A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 311 - I'm Not A Squirrel

Chapter 311: I’m Not A Squirrel

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Zheng Chenhao’s eyes sparkled, and he immediately agreed. “Ok. Let’s work together.”

As such, both of them crossed the wooden bridge and untied Xia Yu. Zheng Chenhao copied Bai Murong and carried Xia Yu bridal-style while Rong Ping stood in front to chase away the crocodiles and ensure the stability of the wooden bridge.

The three of them returned to the other side of the pool safely.

At the opposite side of the pool, there were three maple trees and the lonely Xia Ling, who was still tied to one of them.

At that time, after feeling shocked, Xia Ling was boiling with anger. What was Rong Ping doing?! If he did not want to cooperate, he could just be direct. Did he think it was amusing to be so scheming?!

However, when she faced the camera lens, she had to control her emotions, so she showed only an expression which was a little hurt, disappointed, surprised, and lonely. Although she was not a master of acting, she learned how to control her facial expressions and knew what sort of expression gained the most sympathy when embarrassed.

Sure enough, even the cameraman pitied her and specially filmed her at a good angle.

The clown stepped on the stilts and bounced across the wooden bridge. He handed the microphone to Xia Ling. “Princess Xiao Ling, no knight chose you. What are you feeling now?”

“I…” Xia Ling was a little hurt as she tilted her head. “I’m really not a squirrel.”

The clown was startled at first but then started laughing. Many other staff members were also amused. This girl had a really good stage presence. She was even able to shine in such a difficult situation. Her initial princess temperament seamlessly transformed into a naturally cute persona. Her ability to switch emotions so easily was something that many young actresses could not learn.

“Ah… let me guess.” The clown was affected by her cuteness. “If you aren’t a squirrel then you must be… the real princess?”

“Yes, of course.” Xia Ling vigorously nodded. “They’re all as blind as bats!” After saying so many things, only her last sentence was what she truly wanted to say. Rong Ping, you blind teammate!

Rong Ping’s expression slightly stiffened, but he hid it in a blink of an eye, and no one was aware of it.

The clown did not think that it was chaotic enough and asked the two other men. “Knight Rong Ping and knight Zheng Chenhao, why do you think that Xia Yu is the real princess and ignored the cute Ye Xingling?”

Both men did not have Bai Murong’s elegant style, and they also could not shamelessly say that they fell in love at first sight like Bai Murong… Zheng Chenhao responded first. “The princess in my heart is someone who is delicate like Xia Yu.” In reality, the reason that he said that in front of the camera was nonsense. He was never fond of Xia Yu. It was her fault for being Diva Xia Ling’s younger sister, and he always hated Xia Ling. However, he also did not like Ye Xingling.

As Luo Luo was already saved, he had no choice but to choose between those two annoying women.

He only chose Xia Yu out of respect for Chu Chen.

They were all from Imperial Entertainment, and there was no wrong in getting more support from the powerful Chu Chen.

Rong Ping also replied concisely. “I think that Xia Yu needs more people to protect her.” After he finished speaking, he looked up at Xia Ling in hopes of seeing her indignance and jealousy. However, he was destined to be disappointed.

Xia Ling still looked wronged and cute. The director was already thinking about what cute font he could use to display the words “I’m really not a squirrel…” during the editing process.

The clown still not give up and asked Xia Yu. “Princess Xia Yu, among the three girls, you are the most popular princess who was able to get the most knights to save you. Is there anything you want to say to these two knights and princess Xiao Ling?”

Xia Yu could not help but smile. “I’m really grateful to Big Brother Rong and Big Brother Zheng for choosing me. I won’t let you down.” She understood Zheng Chenhao and knew that he was very utilitarian, so he would definitely choose the only artiste that was under Chu Chen, her. Furthermore, she also texted Rong Ping to express her admiration of him and desire to cooperate with him, so she was not surprised that Move King Rong helped her.

Now, she was delighted to see Xia Ling being abandoned.

“Ye Xingling,” she said as she looked at Xia Ling who was tied to the maple tree. She adjusted her skirt and smiled perfectly. “I didn’t know that two knights would choose me. I’m really sorry that you can’t be rescued because of me. If it’s possible, I really wish I could save you myself. It hurts me seeing you like that.”

Manipulative b*tch. She was a manipulative b*tch from the start to the end.

Xia Ling cursed her in her heart. On the surface, she only cutely smiled and reassured her. “It’s okay. Besides, they will all regret it because I am the real princess.” God knows who the real princess was. The show team had not given any further hints until now, but no matter what, it was always right to pretend.

Xia Yu was stunned and forced a smile. “No, I am.”

Luo Luo also ran over to join in on the fun. “It’s me! The real princess is me! Xiao Ling is my squirrel! Murong, can you save my squirrel?” She blinked and tugged on Bai Murong’s sleeve. It was too pitiful to see Xiao Ling being tied there alone, so she was trying to find a way to save her.

“Of course, my princess.” Bai Murong was a natural flirt, and it was appropriate for him to act as her escort. The cameramen took a few more close-ups of the twos’ subtle connection.

This pair was connecting very quickly, and the director was very satisfied.


“Slow down.” The clown stopped Bai Murong as he was walking towards the wooden bridge. “Knight, your chance has been used up. Even if princess Luo Luo instructed you, you can’t save princess Xiao Ling.”

“Why?” Luo Luo was upset. “How is Xiao Ling going to be saved then?”

“Unless…” The clown dragged his words. “Princess Xiao Ling specifies someone herself.” He continued to complicate matters and handed the microphone to Xia Ling. “Princess Xiao Ling, now you can choose one out of the three knights to save you.”

Choose one of the knights?

Xia Ling sneered in her heart. She did not have the habit of using someone else’s things.

Rong Ping gave her a gentle look and lightly stepped forward as he anticipated her to choose him to save her. This way he could re-establish a good cooperative relationship with her. Furthermore, it was her who lowered herself to him, she would not dare to look down on him in the future.

Xia Ling said, “Can I not choose any of them?”

There was an uproar.

This girl said that she would not choose any of them?! Not being chosen by anyone was embarrassing enough. Now that she had the chance of being saved, she was still rejecting it? How prideful must she be?

“She really has a strong temperament.” The director smiled as he shook his head and whispered.

The faint glow and arrogance in her eyes were back, and she looked like a genuinely honorable princess. No matter how embarrassed she was, she would not bow down in defeat.

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