A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 168 - An Imperative

Chapter 168: An Imperative

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Feng Kun said in a calm and leisurely manner, “Honestly, I’m very disappointed by her choice of song.”

Everyone was speechless. Brother Feng, if she was so disappointing, why did you still choose her? All of us are also very disappointed!

Wei Shaoyin exploded with fury. “It is not your right to assess how disappointing my company’s Xiao Ling is.”

Feng Kun smiled and looked at Wei Shaoyin. “This is where the problem lies. Ye Xingling’s voice is actually not bad. I don’t know if you have realized, but she can sing many intricately complex parts of songs that other singers cannot.”

What did he mean by “I don’t know if you have realized”?!

Wei Shaoyin did not only explode with fury, but he also went berserk. What did Feng Kun mean by that? Was he trying to question his ability as a music producer?! How could he not know how outstanding Skyart Entertainment’s Xiao Ling’s voice was?!

He icily replied, “Of course, Xiao Ling’s voice is good.”

“Exactly, so why did your Skyart Entertainment choose such a song for her?” Feng Kun’s tone was warm and sincere but cunning. “Such a naturally talented singer is wasted by singing this song. If the song was changed, I believe that Ye Xingling could perform something different that is more elegant and graceful. As such, Ye Xingling.” He looked at Xia Ling and said, “I hope you can join my team. I will create a song that suits you the best.”

Wei Shaoyin did not rebuke this time and continued to glare fiercely at Xia Ling. He distinctly remembered that she was not supposed to appear in this order, and she was also not supposed to sing this song. What exactly happened backstage just now, and how did it become like this?

However, he could only silently tolerate the disaster of “Small Duck.”

He obviously could not tell everyone that the original plan was not like that.

Wei Shaoyin was very hot-tempered and disgruntled and kept shooting daggers at Xia Ling.

Xia Ling maintained a perfect smile and pretended not to see his gaze and focused on dealing with Feng Kun. She raised her microphone to show that a new singer was paying respects to an award-winning producer. “Thank you, Brother Feng. Honestly, I don’t think singing this song was a waste. This song is pretty cute. Although it doesn’t require much skill, isn’t singing from one’s heart more important than having skills?”

She lied through her teeth about skills and singing from her heart, which was what Wei Shaoyin once complained about. The main reason why he said that was because the songs that Feng Kun wrote for Xia Ling were too flamboyant and did not focus on conveying complex emotions. Xia Ling had listened to his complaints too many times and knew the phrase like the back of her hand, so she used the statement very smoothly.

After seeing that she was using what he said in the past, the ominous look on Wei Shaoyin’s face reduced a little.

Thinking about it, it was still not right. This was not the time to talk about what was right or wrong. The more urgent matter was to let her join Feng Kun’s team! Feng Kun was the only music producer who wanted her, so she could only join his team. Was it really okay to say this sort of thing that could offend her future leader?

Wei Shaoyin was starting to go berserk again.

However, Feng Kun remained calm. “Join my team and I will respect your heart.”

“No.” Unexpectedly, Xia Ling rejected him. “Thank you for choosing me, Brother Feng, but I cannot join your team. You’re not my choice.”

“She’s gone mad!” In the dressing room, Xia Yu was jealous, resentful, and angry. “Rejecting Feng Kun… Is she an idiot?!” What gave Ye Xingling the right to do that when she had worked so hard but still was unable to gain any recognition? How could that irritating woman reject him without a care in the world?!

The audience and media representatives who were watching the live broadcast were also going crazy. “Is this a gimmick by the organizer?”

“Exactly! How could anyone reject Feng Kun?”

However, Xia Ling was still serious about rejecting him. She looked at Feng Kun with a firm gaze.

Feng Kun asked, “Can I ask why you are rejecting me?” He asked what thousands of people were asking in their hearts.

Xia Ling replied, “Brother Feng, I remember you saying before that I sang like the late Diva Xia Ling.”

Feng Kun nodded. Not long ago, when he was talking to her about “Sea Demon,” he did say something similar.

Xia Ling said, “However, I don’t think I resemble her. Brother Feng, I told you that day that perhaps, many people dream of being the second Xia Ling, but that is not my dream. This is my reason for rejecting you.” What she meant was that she was worried that Feng Kun, who was once the late Xia Ling’s producer, would transform her into the second Xia Ling.

Everyone was boiling with anger. How could a new small singer dare to say something like that?!

Publicly provoking the Diva Xia Ling! She should be honored that Feng Kun said that she resembled Xia Ling! How could she be this dissatisfied? Did she think she was an important person?!

Booing sounds were heard from the crowd.

In the dressing room backstage, Sister Mai Na was so enraged that she almost smashed her glass. “What sort of bad temper is this? Even if she wants to speak the truth, she has to be aware of the appropriate time and place! What benefits can there be from rejecting Feng Kun and offending Xia Ling’s fans?!”

A few other singers, including Xie Linlang, quickly consoled Sister Mai Na.

On stage, Feng Kun was slightly taken aback. She actually had a reason like that? Was that… the real reason or just an excuse because she did not want to join his team? He was deep in contemplation.

The emcee said, “Ye Xingling, you have to think carefully. Besides Wei Shaoyin, only Feng Kun turned around for you. If you refuse to join his team, you will be eliminated and enter the revival contest.”

“I choose to enter the revival contest,” she said firmly.

The sound of the click of a camera rang out.

Numerous flashes of light illuminated the stage, photographing her standing on stage proudly lifting her head high. Her silver-white satin dress was fluttering due to the wind on stage, making her look like a defiant princess.

What arrogance!

She rejected Feng Kun, the best producer in the industry! Furthermore, she was only a newcomer!

“What do you think of her response, Brother Feng?” asked the emcee who desired to make the scene more dramatic.

“Honestly speaking, I feel like I received a small blow.” Feng Kun smiled bitterly. However, what he said next was unexpected. “However, I can understand it. Any artiste who truly has pride and ambition would not want someone to say that he or she is the second of someone more famous. Ye Xingling, I think I should apologize for what I said earlier.”

There was an uproar in the crowd. What? How could Feng Kun apologize to this newly-debuted singer considering his status?

Xia Yu gritted her teeth. How did it turn out this way? How was that irritating woman deserving of an apology from a prominent figure like Feng Kun?! However, she smiled faintly again. “Is Ye Xingling really worthy of the apology? I’m sure Brother Feng is trying to harm her. Won’t his apology make Ye Xingling appear more arrogant and self-absorbed? Brother Feng must be trying to seek revenge on her!”

However, she did not expect that Feng Kun would continue with another question. “Well then, can you consider joining my team again?” That was the real reason why he apologized. To him, it was imperative to stop all of Xia Ling’s excuses!

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