A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 191 - Public Ridicule

Chapter 191: Public Ridicule

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Xia Ling finally remembered that in her past life, she had been condemned by Ah Wei before. When the media representatives interviewed him and asked him what he thought of the famous singers and mentioned her, he said that she sang simply and crudely without using her brain. However, she was in the people’s favor and did not realize that. He completely did not understand why she was famous for so long. That report was extremely sensational at that time, and it angered Xia Ling to death. She only got over it after working hard behind-the-scenes for half a year and using her new song to defeat the song he wrote for another singer brutally.

If Feng Kun had not mentioned it today, Xia Ling would have almost forgotten about it.

She pondered about how Ah Wei would seek revenge on him after the show was over. After arguing with herself, she knew that he was right. She did not really use her brain when she sang in the past and only used her natural ability. Actually, after all these years, although Ah Wei was harsh with his criticism, he had never once made anything up. The thing that angered people the most was his crude honesty during his criticism which was irrefutable by others.

Furthermore, even if she was living her second life now, she still had to bear his scolding. And he had already reduced his usual amount of criticism when she was in the recording studio. How could she dare to rebuke? Those trivial matters that happened in the past… Honestly, his criticism was very light then.

Thinking about it made her feel bitter.

Xia Ling honestly gave up her thoughts of getting revenge against him. She quietly stood in the same place and secretly cheered for Feng Kun. Quick, Ah Kun! Defeat that evildoer. You’re my only hope…

On second thought, something was wrong. She was currently an employee of Skyart Entertainment. Even if she were in Feng Kun’s team, how could she support her competitor?

She was in a dilemma and felt immense pain.

Feng Kun continued to smile at Ah Wei. “Actually, I have always been very curious. Is there a more outstanding singer than Xia Ling in your eyes?”

Ah Wei choked.

Xia Ling almost wanted to cheer for Feng Kun. He was definitely experienced since he turned the tables with just two simple sentences and forced Ah Wei into a corner. Ah Wei not only had a clean body, but he also had a clean mind; he would never go against his conscience by saying that a random singer was better than Xia Ling. A picky person like him did not even acknowledge her in her past life. How could he acknowledge anyone else?

However, the emcee did not think that the situation was chaotic enough and hid a dagger in her smile like Feng Kun. “So Ah Wei, do you mean that in your eyes, Xia Ling from Imperial Entertainment is already the best singer?”

She emphasized the three words “from Imperial Entertainment.”

The live screen switched to Wei Shaoyin, enlarging his face. His expression was icy.

“There’s no one now, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be one in the future.” After a long time, Ah Wei spat those words out.

“Really?” The emcee’s eyes sparkled, and she wanted to interrogate him further. “Ah Wei, who do you think has the highest chance of surpassing Xia Ling? Do you already have a suitable candidate in mind? Unless…” She pretended to look at the crowd unintentionally. “Over the years, the only newcomer you have been concentrating on training is Ye Xingling. Is this because you think Ye Xingling will surpass Xia Ling in the future?”

Almost in an instant, all the cameras were pointed at Xia Ling.

Now, she intensely experienced what was meant by being attacked despite doing nothing wrong.

Was she not talking about the Diva Xia Ling at the very start? Even if she had to switch topics, she did not have to talk about her life now. She was only a small newcomer and could not bear such a savage comparison. How would someone even answer that sort of question?!

Xia Ling was quiet in thought. Ah Wei, you better not blurt nonsense and say that I will exceed Xia Ling, that will come across as arrogant and disdainful. As a newcomer, it would definitely kill my career. You should also not say that I cannot surpass her, that will cause an even more significant problem. It will literally… cause me to become a laughing stock.

The more she thought about it, the more it drove Xia Ling crazy. Although her expression was calm, her heart was extremely uneasy.

Feng Kun naturally looked at her. Without waiting for Ah Wei to answer the emcee, he interrupted the questioning. “Ye Xingling, I still stand by what I said. I welcome you to join Imperial Entertainment.” He smiled and said with an extremely warm tone.

After being interrupted by him, the emcee lost her train of thought and changed the subject. “Wow, Brother Feng, this is the second time tonight you have invited Ye Xingling. Are you openly trying to recruit Ye Xingling? Looks like our Ye Xingling is not only highly regarded by her fans but also by the producers. Well then, Xiao Ling, would you like to say something since you are wanted by both gold-star producers, Wei Shaoyin and Feng Kun? What are you feeling now? Do you feel touched? Will you join Imperial Entertainment?”

The emcee fired questions at her like cannonballs.

Xia Ling secretly thanked Feng Kun for helping her out of a difficult situation. Then, she looked at Ah Wei…

Forget it, she did not want to look at him because it would only anger her to death.

She took the microphone from the emcee and smiled appropriately. Looking a little flattered, she said, “I didn’t expect that Mr. Feng would think so highly of me. You’re a producer whom I really respect, and I really like many songs you produced such as “Sea Demon,” “The Last Dawn,” and “Withered Flower.” As such, I’m very happy to receive your invitation.”

As she spoke, she glanced briefly at Wei Shaoyin and realized that he was almost about to go berserk, so she quickly stopped her speech and changed the topic. “However, unfortunately, I’m already part of Skyart Entertainment, and everyone treats me well. Ah Wei is also an excellent producer, and we have been working very well together. I think, in the short term… No, for a long time, I don’t think I will be joining another company. I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you.”

This was obviously an expected answer by Feng Kun. He wanted to rescue her and had no real intentions of recruiting her back to his company. Following her reply, he gracefully nodded to express his understanding and continued to smile. “That’s really such a shame. However, Ye Xingling.” He looked at Wei Shaoyin and then turned his head to look at her. “My door is always open for you.”

Wei Shaoyin could not tolerate it any longer. “Feng Kun! Stop giving Xiao Ling ideas!”

“I also said that you can join Imperial Entertainment. The second invitation also extends to you. I’m very sincere.” Feng Kun smiled particularly gently.

Ah Wei choked again, and the crowd went into a frenzy.

Xia Ling could not help but rub her forehead. Ah Wei, she thought. I finally understand why you’re unwilling to attend such activities. When you have to interact with someone like Feng Kun, you… are really… harassed publicly.

After a long time, Wei Shaoyin forced out a reply. “As long as Xia Yu is there, I will not join you.”

The audience was stunned. The way Ah Wei looked down on someone was way too obvious! Had Xia Yu provoked him? The only person she provoked was his company’s Xiao Ling. Did he really have to go to this extent to seek revenge for the smallest grievance?

Xia Yu’s delicate face was pale white, and tears were brimming in her eyes.

Xia Ling could not bear to look at her. Was she still acting? She impatiently lifted her microphone and said, “That’s enough Xia Yu. It’s time for you to go. I have already taught you how to sing, so why are you still standing on stage? Are you waiting to receive any benefits?”

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