A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 189 - I Will Teach You How To Sing

Chapter 189: I Will Teach You How To Sing

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Xia Yu was feeling extremely unwell.

She did not think that seven of her useless teammates were not able to defeat Xia Ling. That irritating woman was still holding her head high on the stage to the extent that she was calm and composed. There was not even a drop of sweat on her shiny and smooth skin. How was that possible?! Singing was supposed to be a very laborious task. How could she do it with such skill and ease?!

She must be pretending!

Xia Yu reassured herself, clenched her fists, and put on her most flawless smile as she went on stage.

It was the second time that Xia Ling saw her after she was reborn. Facing her wicked sister again, she wondered what tricks she had up her sleeve.

“Ye Xingling, how about you choose the song.” Xia Yu said delicately. Her expression gave many people a favorable impression of her.

“Xiao Ling, you better not bully Xiao Yu!” The emcee said half-jokingly. “You two had a match before during the release of Ideal C Perfume and Meteor Wings Perfume. Xiao Ling won spectacularly then. Will Xiao Ling have such a perfect win again?”

Xia Yu’s face became pale. That emcee really knew how to rub someone’s nose in it!

Xia Ling forced a smile. “That depends on whether Xia Yu will pretend to be sick again.”

Last time, the news that Xia Yu was faking heart disease was blown out of proportion, and her reputation had been stained. If Feng Kun had not returned to the country to shift the public’s attention to “The Caged Butterfly” and the relentless public relations activities done by Chu Chen, causing most of her fans not to desert her because she was Xia Ling’s beloved younger sister, her career would have been over.

Now, Xia Yu defended herself. “At that time, my heart was really uncomfortable. The doctor said that I received too much stimulation which caused symptoms that were similar to heart disease.” This was also the statement released by her public relations team. It was not easy, but they found out that when people are not feeling emotionally well, some will develop symptoms that are similar to heart disease such as cardiac neurosis or hysteria stress-related disorders neurosis. These symptoms really made one feel pain, but there would be no results if one went to the clinic for a check-up. As such, the public relations team sighed in relief and listed these vague symptoms as a result of a mental illness that Xia Yu had.

It was really a mild mental illness which was a manifestation of psychological vulnerability.

No matter how reluctant Xia Yu was, she could only admit it. Being known for fragile emotions that could not tolerate stimulations was better than having a reputation of being wicked and putting the blame on others. The former could at least help her continue playing the weak card whenever she felt like it.

Xia Ling also knew that she did not really have those diseases, so she said, “You had too much stimulation? I’m really sorry. I don’t know if it will count as too much stimulation if I win again this time?”

“Hahaha.” A few audience members below the stage started laughing. “This Xia Yu really has no shame. Does she think she is invincible because she is mentally vulnerable? She hasn’t even sung yet and is already playing her trump card thinking that Ye Xingling would not dare to win?”

“Exactly!” Beside her was a Ye Xingling fan. She used her hands as a loudspeaker and screamed: “Go for it, Xiao Ling! Destroy her! Create a miracle and break the record!”

“Destroy her! Create a miracle! Break the record!” Many audience members started joining in the cheers.

“How can you be like this!” Some of Xia Yu’s fans angrily rebuked. “Xia Yu’s body was always quite weak, but you are still provoking her!”

“If she is weak then she should not have joined the competition. Mental illness is mental illness. She should go home and recuperate instead!” Immediately, someone responded.

Xia Yu’s fans were so enraged they almost wanted to cry.

Xia Yu also suddenly had tears in her eyes and looked as if she had been greatly wronged.

“I haven’t even had a spectacular win, but she is already like that.” Xia Ling lightly smiled and replied the emcee. “Now I’m a bit hesitant. Should I just admit my loss directly? If I win, what should I do if her heart disease acts up again?”

Xia Yu was furious by the way she ridiculed her, but she could not act on her anger. She only said, “Ye Xingling, please give it your best shot. This is the minimum respect you can give to your competitor!”

“My best shot? I’m afraid you can’t handle it.” Xia Ling replied with a thin smile.

Xia Yu was about to explode in anger. “I will be able to handle it.”

“Alright then! ‘Glass Fingertips’ and ‘Meteor Wings.’ You can pick a song that you have the most confidence in and don’t hold back.” She intentionally wanted to see Xia Yu make a fool of herself and did not specify a song as she did for her other opponents. If that happened, how would Xia Yu have the nerve to pick “Meteor Wings”? Now, everyone knew that it was easier to sing “Meteor Wings” than “Glass Fingertips.” If Xia Yu dared to choose “Meteor Wings,” it would prove that she was not confident and lacked the capability!

Xia Ling did much foreshadowing for Meteor Wings during the opening ceremony, and it finally became of use.

Xia Yu almost had an internal injury. “I think you should choose instead.”

“No, I wouldn’t dare to bully you.” Xia Ling laughed. “If you can’t decide in a short while, I can sing first. Besides, I will be teaching you how to sing.”

W… what? Teach Xia Yu how to sing?!

The competition had not even started, but she already said such arrogant words. How strong her confidence was!

“Great job, Ye Xingling!”

“Ye Xingling, destroy Xia Yu!”

Below the stage, many fans were shouting excitedly.

Xia Yu almost wanted to cry. Why were they like that? She only lost once to that irritating woman. Why was everyone starting to go against her? “I will sing ‘Glass Fingertips.'” She refused to admit defeat and said stubbornly.

“Don’t regret it.” Xia Ling maintained a relaxed smile.

She knew that Xia Yu was unable to sing both of these songs well. Xia Yu was innately weak and lacked in breath support. She was unable to sing songs that required superb strength and stamina.

Sure enough, the way Xia Yu sang “Glass Fingertips” was barely acceptable.

Her performance fell flat and lacked that special something.

“The way she sang is so average.” An audience member below the stage said disappointedly. “Is that really the Diva Xia Ling’s younger sister? She doesn’t even have half of her sister’s singing talent.”

“Exactly!” Another audience member agreed. “What a pity.”

“Ye Xingling is still the better singer. Furthermore, have you all realized that she also has more of the Diva’s charm?”

“That’s true.” Many people nodded their heads in agreement.

On stage, Xia Yu was so upset she wanted to die, but she still continued smiling. “Ye Xingling, it is time for you to sing.” After every one of her competitors finished their songs, this irritating woman would throw a sharp criticism and cause them to feel embarrassed and speechless. Now she decided to shut her mouth and let the annoying woman sing directly without commenting.

Xia Yu did not want to embarrass herself.

Xia Ling saw through her attempt, but she never intended to give her any criticism. Xia Ling did provide some criticism to her previous competitors, but although there was some mockery in her tone and she went straight to the point, if they were willing to listen, they would benefit greatly from it. However, as for Xia Yu? She had already been a good person in her previous life and had no intention of continuing to help her in her present life.


“I will still teach you how to sing.” She smiled at Xia Yu, elegantly swayed her skirt, and picked up the microphone.

The accompanying music which sounded like flowing water started.

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