A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 190 - How Do I Say This

Chapter 190: How Do I Say This

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The melody was magnificent and charming.

Psychodelic, erratic, long and short and extravagant romance.

Xia Ling sang the song “Dazzling Fireworks” that Xia Yu chose for her. This song was produced by Feng Kun, and it was the only song made for someone other than Xia Ling for more than a decade. Xia Yu thought that no one would be able to sing such a difficult song well, but she did not know that her opponent was her own sister who had perfectly co-operated with Feng Kun for more than ten years. If it were said that only one person in the world could sing Feng Kun’s song well, that person would be none other than Xia Ling.

Although it was her first time singing that song.

However, Xia Ling was familiar with Feng Kun’s style and understood his thought process throughout the entire song. “Picturesque fireworks dissipating as time passes by… Fireworks that shine in the vast sky…” Every word of her singing tugged at the audience’s heartstrings.

The audience members below the stage were silent as they were completely immersed in the song.

The song stopped, but the singer’s voice remained vividly in their minds.

Xia Ling gracefully lifted her white skirt and bowed to thank the audience.

Only then did everyone started to applaud ceaselessly.

“It’s even better than the original. I can’t believe it…” Someone in the audience muttered.

“What do you mean it is better than the original? It is obviously worlds apart from the original!” Another audience member challenged.

“Wow. It’s too beautiful. A singer like Ye Xingling is wasted by partnering with Wei Shaoyin. She’s naturally more suited to be with Feng Kun. It is as if Feng Kun’s songs are tailor-made for her!” A third audience member spoke.

“Ye Xingling, be with Feng Kun!”

“Ye Xingling, be with Feng Kun!” A scatter of screams slowly became a wave of cheers.

Xia Ling was speechless. She now understood Ah Wei’s feelings when he was walking on the red carpet. The waves of screams really gave a person… a lot of stress.

“I… I am already together with Li Lei!” She lifted her microphone and said weakly.

The screams and whistles at the scene merged together as a single sound. This was her first time directly admitting her relationship with Li Lei! Wasn’t there gossip this afternoon about her denying it? The situation in front of them… was very obvious!

“Wow, Xiao Ling is awesome!”

“You have to be happy with your Boss!”

“Ditch your boss and join Imperial Entertainment!”

“Feng Kun is the one most suited for you!”

“Our Feng Kun is better than Ah Wei!”

The whole scene became chaotic, and it became a fight between the fans of Skyart Entertainment against the fans of Imperial Entertainment against the fans of various artistes. Everyone was excitedly ridiculing one another by waving their hands and loudly shouting out the names of the people they supported.

Although Xia Ling had many experiences on stage, she lacked experience dealing with gossip and was a little taken aback by the uproar caused by the audience. As she held the microphone, she did not know what to do, so she looked at Feng Kun guilty.

The emcee jumped in at the right time and passed the microphone to Feng Kun. “Brother Feng, what do you think?”

Feng Kun smiled and looked at Xia Ling. With a low magnetic voice that sounded like the gentle flow of water, he said, “Ye Xingling, you’re welcome to join Imperial Entertainment.” When they interacted in private, he called her by her past life nickname “Xiao Ling,” but now that they were in a formal setting, he called her “Ye Xingling.” Was that an accident? Or was he aware of something and was trying to protect her? Unfortunately, she did not notice anything.

However, Feng Kun’s suggestion horrified everyone.

Below the stage, another screaming frenzy started again.

A Wei Shaoyin fan named Qiqi screamed. “What is my Wei Wei going to do?” The decibel of the girl’s voice was too high that it traveled past a group of noisy background noise into Feng Kun’s ears.

Feng Kun was still smiling. He looked at the audience and then looked at Wei Shaoyin whose face was as black as a crow. Finally, he looked at Xia Ling. “We welcome Ah Wei as well.”

“Ah!” The screams were about to overturn the roof.

Xia Ling was speechless. Feng Kun, I have not seen you for a short time, and now you have learned to cater to the bromance desires of the audience? How do you think Ah Wei will respond? Look, Ah Wei is already exploding in anger! Exploding in anger…

Sure enough, Wei Shaoyin gritted his teeth and loudly spat out three words. “I won’t go!”

Feng Kun’s face showed an appropriate amount of disappointment like a warm and calm big brother from a neighboring family.

Xia Ling wanted to sigh. Ah Wei , she thought. look at his temperament and then look at your own… Sigh, no wonder there was always a large group of women pairing you two up as a couple. You’re always acting proud and arrogant…

Xia Ling could not bear to look at them directly.

Feng Kun changed the subject. “Ye Xingling, that was an outstanding interpretation of the song. If there is a chance, I hope I can make a song for you.”

“Thank you.” Xia Ling’s smile was like a mask. In front of Feng Kun, she tried her best to hide.

However, the emcee became emotional. “Brother Feng, you hope to make a song for Ye Xingling? As far as I know, you said that there would be no more music from you after Xia Ling’s death. What is the reason for your approval of Ye Xingling?”

No more music from him after Xia Ling’s death.

That was the highest form of commendation from him.

Xia Ling’s eyes started to become slightly warm. She was afraid of revealing anything, so she tilted her head.

“It’s probably fate.” Feng Kun said vaguely. He was always an intelligent person and knew what should and should not be said. He did not mention that she resembled Xia Ling because he was afraid that Pei Ziheng and Chu Chen would see what he said as a clue. He would also never mention that she would achieve greater success than Xia Ling because he was afraid that she would kill him. “Fate” summed up a thousand words.

“What do you think Li Lei will think of what you said, Brother Feng?” The emcee joked.

Screams were heard again.

The emcee held up his microphone to Xia Ling.

Xia Ling blinked and lightly said, “Maybe we can discuss Xia Yu’s problem first.”

Everyone only realized then that Xia Yu was still on stage. She was standing lonely and helplessly, and the smile on her face could almost no longer be maintained. She pitifully said, “Ye Xingling, you sang pretty well.”

She wanted to muddle through by glossing over it. Xia Ling sang even better than her who was the original singer.

However, Xia Ling did not let her go that easily and smiled happily. “Well, I did say I was going to teach you how to sing.” This understatement subtly implied that Xia Yu could not sing and that she was showing her how it was done.

“Don’t bully others too much.” Xia Yu suddenly burst into tears.

“How can you say that?” Wei Shaoyin was unhappy again. “Xia Yu, your musicality was never good, to begin with, but you don’t let others point that out to you? What’s the use of crying? Your ability to sing is not even based on your ability to cry. You should go back and listen to your live singing today. How much courage did it take for you to stand on this stage and sing with that sort of standard? No wonder Feng Kun wrote a lifetime of songs for your sister and was only willing to write one for you. If it were me, I wouldn’t even write one song for you.”

There was an uproar.

What he said was clearly accusing Feng Kun of looking down on Xia Yu and insinuating that there was some internal disharmony in Imperial Entertainment.

The organizer excitedly said to the cameramen, “Quickly! Cut to Feng Kun!”

The camera lens immediately faced Feng Kun, and on the live-stream screens on both sides of the stage, his solemn face was enlarged until each subtle change was clearly visible.

Unexpectedly, Feng Kun smiled.

“Ah Wei,” he said calmly. “I didn’t know you thought of Xia Ling so highly.”

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