A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 306 - I Hope You Are Happy

Chapter 306: I Hope You Are Happy

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Xia Ling did not know why her heart ached.

Her initial slight happiness and joy were lost and replaced with heartbreak. Suddenly, she realized that he was actually very lonely. Even if there were countless of beautiful women and subordinates around him, was in charge of many industries and had the power to kill others, he could not even find one person to eat a meal with.

The woman that he had chased away just now?

Forget it, they all knew that she was only after his money.

Xia Ling felt very upset. Who would be there for him when he was sad? In the past when she was still that dazzling Diva, she could hug him, give him extra clothes to wear when it was close, and make some personal jokes. However, what about now? He was close at hand physically, but emotionally, he was far away. She could not even hug him.

“You…” She hesitated as she spoke.

He looked at her warmly.

“Take good care of yourself.” Her voice was very soft, and she paused for a long time before speaking. “Don’t keep spending money on those women and find a wife to settle down with.”

After she said that, she felt slight feelings of loss, sadness, and relief.

Fate was truly wonderful. In her past life, she felt like it was the end of the world because he was about to get married to someone else. At that time, she really could not believe that she would take the initiative to persuade him to find another woman to settle down.

If Wang Jingwan were still alive, she would actually be very compatible with him.

It would have been a marriage between families of equal social rank. She also heard that she could knit a good sweater and was very adept at doing housework.

In her past life, Xia Ling was jealous of her.

However, now, she only felt regret. Why did the people that cared for him die one after another?

Pei Ziheng did not expect for her to say that, and his expression deepened. Settle down? There was only one woman whom he could settle down with, but she had already left him forever two years ago.

They were separated by life and death.

It was as if she had taken part of his life.

Sometimes, Pei Ziheng would feel that he was only an empty shell now, a living corpse. He did not know what good his arrogance, power, and influence were for. Was it his responsibility as the head of the family? Was it for his ambition and pride? No, these could no longer make him feel any zeal. The girl whom he was trying to protect was no longer there.

He could only faintly find a shadow of the past from Ye Xingling that was in front of him.

“Perhaps I will settle down.” He looked at her with a deep expression and said in a deep voice. “If the person is you.”

Xia Ling was speechless.

Besides a stinging pain, there was a little sourness in her heart. However, very quickly, she lightly smiled and shook her head. “You deserve someone better, believe me. Even if that person is spiritual…” This was the first time she mentioned her past life in front of him. “She would also wish you happiness.”

Pei Ziheng’s pupils slightly closed.

Xia Ling turned around and left.

Yes. She hoped that he would be happy. There was still a place for him in her heart. She was still concerned about him, but she no longer recklessly loved him. To her, he was too far away, but she hoped that someone would be able to care for him and be by his side in her place.

They were no longer lovers.

However, he was still her benefactor, adopter, mentor… and savior.

He would never be forgotten in her heart.

With complicated and delicate feelings, she went back to where she came from as if she were sleepwalking.

The lonely sofa was surrounded by mottled bamboo, and the leftovers had already been discarded. Rong Ping and Jimmy were no longer there. Only Lin Yunan was there. His shirt collar was half undone, and he was smoking in the dim light.

“At least you know how to come back, huh?” He flicked the ash away with his fingers and looked at her.

Xia Ling covered her mouth and nose. “I don’t like second-hand smoke.” She was a singer and had to protect her voice.

Lin Yunan inaudibly scoffed in disdain, but he put out the smoke by using the crystal ashtray on the table. “You’re back? Was the food at Pei Ziheng’s house delicious?”

Xia Ling looked at him in amazement. “How did you know?”

“Not only do I know, Rong Ping knows as well.” Lin Yunan said. “Way to go, standing the movie king up on your first meal. Do you actually want this partnership to work?”

“It was an accident.” Xia Ling said concisely and felt rather apologetic towards Rong Ping. “I will find an opportunity to explain to him.”

“Forget it. No matter how you explain it, you will hurt the movie king’s pride.” Lin Yunan was good at reading people and knew what sort of character Rong Ping had. “It’s better not to mention it, in case you hurt him again.”

“Ok.” Xia Ling obediently replied.

“Have you forgotten to tell me something?” Lin Yunan squinted his eyes.

“Tell you what?” Xia Ling was confused.

“About you and Pei Ziheng.”

“Oh.” Xia Ling finally realized what he was talking about. “Before that, don’t tell Li Lei what happened today.”

Lin Yunan was speechless. He was a manager, not her confidant who would care about her relationship problems. He only wanted to know what her relationship with Pei Ziheng was and how it would affect her career!

Lin Yunan was about to go crazy.

Speaking of the devil, Xia Ling’s phone rang. Li Lei had called.

“Xiao Ling, where are you?” Li Lei asked. “Has Ah Wei told you that your recording time at the studio is now in the afternoon? What do you want to have for afternoon tea? I have some new matcha powder here that is quite nice. How about I bake a matcha cake for you tomorrow?” No matter the time and place, his voice always seemed to be lazily cheerful and could improve anyone’s mood instantly.

“Sure.” She smiled and answered warmly.

“Li Lei?” Lin Yunan’s eyes were sharp and could see the dream-like smile on her face. “Don’t hang up the phone. Tell him to drive over to pick us up. I drank some wine and can’t drive.” He took advantage of Li Lei’s free labor as it was a bit of a hassle to call for a driver at night. “However, don’t ask him to drive that flamboyant everyday vehicle. A Mercedes-Benz or an Audi will do. If he can’t get one, then he doesn’t have to come.”

Today, this manager’s authority was more significant than the boss’.

However, Xia Ling did not mind and told Li Lei about Lin Yunan’s request.

Li Lei did not expect that there would be an unexpected surprise when he called at this time. He quickly agreed and said that he would drive the black Audi that the security supervisor had driven to pick her up before and asked them to wait in the restaurant.

Xia Ling also urged him to wear a disguise to avoid being recognized.

After some time, the car arrived, and she got in the car with Lin Yunan.

“Send Xiao Ling home first.” Lin Yunan instructed arrogantly. “After that, send me home.”

“On what basis?” Big Boss Li was unhappy. He always seemed to be at odds with Lin Yunan. “Xiao Ling is my woman, so of course, I should send her home. But why should I send you home?!” He drove there because he wanted to spend time with Xiao Ling alone, so why was that third party wanted him to send him home? No way.

Lin Yunan smiled with intent. “Celebrities come to this place so frequently. Do you think there will be no paparazzi outside following us?”

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