A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 305 - You Are Unusual

Chapter 305: You Are Unusual

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Rong Ping’s expression was still very gentle, but inside, he was shocked.

Ye Xingling and Pei Ziheng?! This news was insane like an exploding bomb in his formerly somber mind. A few moments ago, he still thought that she did not know how to appreciate favors by ditching him, a movie king, to join someone else’s dinner party. However, he realized that the one who did not know how to appreciate favors was him. Look at the people in her social circle! Li Lei, Old Master Gu, and Pei Ziheng?

Anyone of them was a big household name.

Li Bingyu was still trying hard to smear Xia Ling’s name. “She was joking around with Chairman Pei, and they looked very close.”

“Thank you for telling me.” Rong Ping respectfully nodded at her and entered his car. The fact that he was able to be a movie king meant that he was rather tactful, and he was afraid that he could only partially believe her. Xia Ling meeting Pei Ziheng should be real. Since both of them knew each other for a long time, it was possible that they were quite familiar with each other. However, what sort of ambiguous relationship did they have? He would believe her more if Li Lei weren’t her prospective boyfriend. However, if she already had a prospective boyfriend that was as influential as Boss Li, why would she mess with Pei Ziheng for no reason? Did she want to die quicker?

Rong Ping did not believe that Li Lei would tolerate being a cuckold.

Thus, he was reassured about Xia Ling and Pei Ziheng’s relationship.


“It is also normal if the girl called Li Bingyu misunderstood something.” Jimmy rationalized. “Pei Ziheng chased Ye Xingling just to invite her for a meal. Anyone would misunderstand them. Extraordinary Risks is about to air very soon. No matter who she has a love affair with, she should maintain a distance from him and not cause a scene during this period of time.”

“Yes.” After Xia Ling left tonight, Rong Ping did not have much to say.

Jimmy understood what he meant. “Should I remind them?”

“Be mindful of your tone. If she really is very close to Pei Ziheng…” Rong Ping wanted to say something, but after thinking about the authority of the men she knew, he became more irritable. “Forget it, just see how it goes first.”

Movie King Rong was somewhat abnormal today.

After pondering about what he was trying to imply for a long time, he finally called Lin Yunan and reminded him to pay attention to the game rules with a rather stern tone.

Lin Yunan acknowledged him without a care in the world. His unwavering principle was never to let others undermine him. No one was able to tell him or his artiste what to do. After ending the call, his expression darkened a little, and he leaned back against the sofa. He spun his lighter and lit a cigarette.

He did not know that Xia Ling knew Pei Ziheng.

She had never mentioned their relationship before.


As the white smoke slowly rose, Lin Yunan blew another smoke circle. Suddenly, he was not sure what sort of artiste he was managing.

At Pei Ziheng’s cassette deck.

Xia Ling was very aggressive when she was ordering. As she had already eaten before she came, she was already full before the dishes were served. “I’m full.” She looked at the table which was filled with delicacies and debated for a while before deciding that she really should not abuse her stomach again. Although the food was delicious, she could not bear to…

Pei Ziheng looked rather amused at her worried expression.

“I’ll ask the kitchen to cook another portion for you to bring back.”

“No, no need.” Oh god, the food she had just packed was already too much for her and Luo Luo to finish, and she did not want any more food. “That’s enough. If there’s another chance in the future, we can eat it again.”

“Another chance in the future?” Pei Ziheng looked warmly at her. “I will invite you.”

“Don’t…” Xia Ling rejected him.

Pei Ziheng looked at her inquiringly.

“I should go.” She stood up. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

She really left immediately after eating like what she said just now. Pei Ziheng really wanted her to stay a little longer and asked in the same warm voice, “When can I invite you again?”

“Not for now.” Xia Ling was quick-witted and suddenly thought of an excuse. “I’m going to film Extraordinary Risks soon, which is a speed dating type of game. I have to be careful for the next few months and can’t really go out with people of the opposite sex.”

Pei Ziheng knew about that show. He always kept a close watch on her schedule.

“It’s Rong Ping, right?” He said.

“Hm?” She looked at him silly.

“A few participating celebrities’ recent public relations announcements revealed that you and Rong Ping have already reached an agreement. There are also speculations that it is part of a plan.” Pei Ziheng was in charge of one of the top entertainment companies in China for many years so he could dig out the truth just by getting a few small clues.

Xia Ling knew she could not hide anything from him, so she nodded.

“Li Lei is also willing?”

“He’s not my boyfriend anyway.” She whispered. It cannot be denied that Big Boss Li’s strategic way of chasing after her was quite effective. The consequence of him endlessly declaring sovereignty meant that although she had not agreed yet, even his love rivals had confirmed his status.

Pei Ziheng let out his first smile for today.

“He’s not? This means that I still have a chance.”

Xia Ling was scared to death as she did not think that he would be so direct. “No, no. He is! I mean…” She rambled incoherently.

Thus, his smile vanished.

“Do you hate me that much?”

She reflexively shook her head and slightly turned her head. In the corner of her eye, she suddenly saw a hairpin on the table which was left behind by his female partner. “Pei Ziheng.” She called his name. “What am I in your eyes? Am I the same as the girls around you?” Did he want to have her as a collectible just because she resembled her past life?

She was dismayed.

He was silent for a while before replying. “No, both of you aren’t the same.”

She lifted her head to look at him. Her heart was rapidly thumping as she anticipated what he was going to say.

“You’re special.” He looked at her warmly and deeply. No one resembled Xiao Ling more than her. He had collected many bad imitations of people who had facial features that resembled her but were only 10% similar to Xiao Ling. The difference was like heaven and earth.

However, Ye Xingling was different.

If it weren’t for the difference in appearance, she was almost 100% similar to Xiao Ling.

She was special. So special… that when she was close to him, he would have the illusion that Xiao Ling had returned.

“More special than you think you are.” He cooed.

However, she misunderstood Pei Ziheng, and a spark of hope was lit in her heart. It turned out that in his eyes, she was not a pure imitation. She was different from those imitations.

The gloom that had accumulated in her heart for a long time mostly dissipated because of what he said.

This time, she smiled genuinely and sweetly. “Thank you very much. I had a great time eating this meal.”

Pei Ziheng stood up and sent her off.

After walking a few steps, she looked back and realized that he was still standing there. In the dim light, he was quietly observing her as she left. His eyes were hiding many deep emotions, and his solitary figure seemed quite lonely.

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