A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 309 - Saving The Princess

Chapter 309: Saving The Princess

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Lin Yunan took the lead by walking over. He swiftly pushed Xia Yu’s assistant aside and took the tea.

“Imperial Entertainment sure has many rules.” He handed the tea to Xia Ling and urged Old Mai. “Come here. This isn’t even an exclusive dressing room. What’s with the shelf in the middle of the walkway?”

Everyone could tell that he was scolding Xia Yu by ostensibly pointing to someone else.

“What do you mean?” Xia Yu did not use enough force and he was already fuming from being pushed away just now. At this time, she was coldly glaring at Lin Yunan and felt like killing him.

“Forget it, Ah Wei.” It was Xia Yu’s soft and weak voice. “Have you forgotten the deal with Brother Chu before you left?” The Brother Chu she was talking about was Chu Chen. Today, he was not here because he was busy.

Ah Wei bowed his head and replied, “Yes. Boss Gu said that I was not to respond to these vermin.” He also knew how to make oblique accusations.

After he said that, Lin Yunan’s face darkened. If he were in the bar, he would have broken a wine bottle and smashed it on him. He pointed his finger at Ah Wei. “You better be careful.”

Ah Wei’s sullen face did not respond as he was trying to adhere to the rule of not speaking to vermin.

Xia Yu let out a graceful and approving smile.

Xia Ling looked at the scene coldly and felt that the tea had become distasteful. She slowly put down her cup. “Stay away from them.” She said to Lin Yunan. “You haven’t been managing artistes for a long time, so you don’t know how crazy the entertainment industry is now. Last time, I defeated her and was framed for a long time. Be careful, or else you won’t know what you might be accused of.”

She dug out Xia Yu’s dark past.

Xia Yu’s originally pleasant look turned dark. In the past, she was defeated completely in a battle with Xia Ling. Thus, until now, people still looked down on her, and she was still in a disadvantaged position.

“Miss Ye’s tongue is really sharp and can’t let others off.” Xia Yu’s assistant remarked.

“Firstly, I’m reasonable.” Xia Ling lightly smiled. “Secondly, whether I let someone off is something else altogether. Furthermore, some things can’t even be considered people.” When she argued with someone, she never held back and would be as vindictive as possible without caring about being courteous. However, due to her crudeness, someone as fragile as Xia Yu could never fight back.

Xia Yu was so angry that her face turned white. However, she knew that continuing to argue with Ye Xingling would not benefit her. Instead, it would just put her in a difficult situation.

Thus, she gave a look at Ah Wei, signaling him to stop. She treated Xia Ling, Luo Luo, and the others like air and continued applying her makeup.

Xia Ling also turned around to focus on her makeup. They were shooting outdoors today, and she chose slightly bright makeup and clothing. She wore a tight-fitting vest and hot pants and layered her outfit with a loose outer coat which reached her mid-thigh. She loosely tied her long hair and wore a pair of white sneakers, causing her to look sporty and refreshing.

It was a surprisingly harmonious combination with Luo Luo’s sweet and cute bows.

“Hey, let’s take a photo.” Luo Luo was an energetic girl. She hopped to Xia Ling’s side and took a selfie with a peace sign.

“So tacky.” Xia Ling joked. It was lame for a celebrity to pretend to use the peace sign.

However, Luo Luo was very happy and stuck out her tongue. “I’m happy.” She hopped away and showed the photo to her friends.

On the other hand, Xia Yu’s side was very quiet. She had finished her makeup and was waiting for the staff to ask them out for the shoot. She looked like she was drinking tea in a leisurely and quiet manner, but she was actually observing Luo Luo and Xia Ling. Disgusting! How can those two get along so well? Does that mean that I will have to fight alone during the show?

No way, I have to think of a plan.

Xia Yu slightly narrowed her eyes, went deep in thought for a moment, and grabbed her phone to send a text message.

The venue was set up.

Staff members invited them out for the shoot.

In the picturesque maple woods, they saw the three male stars who partnered with them — Rong Ping, Zheng Chenhao, and Bai Murong. They were also wearing suitable outdoor clothing which was carefully picked. All of them looked handsome and pleasing to the eye.

“Murong! Murong!” Luo Luo waved and greeted Bai Murong. Xia Ling was not the only one who had chosen her partner in advance. Luo Luo had also contacted Bai Murong’s team before the shooting started.

Bai Murong really liked this bubbly and cute girl. There was a cheerful smile on his face. “Good morning, Luo Luo.” He also greeted Xia Ling. “Xiao Ling, long time no see.”

Xia Ling exchanged a few words with him. “Take care of Luo Luo,” she said. “She always gets into trouble.”

“I’ve really never seen anyone who has gotten into more trouble than you, Xiao Ling.” Bai Murong smiled very slyly. “Right, Luo Luo?”

Luo Luo blinked and started to think about whether she should be the peacemaker.

“Xiao Luo Luo, I just like how silly you look.” Bai Murong teased her.

Xia Ling guarded Luo Luo and jokingly warned Bai Murong. “She is my sister. If you try to seduce her like how you seduce your other girlfriends and desert her later, I will chase you to the end of the world.”

“I got it.” Bai Murong was used to playing games with females. Although Luo Luo was attractive, he knew that he could not mess with her. In fact, he cared more about the show and his friendship with Xia Ling. “You can rest assured. I wouldn’t dare to do anything to your sister. Even if you don’t hunt me down, the Boss will also help you hunt me down… Hahaha.”

Xia Ling pretended to hit him, and he pretended to avoid her.

On this side, there was much laughter.

At the other side, Rong Ping’s expression darkened as he looked at them quietly. Since the Ye Xingling appeared until now, she had not focused her attention on him once. Was her partner Bai Murong?

Under the blazing sunlight, she seemed to be wearing a beautiful halo. She was that dazzling, but it was even more unbearable to those who were neglected.

Rong Ping dug into his pocket and took out his phone.

He was secretly sending Xia Yu a text message.

Since Ye Xingling was heartless, she should not blame him for being unjust.

“Ok, everyone, gather here.” The director clapped and signaled for the six artistes to come together. “We’re going to start filming Extraordinary Risks soon. As it is a reality show, in order to maintain its authenticity and freshness, I haven’t disclosed any of the adventures to you yet. Now, we will start the first adventure of the day — Saving the princess. Let me explain what ‘Saving the princess’ is about…”

He explained the rules.

“Do you all understand?” Soon, he finished his explanation and asked the six artistes.

“We all understand.” Luo Luo replied first, and the others acknowledged him through their expressions.

The director was pleased. “Well, then, every team get ready. Start shooting!”

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