A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 307 - Reward

Chapter 307: Reward

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The internal privacy of such clubhouses was very good, but because many celebrities visited the place, paparazzi often gathered outside. More often than not, they were trying their luck rather than following a person.

Li Lei knew that Lin Yunan made sense. In reality, to deal with this situation, he alerted the Audi’s license plate number so no one would find out that the car belonged to him. “It’s easy to get rid of the paparazzi.” Li Lei saw a suspicious lens in the rearview mirror. He lightly sniggered and decided to show Lin Yunan his skills. He was an anti-tracking expert who had been on the battlefield with gangsters before. Compared with those international spies and killers, what was a few paparazzi? They were too easy for him.

After he reminded Xia Ling to fasten her seat belt, he turned the steering wheel, and the black Audi car sped away without warning.

At the start, a few paparazzi followed it. There were very few worthwhile bigshots that night. A few of them followed Movie King Rong Ping awhile back and left, and the remaining paparazzi waited for a long time before Ye Xingling left.

What about the other people in the clubhouse?

In the shadow of the garage, the newly arrived paparazzi A asked paparazzi B, “Imperial Entertainment’s Pei Ziheng is stilling eating inside side. Just now, a girl was walking around in front of his car for a long time. Why should we follow Ye Xingling? News about Boss Pei should be more valuable.”

“You’re so stupid.” The old paparazzi raged. “Didn’t you see Boss Pei’s car? It’s the Rolls Royce which he has used for about 10,000 years that everyone knows about. What news can there be? However, Ye Xingling…” The old paparazzi said profoundly. “According to reports, she arrived at the clubhouse in Rong Ping’s car, but when she left, she sat in front while Rong Ping sat at the back. Haha, there is definitely a story.”

The junior paparazzi was suddenly enlightened.

“Quickly, quickly! Her car is moving.” The old paparazzi gave the junior paparazzi an encouraging pat. “Let’s quickly follow them. If we monitor them closely enough, we might get some big news.”

However, the result was destined to disappoint them.

Li Lei was highly skilled at driving and made about eight turns as he led the paparazzi around a few blocks until completely losing them.

“You can get lost now.” He stopped the car by the road and spoke to Lin Yunan.

Lin Yunan was speechless.

“What? Are you waiting for supper?” Li Lei did not hold back with his taunts.

Lin Yunan swore that he would never call Li Lei to be their driver again. Was there such a disrespectful driver as him? Any part-time worker was better than him! He grudgingly got out of the car. Lin Yunan decided that he should criticize him more when Xia Ling was around. As for Xia Ling’s private meeting with Pei Ziheng? Hmph, he would never know!

That was why offending the manager of someone he loved was very scary.

Unfortunately, Big Boss Li was unaware. After he lost the paparazzi, he continued driving happily.

Xia Ling felt that it was amusing. “What’s your beef with him?”

“I don’t care.” Big Boss Li was very stubborn and behaved like a spoiled child. “I missed you.”

“We will meet tomorrow.” She could not help but pat his head. Although the clean period was tough, it was not that scary because he could see her every few days.

However, Big Boss Li was obviously unsatisfied. “Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is today. Before I forget, did you eat with Rong Ping today? Did you get along well with him?” He carelessly asked and pricked up his ears for her answer.

With her hand under her cheek, Xia Ling thought about it. “I don’t know.” She stated. Actually, she knew very well in her heart that she had angered Rong Ping, but she could not tell him that she met Pei Ziheng.

“You don’t know?”

“Movie King Rong is very skilled at acting. He appears very polite, but heaven knows what he is thinking in his heart.” Xia Ling irresponsibly criticized Rong Ping. “Since it is only a work relationship, I’m fine as long as we are neutral.”

Li Lei relaxed. It looked like Xia Ling and Rong Ping did not get along. That was great news.

“It is better for girls to be with someone who knows them through and through. Having a rumored love affair with an actor like him is enough. He’s too unreliable to entrust your life to.” Without him knowing, poor Movie King Rong was smeared by Big Boss Li with ulterior motives.

“Mmhmm.” Xia Ling vigorously nodded her head.

She rubbed Li Lei’s head again and enjoyed playing with his fluffy hair. “It’s a little wet. Did you just shower?” Restlessly, she continued to touch his cheeks and chin. “Have you also just shaved? Did you take a bath already? It’s not the time for sleep yet, why did you shower before going out…”

“Don’t move around.” Li Lei was driving, and the way she was touching him was very distracting. His breath was unstable and almost had to swerve the car to the side. “Sit tight. After the car stops, I’ll let you touch me as much as you want.”

Xia Ling’s face turned red. She quietly sat down and stopped moving.

It was quiet for a while, and she felt bored. Suddenly, she felt a little curious. “Why did you shower at this time?”

Obviously for you . Big Boss Li said silently in his heart.

Today was Xia Ling and Rong Ping’s first meal, and Big Boss Li had a strong sense of jealousy and danger. Once he received her call, he quickly took a bath to ensure he was in his cleanest and most handsome state when she saw him.

However, he obviously would not tell her about his intentions.

Big Boss Li changed the topic. “When do you start filming for Extraordinary Risks?”

“Very soon. Probably next week.” Xia Ling was still a little bored. “Why does it have to be Rong Ping? He is a block of wood. It would be so much better if I paired with Bai Murong. At least we would have some topics to talk about.”

“You like Bai Murong?” Big Boss Li was alarmed again.

“Him?” Xia Ling scoffed and pretended to vomit. “He’s such a player. Any girl who falls for him is unlucky. However, he is not as bad as a friend. He can tell jokes and make funny faces.”

Li Lei replied, “So you don’t like Rong Ping because he can’t make funny faces?” He almost pitied Movie King Rong.

“Anyway, being with him is quite boring.” Xia Ling lamented wearily.

Big Boss Li was completely relieved. He was determined to give Rong Ping the Best Person Award if he had the chance this year.

In high spirits, Big Boss Li sent Xia Ling to her house, and Xia Ling waved goodbye to him.

“Aren’t you going to thank me?” Big Boss teased with a twinkle in his eye.

“Thank you for what?”

“Thank me for sending you home!” Big Boss Li winked.

Xia Ling did not know whether to laugh or cry. How old are you, Big Boss? After sighing, she comforted him like a child. “Tell me how you would like me to thank you.”

Big Boss did not say a word. He lifted his finger, pointed at his lips, and looked at Xia Ling with anticipation.

He was really dreaming. Xia Ling felt annoyed and amused at the same time as she leaned over.

Big Boss Li was euphoric as he waited anxiously for her lips to meet his.

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