A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 313 - Murdering Him

Chapter 313: Murdering Him

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Lin Yunan defeated Movie King Rong with a single sentence.

Rong Ping was ambitious. He wanted to be the national movie king and not just a small idol in the industry. To maintain his image as the national movie king, he could not have an unconventional sexual orientation. Otherwise, in this society, the majority of traditional people would not accept him.

Originally, Rong Ping’s motive for joining this show was very clear — he had to clear himself of the allegations.

However, he did not know how he got involved with Xia Ling, and his thoughts were led astray.

Now, Lin Yunan’s words shook him awake from his dream. Suddenly, Movie King Rong realized that his unpleasantness with Xia Ling was a minor issue. If he could not even clean up his reputation through this show, there would be greater troubles to come.

The move king was able to withstand being wronged and undermined. “For the next part of the show, I will cooperate.” His voice was rather deep. “You should not create any more unexpected scenes.”

Lin Yunan smirked as he sent them out.

After warning Xia Ling not to run off by herself, he personally went to negotiate the changes with the show team and the staff members.

Xia Ling sat down against the maple tree and felt that her partnership with Rong Ping was falling apart. Why was she so unlucky? In her past life, she had countless enemies. In this life, no matter where she went, things did not go smoothly. Did she have no fate with people? The more complicated things got, the more despondent she felt.

Her message ringtone rang.

She grabbed her phone and realized that it was sent by Li Lei.[What are you doing? Is your filming going smoothly?]

[It’s not smooth at all!]Xia Ling fiercely typed and finally expressed the anger she felt all afternoon. [I almost quarreled with someone!]

[With who?]Li Lei very quickly texted back. [Do you want me to murder him?]

Xia Ling choked. Big Boss Li was seriously too aggressive and violent. Why would she want to kill Movie King Rong over this small matter? Besides… [You probably can’t murder Dongyue’s Rong Ping.]

[Who said that!]Big Boss Li replied immediately. [I will murder him immediately to prove you wrong.]

[Don’t!]Xia Ling was really a little afraid. Although she was not sure of how powerful Li Lei was, based on her past life experience with Pei Ziheng, it seemed that the result would be unknown if these bigshots were determined to kill their competitor’s movie king.

If Movie King Rong was really killed because of this small matter, didn’t that mean she could no longer remain in the entertainment industry?

She was different from her stupid and arrogant past life self now. She did not want to ruin her reputation so badly as she did in the past and experience being kicked again when she was down.

[Don’t ever do that!]She replied Li Lei at light speed. [If you touch a single hair on his head, I will kill myself in front of you!]If news spread that Rong Ping was murdered because of him, she would be dead for sure.

Unfortunately, Big Boss Li actually misunderstood what she meant. [Please don’t tell me you have fallen for him.]

Xia Ling fell silent. Big Boss Li, could you please use your brain? Fallen for Rong Ping? How could it be? No matter how much she lowered herself, she would never fall for such a boorish man!

She felt that even replying to him was an insult to herself.

Xia Ling quietly threw her phone aside and stared at the changing clouds in the sky to ignore the Boss.

It was quiet for a while.

Her message ringtone rang again.[Why aren’t you replying? Have you really fallen for him?]

Big Boss, could you be any more childish?

Xia Ling silently vomited inside. After being questioned by him, she decided that she would not reply to him.

[Fine, I won’t kill him.]Soon, Big Boss compromised.

Xia Ling let out a satisfied smile. Good boy, she thought. She grabbed the phone with her slender fingers and typed lightly on the touch screen. Just as she was about to commend him, she saw his next message—

[I will kill him.]

Xia Ling was about to go crazy.

On the other hand, Lin Yunan had finished negotiating with the show team.

“Xiao Ling, it’s time to start work.” He walked over and called Xia Ling. “Shoot well.”

“Sure.” Xia Ling kept her phone and smiled as she stood up. After chatting with Li Lei for a while, she felt that her spirits were lifted, she was full of energy, and she was ready to face the exhausting challenge of filming again.

They started from when she was tied to the tree.

This time, the clown emcee gave them another choice. “If you don’t choose any of the knights, you will be captured by the demon king.” Thus, the demon king appeared, lifted Xia Ling by her shoulders, and brought her back to its cave.

It was a cave created by cheap special effects.

Xia Ling faced the demon king who had cheap special effect makeup on.

“Why is it you?!” She was shocked to see Lin Yunan wrapped in a black leather suit acting as the demon king.

“It’s a last-minute decision.” Lin Yunan replied. It was a last-minute act that required an extra. The show team wanted a cool and large demon king who could lift her with one hand but still look relaxed and handsome. There were not many people they could choose from at the scene. Furthermore, Lin Yunan did not like people touching his precious artiste, so he would rather act the role himself.

“How much money did they give you?” Xia Ling was extremely curious again. “A box of rice?”

Lin Yunan glared at her. “Don’t talk rubbish! Can you just look afraid and act like a princess?!”

“Hahaha.” The director laughed as he recorded their scene. It was supposed to be humorous and sensational. With their dialogue, it became even more amusing. The director felt that if Lin Yunan quit as a manager, he could always find a new career in the show.

The clown realized they were amused and told someone to tell the “princess,” “Be serious.” He cleared his throat and announced. “Now, princess Xiao Ling, you are officially captured by the demon king. Thus, he will be furious about you running away and wants to punish you. You have to play with him every night—”

Lin Yunan played along and laughed nastily.

Xia Ling also played along and gave him a defiant expression while acting scared.

Lin Yunan and Xia Ling were having a lot of fun, but the observing Rong Ping started to feel uncomfortable. Seeing that the demon king and she had more chemistry than him and her without any practice, he felt annoyed. This woman was really short-sighted! Did she know who was the one who was able to elevate her status and popularity?!

He was determined to make her hopelessly in love with him.

No, this was not because he was jealous and not because he was fond of her. Rather, it was because Movie King Rong was too prideful and could not tolerate anyone stepping on his charm.

At least, this was what Movie King Rong thought.

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