A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1437 - Wei Lingnan's Awakening

Chapter 1437: Wei Lingnan’s Awakening

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Gu Jinxiu’s face fell and she immediately realized the truth. She screamed. “World Tree! Why are you controlling me? Let me go!”

[Stop struggling.] In the air, there was a faint and indifferent answer. [Presumptuous woman. I’m only going to use you until this point. The only person who can control me is the queen. As for you? Dream on.]

Gu Jinxiu turned pale. She realized that she lost to Xia Yingluo once again.

She shook her head and was about to go crazy. “That’s impossible… Impossible!” The thing she could not tolerate the most was losing to Xia Yingluo. Furthermore, a life or death situation just happened and she thought that she would be invincible after controlling the World Tree. However, this wake-up call crushed her dreams. How could she not be disappointed or angry?

The World Tree’s voice rang again. [Gu Jinxiu, adjust your energy and release me from your body. I will save Wei Lingnan.]

Gu Jinxiu became hysterical and laughed. “Hahaha… You’re trying to trick me, right? You’re still under my control, so you don’t have the ability to leave my body! I won’t ever let you go, so you should just do your job and let me use you! As for Wei Lingnan? Xia Yingluo will save him. Xia Yingluo just agreed to trade her life for his!”

She pointed at Xia Yingluo resentfully.

Xia Yingluo frowned her at slightly. She felt an ominous premonition in her heart. “Gu Jinxiu, quickly release it.” The World Tree’s style of doing things was very rigid. If Gu Jinxiu continued to resist its orders, who knew what the outcome would be?

However, Gu Jinxiu yelled as if she were a cat that had its tail stepped on. “Stop trying to lie to me! You’re just jealous of me after losing the World Tree. It must be like this! Xia Yingluo, my powers are much stronger than yours. Don’t try to order me!”

Suddenly, the World Tree’s sneer was heard. “Quickly release me, idiotic woman. If it’s too late, I won’t be able to save Wei Lingnan.” It had a deep relationship with Wei Lingnan and understood that only a pure-blooded person from Skatana Planet had the ability to let it live. Otherwise, even if Xia Yingluo survived alone, she would not be able to find sufficient energy for both of them to continue living.

As such, Wei Lingnan had to live.

Gu Jinxiu screeched. “Let that bitch trade her life for a life!”

The World Tree sneered again. “Idiot.”

Wei Lingnan was able to heal Xia Yingluo’s injury by trading his life for hers, but this did not mean that Xia Yingluo could do the same for him. Xia Yingluo still had human blood and she was much weaker than Wei Lingnan. Her energy alone was not enough to save Wei Lingnan.

[If you want to save Wei Lingnan, only my life can be exchanged for his life,] The World Tree said indifferently.

With this said, Gu Jinxiu, Xia Yingluo, and Xia Moyan were all dumbstruck.

“You?” Xia Yingluo asked in disbelief. She did not think that the World Tree, which always wanted to eat Wei Lingnan, was willing to sacrifice its life for him.

The World Tree indignantly replied, [Do you think I want to do this? You all are simply the world’s stupidest inhabitants of Skatana Planet! How could that idiot Wei Lingnan sacrifice his life for yours! If he’s dead, I can’t live on. If he survives and you create a new World Tree with him, my sacrifice won’t be wasted!]

Everything it did was to ensure the continuity of its kind.

Xia Yingluo understood what it meant and softly said, “Thank you.”

If the World Tree were human, it would have definitely rolled its eyes.

However, it was not human and could only snort in annoyance. It ordered Gu Jinxiu again. “Stupid woman. Quickly release me!”

Gu Jinxiu also heard the conversation between the two of them, but she could not believe it. “Stop lying to me! Let her trade her life for his first. I will only release you if it’s ineffective!” In her opinion, the World Tree only wanted to escape her control and she was not going to let its tricks succeed!

As soon as her words fell, a loud noise was heard.

Gu Jinxiu’s entire left palm exploded. Bloody flesh, skin, and bones rained down like a huge storm. Gu Jinxiu screamed. “My hand!”

Her left hand and half of her forearm had vanished, leaving a broken mess of flesh and blood.

There was also a small seed that burst with her hand. It was torn apart and the golden-green rays danced radiantly in the sky. The large energy release caused the wind to roar.

Xia Yingluo’s face turned pale. She did not expect the World Tree to be so resolute and choose to explode on disagreement. She was a little sad. Although she did not have a happy relationship with the World Tree since she was pregnant with it, she was pregnant with it for such a long time that she felt a little attached to it.

Before her sadness faded, she saw the golden and green rays circle the air several times before they flew towards Wei Lingnan, entered his body and disappeared.

“Nan!” Xia Yingluo ran over and knelt beside him. She held his hand and looked at him nervously.

She did not know if she was having an illusion, but she felt his body warming up. She was ecstatic. Her body shook slightly as she looked at him more carefully. A few minutes later, she noticed his faint breathing and even his heart rate was restored. He was alive again.

She laid on his body and cried tears of joy.

On the other hand, Gu Jinxiu, who had half of her arm blown apart, fainted because she could not withstand the pain.

After watching all of this quietly, Xia Moyan walked out and told the staff at the door. “Take Wei Lingnan and Gu Jinxiu to the ward for treatment and rest.” Although the staff was surprised as to how Gu Jinxiu suddenly appeared in the room, they respectfully and skillfully lifted both of them out on a stretcher.

Xia Yingluo remained close to Wei Lingnan on the stretcher and helped the staff secure him well. She looked after him without rest.

Some time passed.

Xia Yingluo refused to budge from her spot and many days passed. During this time, her parents and elder brothers took turns to see her and provide her with food. She only focused on looking after Wei Lingnan and fell asleep at his bedside when she was tired.

The promotional activities for “Star Wars Era 2” were halted. Now that the World Tree no longer existed, they did not need so much energy anymore. Now, the only thing she focused on was his recovery.

As long as he got better, she was willing to spend her life with him and they would never be separated again for eternity.

Finally, Wei Lingnan slowly opened his eyes one day.

The first thing that caught his eye was her pale and haggard face. “Ah Luo…”

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