A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 167 - A Song That Was Unexpectedly Bad

Chapter 167 A Song That Was Unexpectedly Bad

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This time, when she went on the stage, she was very different from usual. In the past, she used her most dazzling attitude to sing songs that people fell in love with. But this time…

The accompanying music was heard.

Under the many illuminating lights and under the observation of the many audience members and media representatives, she raised her microphone and sang. “Lalalalala, the love that I want is like a small duck, quack quack quack quack…”

Backstage in the dressing room, everyone was horrified.

What… what was she doing?!

Sister Mai Na gritted her teeth and asked, “When did she change the song?!”

“I… I never noticed.” Xie Linlang did not dare to make eye contact with her. “Looks like she is doing it on purpose since she chose such a poorly written and composed song that does not fit her style at all!”

Luo Luo was filled with guilt.

On stage, Xia Ling was singing and dancing. “You call me ‘dear,’ quack quack quack quack. Let’s watch the moon together, lalalalala…” This was a lively yet average song and did not require any special skills to sing. It was not even very nice to listen to and could not reflect any uniqueness that the singer had to offer.

Furthermore, during this entire period, Xia Ling had been rather forlorn, and her entire state of mind did not match the song. She sang the song directly with a sort of absent-minded and deadpan style without any special improvisation. Her make up was also very light and clashed tremendously with the exaggerated style of the song, causing her to look more boring as a singer.

Sister Mai Na was fuming mad and clenched and unclenched her fists. This little girl really made a poor decision. There were two spots left in two teams. Why did she not put in her hundred percent into her singing and grab a spot in Feng Kun’s team?

Since she could be recognized by Wei Shaoyin, it was not possible that Feng Kun would think poorly of her!

“She’s deliberately losing,” said Xie Linlang as she covered her eyes.

Bai Murong was also unhappy. “It’s best if she gives us a reasonable explanation after she finishes. Otherwise, I suggest that the company changes the person to be supported.” It was understandable that Xia Ling wanted to help Luo Luo for the previous situation, but this time, when she could get a spot in Feng Kun’s team, why did she not even try to achieve that? The way she switched her queue number without consulting the others already disappointed everyone, but she was still going to let them down again?

Sister Mai Na deeply sighed a few times. She gritted her teeth and said, “I understand. If Xiao Ling can’t give us a reasonable explanation this time, I will recommend the company to redistribute the resources to support other people who can perform better.” So what if Xia Ling was Li Lei’s girlfriend? In Skyart Entertainment, the golden rule was that employees must not be swayed by personal considerations; even Li Lei always followed this rule.

Besides, he could take care of her financially.

Sister Mai Na felt that she was being too compassionate. Things were in a mess, but she still cared about Xiao Ling enough to think about whether her boyfriend could support her financially. She deeply sighed again and powerlessly leaned against the back of the chair.

At the other side of the dressing room, Xia Yu was pointing at the screen and laughing hysterically. “Ye Xingling, what are you doing? Why would you choose this song? This standard…” She sighed faintly. “What a pity. It turns out that she is so unsuited to perform on stage.”

Chu Chen looked at the broadcast screen and frowned. Something was not right. There were two places left, so why did she not want to fight for a place in Feng Kun’s team? Unless Ye Xingling really did not want to have any relations with people from Imperial Entertainment. Otherwise, why would she be afraid even if the person was Feng Kun who was renowned in the industry?

He thought deeply about it.

On stage, Xia Ling was very pleased with her performance. In front of her were six producers. Every producer’s high chair was back facing her, and if she sang well, a producer would turn around to show that he approved of her and wanted to choose her.

However, until now, out of the six producers, only Wei Shaoyin, who had no choice, turned his chair around. The other five chairs did not move. Even Ah Wei was glaring at her with menacing eyes. Xia Ling suspected that if the competition rules did not state that one could not run up and hit someone or fly into a rage, Ah Wei might have exploded long ago.

Unfortunately, Ah Wei did not have an empty place to choose her.

The more upset he got, the happier she was as it was an indicator of how “successful” her singing was.

“Small duck, quack quack quack. Small duck, la la la…”

She smiled happily at Ah Wei.

Ding! The second chair turned around.

Xia Ling was so scared stunned and almost forgot her lyrics. She turned around, only to see that it was Feng Kun.

All audience members, media representatives below the stage, and everyone in the dressing rooms was astounded.

“Brother Feng pressed the wrong button, right?” Xia Yu was perplexed. “How could he turn around for such a lousy performance?” If one must know, Feng Kun did not even turn around when Xia Yu was performing on stage. For this reason, she felt awkward for a very long time.

An unwritten rule of Nebula Music Festival stated that when the producer was met with an artiste from his company, regardless of whether he had a spot in his team, he had to turn around to show that he thought highly of his company’s artistes and supported them.

However, during this year’s Nebula Music Festival, Feng Kun broke that rule.

When Xia Yu was singing, Feng Kun did not turn around from start to finish, and this caused the media representatives and anti-fans to mock her for a long time. Although he explained that he was trying to sharpen a newcomer and not let Xia Yu become more arrogant as she went down the path of stardom, his statement was too politically correct, and Xia Yu knew very well that Feng Kun did not like her.


That year, he treated her sister so well. But now, he treated her so badly!

Xia Yu was resentful. At this time, seeing that he actually turned around for Ye Xingling’s poorly performed song, she was burning with jealousy in her heart. Could it be that in Feng Kun’s eyes, she was not even better than that rubbish woman and that rubbish song?!

“Brother Chu…” Xia Yu lifted her head and looked at Chu Chen pitifully, her eyes brimming with tears.

However, Chu Chen was frowning and consumed in his thoughts. He was pondering over the reason why Feng Kun turned around and also why the girl called Ye Xingling was not happy at all after seeing him turn around.

“Small duck, small duck, small duck…”

It was difficult, but Xia Ling finished singing the song. She rejoiced as she breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, except for the two gods Wei Shaoyin and Feng Kun, none of the remaining four music producers turned around.

After the song finished, the organizer manipulated the controls backstage and the four organizers turned around to face her.

She was even more reassured after seeing the faint disdain on their faces.

The emcee walked on stage and spoke to the seven music producers. “The song Ye Xingling sang was really ‘special.’ However, what I am more curious about is: Ah Wei and Ye Xingling are from the same company, so turning around to support her is very normal. But what about Feng Kun? Why did you decide to turn around after hearing half of the song? Did you think that Ye Xingling sang this song very well?”

Everyone was looking forward to Feng Kun’s answer.

After all, the song “Small Duck” that Ye Xingling sang was really too… Well, shocking.

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