A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1436 - A Whirlwind of Green and Gold

Chapter 1436: A Whirlwind of Green and Gold

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Xia Yingluo was unable to accept such an answer and she desperately tried to search for him in the healing pool. Finally, she found Wei Lingnan at the other end of the pool. His body was completely immersed in the water. She leaned over and dragged him from the bottom of the pool to the shore. He was icy cold.

“Nan! Wei Lingnan!” She anxiously screamed. “Wake up!”

However, his eyes were tightly shut. His heartbeat and breathing had stopped.

She did not give up and used the first aid knowledge she learned from her father, Li Lei, to give him CPR and artificial respiration. However, there was no reaction even though ten minutes passed.

“Don’t waste your energy.” Xia Moyan’s voice was heard, filled with sympathy. “When you were unconscious, I saw a white light leaving his body and integrating with your body. He probably gave you all his energy so you could live.”

Xia Yingluo shook her head in pain. “No… I don’t believe…”

She always thought that he could not die. He was always so strong and wilful, so how could he die? However, she understood what her uncle said. At that time when she was floating in a void, it was his energy that repaired her damaged heart and allowed her to wake up again. That energy consisted of his consciousness and his emotions. It was not normal energy but the source of energy of his life.

He gave her the source of energy of his life, so how could he live?

A person dying was like a light being put out. Once it was gone, there was nothing left…

Tears trickled down her face and dripped on his ice-cold face.

“Yingluo…” Xia Moyan’s heart hurt as he spoke, but he could not find any words to comfort her. She was experiencing mankind’s greatest sorrow. How could he comfort her with a few casual words? Suddenly, Xia Moyan’s eyes widened. He saw Xia Yingluo crying and trembling. With every movement, a small ball of dim white light emerged from her shirt and fell on his face.

After that, that small ball of light disappeared like a melted snowflake.

“Uncle…” Xia Yingluo also saw it and called Xia Moyan in a shaky voice.

Xia Moyan took a few steps forward, checked Wei Lingnan’s heartbeat and pupils, sighed and shook his head at Xia Yingluo. That ball of light was probably an accident. It was just residual energy and had no effect on his life. A drop of water could not moisturize an entire desert and he had already turned into a lifeless desert.

Xia Yingluo shook her head and refused to give up. “No. There must be a way to save him. There must be! There’s still remaining life energy! That little bit of energy has just seeped into his body! I saw it! This must be hope sent from the heavens… I can’t give up…”

She stood up and said to Xia Moyan, “Uncle, ask the people in the base to prepare a room for him. He will not die!”

Before Xia Moyan could answer, a scream was heard. “Who did you say was about to die?!” Soon after, an elegant girl rushed in. Her entire body was covered in green and gold light that was invisible to ordinary humans. It was Gu Jinxiu.

“Gu Jinxiu!” Xia Yingluo instinctively covered Wei Lingnan’s body.

Xia Moyan’s expression was cold. “How did you come in?” Wei Lingnan’s base was very well protected. Even if Gu Jinxiu was a guest, it was impossible for her to break into a sacred area like the healing pool.

Gu Jinxiu sneered. She raised her hand and the green and gold light followed her movements. “You must be Xia Moyan. So what if you’re Earth’s Guardian? What a joke that you asked me how I got in here. Now, I am the owner of Skatana Planet’s World Tree! None of you can defeat me! Stupid humans. I can easily break into this place by randomly using the power of the World Tree. Quickly tell me how Wei Lingnan is now!”

Xia Moyan frowned slightly and glanced at Xia Yingluo.

Xia Yingluo stared at Gu Jinxiu. “Uncle said that he’s dead but I don’t believe it. Gu Jinxiu, do you have any way to save him?” She had already noticed Gu Jinxiu’s palm and realized that there was a broken golden-green leaf mark that looked faintly ominous. She did not care about how the seeds of the World Tree entered Gu Jinxiu’s body or more specifically, she did not have time to care. It was an emergency, and saving Wei Lingnan was the main focus.

“He’s dead?!” Gu Jinxiu gasped and rushed over. “Let me see him, quickly!”

After that, she violently pushed Xia Yingluo aside and saw Wei Lingnan’s lifeless body. “Nan…” She sorrowfully cried. After that, she started to laugh in between tears. “You’re dead? How could you be dead? You haven’t fallen for me yet… You haven’t let me torture you severely and let me seek my revenge on you for wanting to kill me! How could you die? How could you die at this time? Nan… Wake up, Nan!”

Her face was stained with tears and she cried out hysterically.

Xia Yingluo calmly pulled Xia Moyan a few steps back and asked him, “Do you have a way to save him?”

“A way… Yes, a way!” Suddenly, Gu Jinxiu’s face turned vicious. She stood up and her gaze was fixed on Xia Yingluo. “Of course there’s away. As long as this woman gives up everything for Nan and exchanges her life for his, he will be able to live!”

“No way.”


Xia Moyan and Xia Yingluo said at the same time.

Xia Moyan looked at Xia Yingluo unkindly. “You’ve gone crazy!”

However, Xia Yingluo shook her head. “Uncle, I know that you’re concerned about me, but he exchanged his life for mine… If I had a choice, I would rather die and let him live.” The moment his life source of energy entered her body, she understood the love he had for her for hundreds of millions of years. The love was so deep that it made her heart tremble. It was time for her to do something for him.

“Hahaha…” Gu Jinxiu laughed hysterically and golden-green light surrounding her moved around frenziedly like fire. She pulled out a dagger she was hiding and ran towards Xia Yingluo. “Well then, die!”

Xia Moyan was horrified. Just as he was about to stop her, he realized that the woman seemed to be held down by something and could not move forward by even an inch. “What… what is going on?!” Gu Jinxiu angrily screamed. She looked at the golden-green energy of the World Tree around her body. “World Tree, why are you being a hindrance? I order you to let me go!”

Instead, the World Tree held on to her even more tightly.

Gu Jinxiu panicked. She was infuriated. “World Tree! I order you!”

Xia Yingluo, who witnessed the whole situation, finally understood what was going on and said, “Gu Jinxiu, it seems that you aren’t the one controlling the World Tree. The World Tree is the one controlling you!” No wonder. Gu Jinxiu was an impure being from Skatana Planet. How could she wield the energy of the powerful World Tree? Even Xia Yingluo was controlled by the seed of the World Tree before!

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