogance was making things difficult for the clown.

Recalling the game rules, the clown told her, “Princess Xiao Ling, there is no option of not choosing anyone to save you.” To get the female star out of the situation, the show team had a backup plan which was to let the star choose a knight to save her. However, they did not think that the remaining female star would be so arrogant and choosy even though she was abandoned.

The clown bitterly thought about how he should persuade her.

“Cut.” Not far away, the director’s voice was heard.

All of the cameramen stopped filming, and the artistes also relaxed. The director walked towards Xia Ling and asked her, “Are you sure you don’t want to choose any of them?”

“They all didn’t choose me, so why should I choose them?” Xia Ling gave an honest answer.

“Now is not the time to throw a tantrum, Ye Xingling.” Xia Yu pretended to persuade her, but she had an air of superiority in her heart as Ye Xingling was a joke now after she was saved by two knights. “Although no one chose you, you can choose them. It’s just a match between man and woman. No one said that it had to be a male chasing a female. Sometimes, it is interesting if a female chased after a male. Shooting time is very limited, so you have to care about the overall situation.”

Many people agreed with what she said.

Rong Ping especially thought that Xia Yu was more aware of the big picture than Ye Xingling. Why did he not realize that Ye Xingling was that insensible from the start?! Time was money. Move King Rong’s schedule every day was packed, and after seeing this mess, he finally decided to condescend to her. “Choose me. I will rescue you.”

He felt that he was already being very kind to her since he volunteered to save her before she begged him to.

Unexpectedly, Xia Ling only laughed lightly. “No.”


Everyone at the scene was about to go crazy. A newly rising small star was rejecting Movie King Rong?! Did she have any respect for her seniors at all?! At the side, Xia Yu was elated. She hoped that the relationship between those two became even worse. It would be best if Ye Xingling could not get a match from the beginning to the end and be neglected.

The clown emcee had a headache and tried to mediate the situation. “Xiao Ling, how about you listen to Brother Rong?”

Xia Ling was annoyed. At the end of the day, she was treated like that because she was not famous enough and could be trampled on by any random animal. Yes, she classified Movie King Rong as a random animal. If she were still the Diva in her past life, not only could she get away with something insignificant like not choosing a person, she could even make the team reshoot the scene with just a word.

The more annoyed she was, the more stubborn she became. “I won’t choose.”

At the side, the surrounding actors and assistant director were frowning. This girl was so stubborn. Who was the one who said she was very agreeable when filming? Rumors. They were just rumors. If they knew that she was so troublesome, they would have chosen Zhou Yanxue from the start as she would listen to them… The assistant director silently blacklisted Xia Ling.

Lin Yunan glanced at his expression.

“Let me tell you.” He exclaimed and quickly attracted everyone’s attraction. “What are you trying to achieve by making things difficult for a girl?” As he spoke, he lazily stretched his arm out, brushing against Rong Ping’s manager, Jimmy’s shoulders. “Just now, when I asked for the script, who was the one that said that the reality show had to be realistic so there was no script? Why is it possible to follow the script now?” He heavily patted Jimmy’s shoulders, causing Jimmy to grimace in pain. Lin Yunan shot Rong Ping a suggestive look. “But this girl is required to follow the script?”

He had been involved with the bar for a long time, and his body was naturally intimidating and looked rather fierce. At once, everyone stopped talking.

He pushed Jimmy away like a rag doll, walked in front of Xia Ling, and cut the lace ribbons around her in a jiffy. “Our Xia Ling,” he said as he turned and looked at everyone. “Said she is not going to choose, so she is not going to choose. Please adjust the rules of your game. If you really want to argue about it, this situation arose because you did not consider the possibilities enough.”

The director sighed and smiled bitterly.

He had been in the business for many years. When he just joined, he had worked with top manager Lin Yunan before. At that time, his work style was already very unique, and after a few years, he seemed to have become more difficult than ever.

However, his painstaking efforts to protect his artistes had never changed…

There was a bit of nostalgia in the director’s heart. Furthermore, he really appreciated the faint arrogance that Xia Ling had, and even he felt that it was too much to force her to be utterly shameless after being neglected by all of the men. Thus, he decided. “Let’s take a break first. Namei, contact the planners and see how we can adjust the rules of the game.”

Only then did Lin Yunan sigh in relief. On the surface, he casually told Xia Ling to rest.

Under the shade.

The wind in the early autumn was blowing, and it was quite cold.

There was the scent of fresh maple leaves in the air.

Xia Ling moved her hands and feet to unclog her circulation channels after being tied up for so long and glanced at Lin Yunan’s gloomy face. “Am I overdoing it?” She asked.

“No.” Unexpectedly, Lin Yunan who always criticized her low IQ comforted her. “You did the right thing by not choosing any of them. If you had chosen any of them, I would have been disappointed.” She was a woman who aimed to be a Diva, she should not allow herself to be messed with. If none of the men wanted her, it was their problem, not hers. However, if she lowered her position and lost her status, she could never get it back.

“Even if you don’t appear on this show, you must never lower yourself.” Lin Yunan said resolutely.

Xia Ling nodded. It felt good to have someone fighting the battle with her.

As both of them talked, Jimmy brought Rong Ping over.

“Why didn’t you choose me?” Rong Ping struck first and slightly frowned at her with a face of disapproval.

Xia Ling did not even bother to sneer at him and regarded him like air. Lin Yunan spoke out for her. “Didn’t you also not choose our Xiao Ling, Movie King?”

“That was to make the plot more exciting.” Rong Ping blatantly lied and repeated a phrase he had prepared. “If I choose you from the start, there will be nothing interesting left to watch. I was trying to add twists and turns to the start with the selling point of a woman chasing a man to attract the attention of the audience.”

To hell with your woman chasing a man idea.

Xia Ling was about to explode.

“We only care about men chasing women.” Lin Yunan rebuked uncompromisingly. “Rong Ping, don’t forget the reason why you joined Extraordinary Risks. Do you actually think that Xiao Ling chasing a man would get rid of the suspicion that you are a homosexual?”

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