A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 308 - Chrysanthemum Tea

Chapter 308: Chrysanthemum Tea

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However, the soft touch he envisioned did not fall on his lips.

In contrast, his cheek felt slightly cool as if a dragonfly flew past him.

“Thank you for sending me home.” Beside his ear, Xia Ling giggled. “This is your small fee.” After saying that, she got up. There was a faint scent of her fragrance in the air. “Call me.”

Looking at her little fox-like smile, Big Boss Li’s heart tingled because he hated and loved it at the same time. Suddenly, he grinned. “Let’s…” He turned over and pressed her down. “Try again.”

Xia Ling only felt that she was suddenly turned around. Before she could react, she had already fallen into his arms. She instinctively struggled a bit, but her hands and feet were immediately suppressed by him. With precision, his lips pressed on hers for a long and deep kiss.

“You!” After some difficulty, she was released and widened her eyes to glare at him. How could this person be so outrageous!

This time, he was the one smiling delightedly. “This is the small fee.”

Her fingers pressed on her lips. Xia Ling had not kissed Li Lei like that for a long time, and the numb feeling made her heart race and her face to blush. As Xia Ling’s ears turned red, she turned her head away to ignore him. “Let me get up!” She said fiercely.

Big Boss Li did not argue with the shy small fox and let her go satisfied.

The small fox dashed away.

There was a smug smile on Big Boss Li’s face as he gazed at her back view. “I’ll call you.” He said softly.

In a few days, the shooting of Extraordinary Risks started.

Accompanied by her manager, Lin Yunan, Xia Ling brought her assistant, Wei Wei, chauffeur, makeup artist, image consultant, and arrived at the scene in style. She had a formidable air and finally looked like a famous female celebrity.

However, Lin Yunan was still dissatisfied. “Can you become more famous quickly so you can hire two bodyguards and two more assistants. Otherwise, with your current identity, this assemble is already the limit. Any more followers and people will say you don’t know your status.”

Xia Ling wanted to say that it did not really matter to her. In her past life, countless people waited on her and were friendly to her when she was present. Behind her back, they would criticize her, mock her, curse her, and some even wanted to kill her.

She was dejected after experiencing those things. Thus, now, she did not feel that an ostentatious display was necessary. However, Lin Yunan did not think that way. In order to avoid being reprimanded by him, she kept her thoughts to herself.

Actually, what they did not know was that there was a bodyguard secretly following her. That was arranged by Li Li Lei. The bodyguard was an elite who had been through a life or death situation with him and was much better than those so-called professional bodyguards around the other stars. Big Boss Li did many things for her, but she only knew a few of them.

As she spoke to Lin Yunan, she entered the show’s dressing room that she was assigned to.

It was a dressing room that she shared with two other celebrities who would be participating in the show. When she entered the room, she realized that they were already there. Xia Yu and her staff had occupied more than half of the dressing room. Luo Luo was squeezed into a corner with a few helpers and looked particularly pitiful.

After seeing this scene, Xia Ling was boiling with rage.

Xia Yu was really becoming more daring. She actually dared to bully her friend?!

She looked at Lin Yunan.

Although Lin Yunan ordered her as he pleased in private, he would protect her reputation in public. With one look, he understood her and casually walked over with a few people. “Make some space, everyone.” He had been a fighter in a bar and pushed the other people aside easily without the slightest effort. The room started to become chaotic and messy.

Lin Yunan forced out a path and secured a very good position next to Xia Yu’s makeup mirror.

“Xiao Ling, come here.” He gestured to Xia Ling.

Xia Ling was very pleased. It was during these times when she felt that choosing Lin Yunan as her manager was the right decision. She walked over with Wei Wei and the others. Lin Yunan pulled out the chair for her, and she sat down leisurely.

From the dressing room mirror, Xia Yu’s resentful expression could be seen.

Xia Ling smiled slightly with some arrogance and defiance.

However, Xia Yu pretended that nothing happened. It was not the right time to show her anger. She had to uphold her image of being sick and weak. How could she obviously show that she wanted to pick a fight with Xia Ling? After Xia Ling looked at her like that, she was so angry that it hurt her internally.

“Xiao Ling! Xiao Ling!” Luo Luo also saw her and ran over to greet her. Today, Luo Luo’s hair was styled cleanly and refreshingly. It was tied with a large bow ribbon, making her look very cute.

After seeing her big smile, her initial annoyance suddenly vanished. She patted her head softly as she did not want to ruin her hair. “Are you done with your makeup?” Xia Ling asked. “Can you bring some water over for me?”

“Sure.” Luo Luo said cheerfully and went to pour water for her.

“Let me do it.” Luo Luo’s assistant was a man, and he sympathized with Luo Luo. Everyone there was a celebrity participating in the same show, but Luo Luo had just been pushed into a corner by Xia Yu and now had to pour water for Ye Xingling. She was too pitiful.

Luo Luo did not mind. She signaled for her assistant to complete the task. “Chrysanthemum tea with half a small pack of sugar. Xiao Ling likes it this way.”

The assistant was full of tears. Miss Luo Luo, are you her maid? Why do you remember the way she likes her tea so clearly? I heard that you are living with her now… How do you usually live your life?!

The assistant was very sad, but he could only leave silently.

Chrysanthemum tea with half a small pack of sugar… In his heart, he recited Xia Ling’s savory and delicate preference. Soon, he made her a good cup of tea. When he returned, he was stopped when he tried to walk past Xia Yu’s seat.

“Old Mai, you can’t walk here.” Xia Yu’s assistant said. “There are a lot of things piled up here. If the water accidentally spills on them, they will become dirty.” A group of people were surrounding Xia Yu and caused the originally wide walkway to become congested.

Luo Luo looked at the floor and did not want to get into a conflict with Xia Yu’s people. He lowered his voice. “I’ll be more careful. The water won’t spill. Please make some way, or else I can’t walk past you.” They were all staff members of Imperial Entertainment, but their positions were vastly different. As Xia Yu was favored, she was a newly rising actress. But Luo Luo? Although her performance was not bad, in Imperial Entertainment, no one dared to get into a conflict with the powerful Chu Chen and Xia Ling’s biological sister.

Xia Yu’s assistant only looked at him without moving, obviously indicating that he would not make way.

“Why isn’t my water here yet?” The air in the room was rather dry, and Xia Ling was a little impatient while waiting for her chrysanthemum tea. “Take a look.” She told Wei Wei.

Only then did Wei Wei glance in that direction and realized the problem. “Old Mai is being blocked and can’t come over.”

“What happened?” Initially, Luo Luo was chatting with Xia Ling. After hearing her assistant’s name, she also turned over to look at him.

In an instant, many people’s line of sight was redirected to him.

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