A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 169 - A Horrible Teammate's Godly Assistance

Chapter 169: A Horrible Teammate’s Godly Assistance

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Xia Ling felt thoroughly unwell.

She thought of a reason to reject him but not how to deal with the current situation. It was beyond her expectations that Feng Kun would invite her to join his team again after apologizing! In the industry, Feng Kun was well known for doing his job impeccably. In the past, she respected him for that, but now when he used that trick on her, she felt like crying.

She blinked her eyes, showing a bit of innocence and confusion.

As she was racking her brains for a reason to reject him, Wei Shaoyin said, “Since Feng Kun is so sincere, just agree to join his team then, Xiao Ling.”

This time, Xia Ling really cried. Oh, Brother Ah Wei! When I first met you, I said that you were a horrible teammate. Why is it that you’re so good at being a terrible teammate every time? This is literally a horrible teammates’ godly assistance! She thought. Initially, she had hopes of rejecting him, but due to what Ah Wei said…

If she insisted on rejecting him again, she would be going against the intentions of two of the best producers. She would appear too ignorant.

It would also be too forced, too deliberate, and too unusual.

She was afraid that Feng Kun would see that something was not right and that Chu Chen would suspect something. As such, she had no choice but to accept his invitation.

Feng Kun finally breathed a sigh of relief inside. At last, he finally managed to get her to join his team. In the future, there would be many chances for him to investigate and see if that girl’s similarities with Xia Ling were a coincidence or if they were related in any way.

Xia Ling walked backstage despondently. Despite her calculations, she was still not able to evade Feng Kun.

However, the people in Skyart Entertainment were very happy and felt that Ah Wei did excellently.

“Thank god for Ah Wei,” said Sister Mai Na. “Otherwise, I don’t know how badly that brat would have screwed up.” Seeing that Xia Ling was walking in, she frustratedly pinched her cheeks. “Are you crazy? Do you dislike Feng Kun that much?”

Bai Murong, Xie Linlang, Shu Wanyi, and others from Skyart Entertainment were looking at Xia Ling.

Xia Ling was feeling dejected. She was silent for a while before saying, “I’m sorry everyone, but I’m afraid that you really have to change the key singer to support. After joining Feng Kun’s team, I’m unsure if there will be good chances for me to utilize my singing talent well.”

“Why?” Xie Linlang did not understand. “Do you really have a feud with Feng Kun?”

“My conflict with Xia Yu in the past was very serious. Don’t you think as Sister Xia Yu’s official partner who has even written songs for her, he won’t bear any hatred towards me?” Xia Ling racked her brains for the most reasonable explanation. “Everyone at Imperial Entertainment is unfriendly towards me. Sister Linlang, Sister Wanyi, and Brother Bai, I can only protect myself this year.”

Sister Mai Na finally understood her reasons. So it was because Xiao Ling was afraid that Feng Kun wanted her in his team to seek revenge? Which was why she was trying her best to avoid him? Perhaps there might even be a deeper reason that cannot be said… Sister Mai Na thought of how Imperial Entertainment harrassed Xiao Ling and how Pei Ziheng had dirty thoughts about her. Suddenly, she also felt that letting her join Feng Kun’s team was not necessarily a good idea.

However, it had already happened.

Sister Mai Na nodded her head and said, “Forget it. Just protect yourself well during this year’s Nebula Music Festival. We will recalibrate the strategic plan. This year, we will support Lu Tao and Leng Hui as the important newcomers.”

“I’m really sorry, everyone.” Xia Ling apologized softly.

Xie Linlang loudly sighed. “Seriously, Xiao Ling, I’ve got to hand it to you. I can’t believe you’re wasting such a good opportunity. However, I do recall your bad conflict with Xia Yu, and it is reasonable for you to be afraid of Imperial Entertainment seeking revenge on you. Forget it, if we’re going to change the person to support then so be it. Please be careful on your own.”

Skyart Entertainment was a company with a good atmosphere. After being dejected for a while, everyone recovered and started to re-strategize, replacing Ye Xingling with the Lu Tao and Leng Hui duo as key singers for this year. Sister Mai Na specially called Li Lei to explain the changes in their plan.

Li Lei then called Xia Ling. “Do you mind this? I can order them to continue supporting you.”

Xia Ling impulsively asked, “I thought that Skyart Entertainment was transparent, fair, and not shady? Big Boss, do you think that it is good to make such a direct order?”

Li Lei laughed. “That depends on who I’m making the order for.”

Instantly, the shock in Xia Ling’s heart turned into gratefulness. However, she replied, “It’s ok. I don’t want to receive special treatment. It is not easy for Sister Mai Na, Lu Tao, and Leng Hui.” In her past life, she had received too many privileges and was hated by so many people that they did not hesitate to harm her at her worst. After knowing that she had been murdered by Pei Ziheng, many artistes rejoicing at the tragedy and she finally realized that she was so disliked by others. Now that she was in Skyart Entertainment and treated Sister Mai Na and the others as her friends, she hoped that something like that would not happen again.

Li Lei was a little disappointed. “You really don’t need my help?”

“I don’t need your help.”

“Alright then.” He sighed and accepted that he could not do much to change the situation. “You must take care of yourself well. I’m almost done with the situation over here, and once it is finished, I will be back. Good luck with the competition. As long as you perform, I will always watch you live.”

Xia Ling thanked him and gave him some encouragement as well. After that day when she rejected his romantic advances in the bedroom, it was a little awkward to talk to him, and she did not know what to say.

Both of them became quiet. Li Lei said goodnight to her and hang up.

Xia Ling became more and more uncertain about the future of their relationship. Perhaps one day, their relationship may come to an end because of her unspeakable secrets. She was still unable to accept another person completely and may never be able to do so. This realization made her feel very sad. She did not dare to imagine what would happen to her if she lost Li Lei.

She tossed and turned around the whole night. The next day, she went to look for Feng Kun.

Now, the groups for the Nebula Music Festival were fixed, and every team needed to have a pre-battle discussion and form a plan with their producer. Even if Xia Ling was extremely unwilling, she had no choice but to show up.

The windows were clear in the conference room as Feng Kun sat on the main seat and smiled at everyone. “For the next few days, everyone has to work together. I hope that we can work together to win the Nebula Music Festival.”

“We definitely will.” A singer said.

Besides Feng Kun leading the team, the team also had Zheng Chenhao who was the king of Imperial Entertainment to rely on. Winning the competition was an easy job. The only variable was probably the lucky and accidentally chosen singer Ye Xingling who sang “Small Duck.”

“You better perform well, understand?” Zheng Chenhao played his role as the big brother of the team and said to her. “As long as you don’t impede us, with me, our team will be able to achieve victory.”

Xia Ling could not be bothered to respond and did not even glance at him.

In her past life when she was still the Diva of Imperial Entertainment, Zheng Chenhao was very obedient when he saw her. He would serve her tea, offer his seat to her, and be her yes-man. She even thought that Zheng Chenhao was sincerely friendly towards her before, but after she was imprisoned, Xia Yu played a recording for her. In the recording, Zheng Chenhao said, “Xia Ling? Always taking advantage of the fact that she’s favored by the boss. She is really too arrogant. Do you know how many job opportunities she stole from me? It’s better if she’s gone!”

She finally knew what he really thought about her.

At this point in time, she felt that she was already restraining herself well. She only ignored him and did not rebuke. He actually thought that the team could achieve victory based solely on his efforts? Please! This was a team competition. How could he do it when even Xia Ling could not? He was really too naïve.

Seeing her like that, Zheng Chenhao frowned unpleasantly.

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